Introducing: OUT TO SEA

OK! Are you ready? Here we go! Introducing OUT TO SEA… latest collection with Michael Miller Fabrics.

Out to Sea has been on my mind for oh….maybe a year and a half now. I finally put it all together into 3 colorways, each telling a great story.

Golly! Where to start. I never know where to start…especially knowing this is your first introduction. Say hello!

Let’s start with pictures, shall we?

So, do you have a minute? There is so much I want to tell you and show you…and I have a feeling that I won’t be able to do it justice all in one post.

But I’ll try!

So….when I was designing this collection, I paid a lot of attention to the classic elements of Maritime Fancies….but also to how children imagine and play.

This map print is a good example of that…perfect for running fingers through the ship paths (the above picture is embroidered by the way….the real fabric has printed dashed lines:) So this collection really has a good mix of larger scale fabrics, and small….which is my way of encouraging lots and lots of variations in project making.

Every child dreams of adventures on the sea…and this collection is my offering to the whimsy of maritime travel.


What I love about this fabric, is that it’s considered quilting grade fabric, but the weave is a new quality called Cotton Couture, and is much, much softer and lighter than the traditional quilting grade. But….it’s not 100% apparel grade either! I’ve been sewing bedding and quilts all week, and it’s amazing to home dec, quilt and apparel with. My, my, my. I’m in love.

So wow! Here it all is!

As you are reading this, I’m standing in front of my Quilt Market booth with a high waisted skirt in the navy anchor fabric, and a sea flower peter pan collar. I adore that this collection is suitable enough for the older folk like me:)

I am running out of time, as my fingers are itching to finish up projects and get to Quilt Market! Can I show you more later? There is so much to play with, and I wish I had time for all my ideas!

So, wish me luck at Quilt Market!! I’ll be thinking of all of you back home seeing this for the first time! It’s always such a weird feeling to hit “Publish” on a post like this….hoping that a year’s worth of color and design that has been stewing in my head is something you can get to know and love too!

More to share soon! I want to dive in deep with you all and show you how much fun I’ve been having with this fabric.

Love and hugs!!

xoxo sarah jane

And PS: because I know you will ask, this fabric will be in stores come Aug 1. Scheduling fabric releases is a very huge process, and there is so much time involved. But I’m going to be sharing tours of ideas (more on this later) to help you get ideas for what you can do with this collection so you are ready when it is available!


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  • Traci Turchin

    Oh my gosh–this is so awesome. I love that there are pirate boys AND girls. So so cool–every last bit of it!

  • Gina f.

    Love the colors, love the prints….it is all fabulous!!! August can’t come soon enough. Have fun at quilt Market. I don’t think you need any luck, your collection is a winner!

  • Emily

    Oh my gosh! ADORE!!!

  • Marian Griffin

    Be still my heart!!! I literally gasped when I saw these!!! amazing…absolutely amazing! I love them all! Can’t wait until August!! Holy smokes I’m so excited! Love the projects in here already!!! love, love, love. Sarah, you are so talented!!!

    Have fun at Quilt Market!

  • Kimberly F

    I have been so excited to see what you were going to do, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Time to start saving up for Aug. 1! Have a great Quilt Market.

  • kate

    this is so gorgeous! I love the florals and the maps!

  • Trina


  • nicole @ deliajude

    i love love love this line…my geography crazy kids are certainly getting new pj’s and pillows! love it!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

    Oh, absolutely lovely!

  • Cynthia

    I was crazy about children at play and you have really outdone yourself this time!

  • Erica England

    NO ONE does fabric like you. so amazing! i am thrilled!!!
    congrats on creating something so amazing!!!!!

  • Brooke Reynolds

    I love it.. especially that simple anchor motif. The colors are perfect, I’m loving all the navy and red. So excited for you!!

  • kristin

    SARAH! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff…already daydreaming of what to make. You’re awesome. Have fun at quilt market!

  • Lara

    Hi Sarah Jane. The new line is adorable, but I am very keen to understand why New Zealand has been left off the map??? !!!

  • Ana Sofia

    I could never imagined such gorgeness (is this a word!)!!
    I had planned a few sewing projects, but now my little pirates are eager to get new “pirate quilts”. I guess they have a few adventures already planned ;)
    They were literally jumping when I show them the new prints – how did you knew there was so much need for pirate prints?

  • Matty-Lize

    Dear Sarah Jane. Oh my word!!! I can not believe how talented you are! Goodness, this is stunning, beautiful, cute, adorable, exciting – all in one! I just love the fact that you also included ‘n pink “girly” range too! When I think of sea and children I usually only think of boys (my first child is a boy) and we waited 4 and a half years for my little girl which is now almost two and I sometimes realise that I need to start thinking more “pink”! The mermaids and cute pink pirate girls are just so pretty! I do wish I could find your fabric in South Africa. Do you have stockists in SA? If not – will I be able to import??? I really want to see your designs in SA!!!

    Well done again and I can’t wait to see more projects!

    Good luck also with Quilt market – can’t wait to see the finished stall!

  • Lorene

    Will the high waisted dress pattern be available? I want one for (ahem) my grown up self…

  • Cupcakes for Clara

    Oh it is absolutely gorgeous! Sarah you should be SO proud of yourself.

  • Karen

    Your new line is wonderful! My daughter is really into maps and I love some of the project ideas you showed with that fabric. Can’t get my hands on it quick enough!!

  • Alice S

    Wow! I’m blown away again. I love the colors that you used and I’m so greatful for awesome boy prints. Those are beautiful projects that you shared and I look forward to seeing more. Best wishes at quilt market.

  • Alice S

    I’ve already planned out a playsuit for my one year old, pajamas for my big boy, and a sundress for my daughter. Can’t wait for the release!

  • Jen

    This is wonderful! I’m already thinking of projects I could make with this lovely fabric!

  • Jenn A

    I love it!!! With four boys, I’m sure I can find stuff to make with this!!

  • Kim

    WOW! I purchased your whale print for my daughter’s room and she loves it. I am already dreaming up things to do with all this new fabric. I’m sure market will be a success and thanks for the inspiring new collection!

  • Crissy Rhyne

    I am in love!!! These are such delightful. I can’t wait to head to my local quilting shop to ask when they are getting this line in. You are such a talented artist.

  • Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    I just love this line, especially the coral colorway. You are so talented! I can’t wait to feel these in person.

  • Meg

    I’m just finishing up boy and girl quilts from Children at Play for my boy and girl who share a room. Now I’m going to have to figure out how to use this fabric! I LOVE IT and cannot WAIT to come up with some projects to sew for my little boy who is having a pirate party in one week!

  • Terri

    So beautiful! I can’t wait until it hits the stores so I can add some to my fabric stash!

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  • Katja Magus

    Congrats again! It is amazing, I’ve a quilt for my youngest in my brain now and will try to convince my best friend she needs to have a pirate party for her little girl this fall,just s I get to use both colorways! You have an amazing gift of blending your mommy wisdom with your art to make childhood come alive. Katja

  • thedoodlegirl

    AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! Sarah, you are a genius!!! xoxo

  • Lesa

    Congrats! What a beautiful collection.

  • Erin Waters

    THIS IS GORGEOUS! I am in love and now am worried about how I am going to finagle my husband into letting me buy tons of it!

  • Jamie

    I need more!!! This is too cute for words. I wish so bad that I was in Kansas City right now so I could feast my eyes on all the cool stuff you have made with this collection. Congratulations on another adorable line!

  • kerri

    A D O R A B L E! i never thought i’d love girl pirates, but you sure made me!! this collection is so sweet, sarah!! the colorways are perfectly chosen and really can tell the scale of each print was well thought out!! thanks for thinking about us sewers. i’ve seen many fabrics that i’ve wanted to order for myself or the shop but thought what would we do with them. i can tell the options are endless with your collection!! i adore it to pieces!! can’t wait to see more in upcoming posts!

  • Erica

    I LOVE IT! My kids are obsessed with pirates and mermaids and whales. I will definitely be buying a whole bunch to make quilts for my kids. I loved Children at Play so much, but I love this even more. I can’t wait!

  • Emily Lorelli

    So Cute! I hope (crossing my fingers) that one of the things you will be sharing is the pattern for the outfit you were wearing at your booth — sounds too cute!! That would make my (sewing) summer!!
    Beautiful collection!

  • Dana

    Thank you for pirates that aren’t creepy old men!! My son is 4 and I’m not thrilled he likes pirates but your pirates are fun and whimsical!! I love the girl collection too. Thanks for your post!!

  • Jennifer Rossi

    NARWHAL FABRIC! My son is gonna love that! Congrats…another home run Sarah Jane! What an awesome collection…can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Amy

    I can’t get over how much I love this! I saw it last night and I came back again to see it again this morning!

  • christina

    Oh, my goodness. I’d almost have another baby just to use this line for a nursery. Stunning, just, wow!

  • Karin

    Love the colors, love the maps! Great work, Sarah!

  • Alison

    Fantabulous! With Talk like a pirate day coming up. Bring on August so I can get this landlubber some fabric to make her a mighty fine quilt. Arch don’t restrict it to a children’s pattern

  • Juanita

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  • Cathy

    < < > >

    Oh my how delightful. Must have it!

  • Cathy

    Oh naughty blog editor feature – you deleted my character-drawn NARWHALE in the previous comment!

  • Hannah @ MiniMe Paperdolls

    Everyone else has said it but I’ll say it again…AMAZING!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! DYING!!! Congrats on another amazing accomplishment Sarah.

  • Liz F

    I’m so excited for this line. It’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Winn

    I cannot wait for August 1st!! Time to start planning of the things I can make with this new collection! I just love your work!

  • Ayako

    Oh my gosh! These are so adorable!!! I’m making summer dress for my nieces…I should’ve waited for this…

  • Georgia

    Gorgeous fabrics! Love the colours,especially in the girls versions. Just a bit sad that Tasmania and New Zealand have fallen off the map. :-(

  • Kelli

    Oh how I love this collection! I was ready to run to my favorite fabric store until I read August! Oh, how will I get through the next couple of months?!

  • jen

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the most amazing collection I’ve seen this past year!

  • Tamara

    Sarah my mind is whirring with joy (and ideas) second collection just as beautiful as the first and I can’t wait to get my hands on some prints and start sewing! So excited congrats on a beautiful collection.

  • KathyH

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonja

    I have to have it all!!!!! I love love love this collection!!! Thank you!!

  • Michelle Pomfrey

    So very cute!!

  • Tiffany

    Sarah, the fabric is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!

  • katherine

    Amazing. You just convicned me to re do my daughters rooms, their wardrobes, all of it!

    Of course, after four girls, I am itching to have a little boy just so I could sew with the blue colorway…

  • katherine

    Oh, and I also seeing precious mother-daughter skirts. We celebrate the end of regatta season in August…I wish I could sew up some skirts before then!

  • Erica

    WOW! What a beautiful line, Sarah! I am going to have a difficult time not purchasing the entire line!!!

  • Melanie

    Those are just wonderful! So full of imagination and whimsy and so beautifully rendered. These are very special indeed.

  • robin

    LOVE! What a beautiful line. Thanks for including loads of girl prints. My little pirate girl is going to be so happy. And Cotton Couture no less. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Toni Coward

    YAY! Can’t wait Sarah :)
    Have a great time at market xxx

  • Tonja

    Oh my goodness Sarah Jane! My mind is swimming so fast, swirling and churning. (I’m a wee bit nauseous, to be honest.) So many incredibe ideas whipping around so fast I can’t keep up. To say I love it is an understatement. I swear you’re in my head, but better. Much better. This is so cute, amazing, wondrous, magical, perfect. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Now I’m feeling anxious when I realize I’ll have to wait nearly ALL SUMMER to get my hands on some. My dear, sweet girl! How do you keep doing it? Well, keep it up. I’m sure Quilt Market is going fabulously. Although I imagine all that swooning over your new fabrics could get tiresome. You probably need a designated swooning-people catcher. :+)

  • Shelly

    The Zephyr dress looks perfect!! Thank you!

  • Monica Lee

    Oh OH! I adore it!!!!

  • Sara

    Your ideas are so MY style!!!! Absolutely fantastic prints Sarah! My 4 yr old son likes the whole pirate theme lately too:) So I HAVE to get some!! The names of the pirates are cute and the whales are superb!!

  • Jannell

    Oh for amazing coolness! I must find some projects to do with this fabric. I am on crocheting right now, but these are just wonderful! Congratulations on so much beautifulness and fun!

  • Rebecca

    I love this collection – I don’t know how you do it, but each of your collections I love even more than the last! I can’t wait to get some Out to Sea!!!

  • Heidi

    I can’t believe that I just finished quilt tops for my girls with another fabric line…I want to use THIS one now!! Absolutely stunning!!!

  • Catherine

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, I LOVE it, particularly the deep jewel colour range. I’d seen some pics via FQS’s FB page, from Spring Quilt Market, so popped across to your blog to see if you had more pics. Will definitely be buying!! Cat.

  • alidiza

    Oh Sarah, you’ve done it again!!! I LOVE this collection! August never seemed sooo far away;-)

  • Rachel

    Wow! So fun. This line reminds me of my kids’ favorite book Grandma and the Pirates by Phoebe Gilman. How fun to be able to decorate a room to go with their book. Thank you sharing your creative talents with us! I’m a big fan…

  • Carmen

    Congratulations! what a beautiful new collection. Lovely, charming, whimsical, child like yet sophisticated. Well done you!

  • Dana

    I LOVE this line! I live on a sailboat and never find any sailing/nautical fabrics for girls.

  • Estela

    Congratulations!!! I love love it!!! Nautical prints, yea!!!

  • Laura

    GAH! AMAZING! Can’t WAIT until it comes out!

    I’m planning quilts, clothes for my niece and nephew, clothes for myself, too. Kind of wish I could wallpaper with it!

    Love that there are boy AND girl pirates. Love the narwhals! Add in the stripes, chevrons, anchors, mermaids, ships, and maps, and I’m helpless. Those are all things I adore!

  • Cindy

    My head nearly popped off when I saw this collection. As a mom who loves to sew and is raising my kids on a sailboat this line and I are going to be very close friends. The only downside is waiting until August!

  • Lucy

    Narwhals and mermaids and pirates, oh my! I love this collection!

  • Kellie

    Oh my….where have you been all of my life!?!! I LOVE this fabric and really wish it was being released today and taht I was standing at the counter with my cut fabric to take home right now. I just ‘happened’ upon your site and my wallet may not fare well for my finding you. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us to share. Now to wait on the release!!!

  • Rebecca


  • Shannon

    Absolutely perfect! I want yardage of it all!!! Better start saving up. Where can I preorder!!? :)

  • Sharon B

    Sure hope this come to my LQS – I want this to go in my camper!

  • Clover

    This fabric is truly special. I can’t stop looking at it. It is such a complete line with something for everyone. You have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Rachel

    Seeing this post was like Christmas morning, Sarah! I’m seriously your biggest fan ever, and I’m super duperdee excited to get my hands on these yummy fabrics. I’m a little bummed that they won’t be available til August. They feel so summery to me! Get it together, fabric vendor, people! We want our SJS pretties! :)

  • Elissa

    This is too adorable! I love them all so much! ABSOLUTELY DARLING! It made my day to see this post! :)

  • ina

    I have to say I LOVE the girl pirates! Will any of these designs have new embroidery patterns to go with them? Hope so! ;p

  • Sue Jackson

    Oh my gosh…I just discovered your site…loooovvve the nautical. Might be just the thing for new great-nephew’s room.

  • Pauline

    WOW SarahJane!! I did wonder how you would top the first lot of fabric but this is sensational!! well done you! xx

  • Liz


  • Susie Bree

    TOTALLY AMAZING!! Love it all!

  • Melissa L

    Truly beautiful, playful, and true to our children’s innocent imagination and desire for adventure, LOVE! Can’t wait till August!

  • Sarah

    I’m in love! How awesome would matching bedding with those maps for my boy and girl be? I’m just astounded by how awesome and beautiful this collection is! Wowza!

  • Shayla Sharp

    Thanks for making a girly pirate version–been looking for one! Love the cotton couture line, very nice to touch.

  • Meg

    Oh, Sarah Jane!! I could not love this collection more!! It is Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  • Missy Anne

    I am speechless! Such fun and imagination! Great work Sarah!

  • Janey Millar

    Oh dear! I had just told myself very sternly that I could buy no more fabric and then I saw this! Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous and so to heck with it. I won’t buy any more after I buy this!!!
    A really fabulous collection, congrats, you must be very proud!

  • the emily

    My goodness, I have never loved fabric more. I have to have it ALL. Will it be available online? I don’t live near a store other than Walmart, and I doubt they’ll have it. :)

  • daniKate designs

    Love, love, LOVE this line! I love the two girls dresses you showed in your post and hope those project ideas will be available!

  • Auntie Pami

    Aah, if only the travels of sea life were so pretty and soft. Where were you when I was in the Navy and needed a quilt for my rack? That’s ok, because now I can make it and just have sweet dreams.

  • Caila

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is beautiful! Can I just say THANK YOU for bringing more mermaids into the world of designer fabric? I have a weakness. :) Can’t wait ’till it hits the shelves!

  • Carrie P.

    this fabric line is so cute. I saw the pirate embroidery on the Hawthorne threads blog. I can’t wait until you have that available.

  • Vy

    Amazing!!! Most adorable fabric ever! :)

  • Ash P

    I can’t wait until your collection comes out! I want to make dresses like the ones you made for your daughter in my size ;)

  • Chase

    Dear Sarah,
    My daughter who is 8 and is all about dreaming and adventuring around places and ideas. She has been wanting to sail with her buddy- Kiki {the stuffed animal} to the seven seas since summer started. She built a boat from a mailing box and made a paper flag for her boat. I wasn’t able to find anything whimsical fabric to accompany her adventure. Until the spring quilt market introduce the {out to sea}. Your dream fabric line is wonderful. I will make her a quilt from { out to sea}, so she can put in her boat and take it with her when she sail to the seven seas. She will remember home and much love! xx

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  • Nikki

    This fabric is incredible!! I cannot wait for it to be released.

  • Ali B.

    CAN’T WAIT! My girls are asking for a mermaid-ish room makeover and I can think of a million things to do with this fabric (and the embroidery PDFs too!). Looking forward to the release – you’re so awesome, keep up the fabulous work!

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  • Carmen

    Looove this fabric, and all of the items that you have made with it!!. Can I ask you which pattern you used for the stripe top and blue skirt? I would love to do something like that for my girls ;), thank you!.
    You are amazing!!

  • Carmen

    Hi, where can I get that beautiful pattern for the striped top and skirt?, would love to make some for my girls!!

    • sarahjanestudios

      Yes! The dress…there will be a tutorial in a week or two. Stay tuned!! xo Sarah Jane

  • CarolAnn

    I LOVE this theme! I hope that you keep it in-stock until I can fit it in my budget. I tried to find this sort of theme last year for a project. THANK YOU!

  • Jen

    LOVE. I just ordered some of the coral/yellow map fabric for my baby girl’s nursery. I was planning on using coral and yellow, and using maps for decor, so it was absolutely perfect. I wish I could afford to decorate my whole nursery with stuff from your blog (I love the I Am a Child of God and SL Temple prints too). You have some serious talent!

  • Estelle

    I’m totally obsessed! Fantastic job!

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  • Julie

    I LOVE IT! Your designs are beautiful, and completely my style! “Out To Sea” is PERFECT for my soon-to-be-here baby boy’s nursery! Where can I buy this? Is it available yet??? I’ve clicked on a few links, but I’m not having much luck. I wish I were more computer savvy.

  • char

    Is this fabric available yet? I can’t figure out where I can buy it? It’s truly amazing though.

    • sarahjanestudios

      Hello Char!
      yes…it’s available lots of places:) You can find the link on my sidebar labeled FABRIC STOCKISTS. there is a list where you can find all the locations! THanks! xo

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  • Kelly Bennett

    Just wanted to share with you how much I adore this fabric collection. I bought the map fabric in two colourways and also blue & pink chevron. Its so stunning. But what I most wanted to share is that as I was cutting the fabric in preparation for some fabulous cushions my 4 year old son was mesmerized, and just as you first envisaged traced the dotted map with his finger. He stopped for each sea creature and was truly as delighted as me. :)

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  • Jaimee

    Hi there, just wondering does the stripe come in the lighter blue colour? Like in the picture at the top that has three striped fabrics in it -the orange, navy and then the lighter blue -I can’t find the lighter blue colour in stock anywhere though? Thanks!

  • JoannaBanana

    I saw this at my local fabric shop (Cloth + Bobbin in Narberth, PA), and it is so scrumptious!

    • Shana Rae Burns

      How fun is that? I just bought yards and yards at Cloth + Bobbin on Saturday. I had no plans of doing a nautical theme and fell in love.

  • Esmeralda

    Please tell me it will be available in Arizona!

  • Louann Torres

    Looking for ahoy fabrics in ct

  • Allison Legnon

    Holy cuteness!!!

  • Mrs c evans

    Are there any wallpapers to go with these fabrics ? …… Thanks

  • Eleanorsmama

    I really like this collection an need ideas for a quilt for my guest room! What kind of quilts patterns have you seen using this?

  • Beth McDonald

    Mmm, morning coral! Especially stunning! I’m glad I have granddaughters to sew for.

  • Nadene Dorling

    These are the sort of prints I have been dreaming of for my baby’s nursery. I love the nautical theme! How can I get them in Australia?

  • Libby

    My daughter Allison,(petite elephant) tipped me off about your material. I have been buying all your needlework patterns for a year and now I LOVE all your fabric designs!

  • Mara

    Can I borrow the image of the girl with the sailboats at the bottom of the dress for my blog? grecomara at gmail dot com

  • Tatiana

    I can’t wait…

  • cel_bdroopyxx

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  • Emily

    Must have!!!!!! Can I still find this? Where??????
    I live in Cali

  • Amanda Tappendorf

    I LOVE the navy/blue fabric with the sailboats as part of the deep sea line but I can’t find it as part of your collections on the Michael Miller fabrics site to purchase. Where can I get it?

  • Cecilia

    How can I purchase the fabric?

  • J. Sims

    I know I am late to this as this collection is from a few years ago BUT I had my heart set on the “My favorite ships in Blue” (with white background) and it is the one fabric of the entire collection that I cannot find anywhere now! :( Anyone know where I can get any? Thanks in advance!