Sarah Jane and Ralph Lauren: Nutcracker Display


Well, if you’ve been checking my Instagram, the cats out of the bag!

This holiday season, the Ralph Lauren Flagship store on Madison Avenue in NYC as well as the flagship stores in London, Chicago, Hong Kong and 10 other stores across Asia are featuring my Nutcracker puppet theater illustrations as their holiday window display this Christmas Season!

Ya. Pinch me.


The flagship store of Ralph Lauren at 72nd and Madison is literally both sides of an entire block. It’s pretty spectacular. The buildings are breathtaking, and have a history all on their own. The detail inside and out is just exquisite. The Men’s store is on one side, and Women’s and Children’s on the other…and each has their own themed window displays.







Each of the 7 windows were decorated with my illustrations….here’s a tour of the displays!


On the front corner was a winder candy scene with the Sugar Plum Fairy and a dancer from Waltz of the snowflakes.


And of course, Nutcracker and Mouse King.

I love how they used the stage border on all the windows…it went so well with the architecture and feel of the whole setting.


The Mother Ginger window was my favorite. It’s hard to see the details here, but she has little dancing children underneath her.



In the corner windows by both doorways, there were lovely framed prints of the Nutcracker Characters. So Magical!



And every window featured my website and name, which was such an honor. It was so lovely to be part of their celebration this year!


I went up for a short little 2 and a half day trip so that I could see them in person. And because Michael Miller Fabrics is located in Manhattan, we made a little outing together. It was really fun to share with them! (Nutcracker fabric coming soon anyone??)

The windows turned out so lovely. I just got goosebumps! How crazy to see something you made at home with your kids on a wintery saturday turn into a window display to be seen all over the world in such a magical setting! Just so cool.

So, forgive me, but I took lots of photos! Here’s a photo dump. Hope you don’t mind!

Here are some close ups:

 IMG_9583-31   IMG_9558-21


IMG_9575-29 IMG_9574-28  IMG_9569-26 IMG_9566-25 IMG_9565-24 IMG_9563-23  IMG_9608-39 IMG_9602-38 IMG_9601-37

Christmas Window displays are a big deal…especially in New York City where people take city tours just to see the yearly displays. So when I was asked to be part of a 5 window display with Ralph Lauren, my jaw hit the floor, and I admit to re-reading the email a few times just to make sure.

Ralph himself toured the windows and sent his approval. And while I was taking pictures, some of the Kardashian Klan popped into the children’s store (most likely for Baby North!).


IMG_9664-1 IMG_9660-46IMG_9523-12  IMG_9506-10

The greatest part was getting to spend a weekend trip with my Mom and baby Anders. What a wonderful getaway! I LOVE NYC during the holidays. It’s just so magical. Anders has been quite the traveler lately! Poor guy has to follow his Mama and her crazy designs:)



Thank you Ralph Lauren for letting me in on the Holiday fun! And if you are in NYC this Christmas, or London, Chicago, Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai, do stop by and take your pictures…and send them to me via facebook, instagram or email! I wasn’t able to get pictures with my own kids (sigh) but I look forward to seeing yours! I’d love to post any and all of you there at the display!

Here’s a list of the stores that will featuring my Nutcracker Windows: 

  • 72nd Madison, NYC
  • Bond St., LONDON, England
  • Ocean Terminal, HONG KONG
  • Lee Gardens, HONG KONG
  • Princes Building, HONG KONG
  • Gough Street, HONG KONG
  • Deji Plaza, Nanjing Forum 66,Shenyang
  • L’Avenue, SHANGHAI
  • Plaza 66, SHANHAI
  • Hangzhou
  • Chongqing
  • Chengdu

Happy Holidays everyone!! And enjoy making your own Nutcracker little displays :)  We are unpacking ours and using them as Tree Decorations this year. Have fun!!






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  • Emily Manwaring

    Wow, Sarah. That is amazing! Congratulations–the store fronts are beautiful!

  • Catherine

    I am just over the moon with excitement for you Sarah. Catherine x

  • Elisa Clark

    How exciting! The windows look amazing!

  • Sakura

    What an amazing opportunity! The window displays are beautiful, congratulations!

  • Jodi R

    Congratulations, what an amazing honour and credit to your beautiful design. I can not imagine how exciting and surreal getting that email or being in NY and seeing your work in those windows must have been. This is an amazing achievement few will ever get to experience. Savour it and appreciate how amazing it is. No surprise the windows look amazing with your beautiful art filling them. So wish I could come and see it in person.

  • Melanie Claire

    Congratulations – your designs look amazing! You are one talented lady and so deserving of your success! Also, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nutcracker Christmas fabric :)

  • Danielle Bartran

    My goodness!! A-MAZ-ING! So awesome! Did I see a tv commercial that was one of your illustrations?! I can’t think of what it was, but I immediately thought of YOU! What a gift you have!!

  • Chris Pickup

    Hooray! What a thrill for you! Congratulations. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Whitney Wright – Bel Kai

    What an honor. Congratulations!!

  • Terri

    Wow, congratulations! Everything looks so beautiful. So wonderful to see these kinds of dreams come true in real life.

  • Debra – Outback Crafter

    Wow, Sarah Jane. CONGRATULATIONS. that is amazing. So exciting. I am so glad you did a photo dump as we don’t have a store here in Australia (& if we did it would be at least 10 hours away from us). Sending you big excited hugs.

  • Sara Strange

    Holy cow!!! That is amazing! AND it is all over the world!! Congrats:)

  • Janice Davis Prytz

    Congratulations.! Very impressive.

  • Delirious

    I live in China. I don’t know if I will make it to Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Beijing during the holidays, but if I do, I will definitely take a picture!

    • Sarah Jane

      That would be so great! Take pics if you do! Happy Holidays in China! xoxo

  • Linnea

    Wow – awesome!! I love your Nutcracker designs – glad they are being showcased!!

  • Lea

    Congratulations, that is spectacular! The designs are beautiful!

  • Hilary Smith

    Congratulations this is really exciting!

  • Melanie

    So exciting for you! Congrats, Sarah Jane! I, too, would love some Nutcracker fabric!

  • Serena

    So amazing – congratulations!

  • Kate

    How marvelous! I used to be a Visual Merchandiser in Chicago so I know how big of a deal window displays are. Your illustrations came out great as window backdrops….any interest in selling this puppet set as a toy for kids?

  • Abby Lei

    Congratulation Sarah!!! You are so amazing!

  • Laurie

    Congratulations! You totally deserve it – how wonderful and beautiful!

  • kait

    The windows are AWESOME! I was so happy to share the experience with you, your mom and baby Anders! XXOO!!

  • Jeff Stockett

    Congratulations! That’s a huge honor!

  • Jane Chérie

    Congratulations! You totally deserve this fantastic exposure to your art! I am so happy for you :)

  • Adventuress Chronicles

    Congratulations! The windows look stunning! I will definitely stop by the NYC store this weekend to check this out. You are an inspiration to aspiring designers like me. Well-deserved!

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh Do! And send me some pic:) Happy Holidays!

  • Kim

    Congratulations! That is so exciting and the windows look beautiful! I’m so happy for you!

  • Lynne Tilley

    Oh Sarah, it’s just breathtakingly wonderful and awesome! You certainly deserve it. All I can say is WOW and congratulations!! And “pinch”, it is real!

  • Estela Greene

    How exciting! I love Ralph Lauren’s style, Congratulations the windows look great and thanks for sharing the pictures.

  • Kimberly F

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

  • Cathy

    I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren but now I think they are really the coolest! Amazing!

  • Jocelyn

    Congratulations!! So very proud of you! How smart and talented for the one who came up with the concept to blow your paper puppets up larger than life! I love your puppet theater designs and how GORGEOUS to see them this way!!! WooHOO!!!

  • Cheri

    Celebrating with you! Your artwork in the windows of NYC – WOW! Beautiful.

  • Emily Hill

    Oh my gosh, oh my GOSH! I am so giddy for you! Congratulations!!!

  • Wendi Pilling

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah…as an artist I get emotional just reading this! What a tremendous thrill. :)

  • Melinda Peterson

    My heart just skipped several beats! Congratulations. I am in awe.

  • Indiana Lori

    WOW! This is…WOW. Congratulations. It must be interesting to see your work in an entirely different medium. What started as paper dolls so easily moved into high fashion. It’s seamless! I love it!

  • Kim B.

    Congratulations, that’s so cool!! They are so lucky to have your beautiful artwork!!!

  • Tammy Lampert

    Wow – Congrats! Truly inspiring Sarah – especially from this mom of 2, illustrating away in my tiny studio ;) This gives me new hope with my work!

  • Trilby Cope

    Sarah, this is so thrilling! I love The Nutcracker and I love your work. Each Christmas when I put up your darling framed picture of the little boy and girl under the mistletoe I get the biggest smile on my face. Congrats on this latest adventure.

  • Shannon

    Congrats! Your work is gorgeous and it’s about time you are recognized in a big way for it. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Amy DeCesare

    What an awesome experience for you as a designer! I’m really glad you took {and shared} lots of photos, since I’ve never been to NYC. Even though Christmas is over, I really enjoyed reading this post. The Nutcracker Suite is a favorite of mine, too.