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Well, here it is!!!

Say hello to a new friend….the Let’s Pretend Fabric Collection. I think you two will get along great.

Let’s start off with a  simple “Hello.”


masquerade collection web





masquerade copy


Let’s Pretend was inspired by that phrase that I just adore as a mother. It’s a daily scenario: I’m in the kitchen, and the kids are in the next room pulling out toys or maybe nothing at all, and I hear “Hey! I know! Let’s Pretend that I’m a super hero and you are a dinosaur king……” and it goes from there. It’s the kinda thing we take for granted. But it’s exactly the thing I’m going to miss when my kids are too old for that kind of play (sigh.)

I wanted to create a collection that really had spontenaity and life to it….but at the same time pulled on that playfulness we all love about children at home.

But while I was designing it, I was also pulled into awareness of some of my favorite Scandinavian children’s designers, and what they were creating with this same theme. So much of what I’ve seen in fashion, decor and even runway action has pulled on this theme of a “child’s imagination.” And while this collection stays pretty close to your own living room, it still has those elements of whimsy and drama. Masks, marionettes and some fun geometrics gives a bit of a European flare. But then there are play forts, wooden blocks and dress-ups too.

quilt lets pretend

Fq packs

make believe panel

stacks border

And let’s not forget about color. I have really been a bright jewel tones kick lately. And with this theme of play and drama, it was the perfect fit. There are two color ways, but the fabrics (once again) are really  just one big family. Bright jewel tones against cool grays.

lets pretend collage.web

I’m not going to be going to Quilt Market this Spring (another sigh) simply because my pregnancy has been fragile, and I’ve been off my feet and trying to keep a baby inside me:) I am doing really well this week, but it could change in any moment. So, I’m sad to be missing all the action, but I’m super glad I can stay home and take care of this tummy of mine. Priorities.

But while I won’t be having a booth, I hope I can continue to feature great projects of mine and yours over the coming months!

The fabric is getting ordered by stores now, and will be shipping in a couple weeks. But, if you have a favorite Fabric store that you like to go to, here is a PDF PRINTABLE CATALOG for you to print and give to your local shops! So, feel free to start asking them about it now, since it’s available for order already.

It’s always a bit exciting and nerve-wracking to share a new collection. This one I came up with a year ago. Wow. And it’s fun to relive all those early design moments again.

I have lots more to share….and I will be trickling in more inspiration and ideas over the coming weeks and months. But for now, here it is!

I’d love to hear your feedback!

Here are the specifics in one place: 

Let’s Pretend Fabric Collection

Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics

30 designs printed on Cotton Couture (a high density cotton soft enough for apparel, yet perfect for quilts and home projects)

Shipping May 2013

Here are some places you’ll want to visit:

Fabric available for Wholesale Order Here.

Click here to see the PDF catalog

Share photos of your work in my FLICKR group  here.

Need to find a shop that carries the fabric line? Click here.

I can’t wait to see how you sew with this!! Let’s get making!!



Sarah Jane

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  • gina

    So fun!! My favorite is the cloud print and the pink background with the bear and the girl doing summersaults, and the framed mirrors has my mind whirring, and the border print, and the blocks print, and, and, …yep, I love it all :)

  • Estelle

    I am in love with this new line, as with all of your lines of fabric. I just somehow need to convince my husband that spending hundreds of dollars on it is a great idea!

  • Leanne M

    Another beautiful collection, I adore the panel with the child painting the sun while standing on a ladder – perfection!

  • Lara

    You’ve done it again! Another beautiful collection. Congratulations! Can’t wait to order some :) I just ordered more children at play too (don’t tell my husband!)

  • Eilah Rose

    Amazingly perfect!

  • charlotte m.

    Absolutely wonderful. I so love making things with Children at play and this new collection will be another favorite, I’m sure. So many lovely prints. The blocks and the masks…love them all. Can’t wait to get some.

  • Deborah

    It looks like a perfect collection :-)

  • Alessia

    I’m speechless! Love Love Love!
    My favourites are the marionettes one and the kids painting the wall.
    Great job Sarah!

    • Sarah Jane

      Alessia, thank you. Mine too, I think:)

  • Leigh Laurel

    It’s fabulous. I love it. It’s so different yet so comforting as it evokes such childhood memories. Children at play is just brilliant. I don’t know too many people who have done a running panel like that. Congratulations!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thank you Leigh….I love running panels:)

  • Veronica Anderson

    Another FANTASTIC job! To be in your creative mind….
    Beautiful work, I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks trolling the shops to get some here ASAP!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Veronica!

  • Debbie

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I can’t wait.
    Yesterday I received (yet another) huge order of your Out to Sea collection (including the navy blue anchors which I will be hoarding). I need to get that sewn up quickly — I see another huge order of this collection coming my way! Take care of yourself and the family. Sending good thoughts your way.

    • Sarah Jane

      How fun! I had a customer looking for navy anchors…do tell where you found it:) Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have fun sewing!

  • Meghan

    Another beautiful collection!! I love the colors and prints. I think this one might be my favorite although picking a favorite collection of yours is very difficult since they have all been fantastic! Thank you for sharing your art with us and I hope you continue to have good weeks for the rest of your pregnancy!

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh what a compliment…I’d be interested to hear how you use it! xo

  • Alison

    Love this, it is so vibrant and gorgeous – can wait to get some

  • Marika

    So so pretty, as usual !

  • Sara Strange

    The dress up wings, the masks, dinosaur clouds oh so wonderful!! The jewel tones are so playful!

    • Sarah Jane

      I love jewel tones…can you tell? Thanks Sara!

  • Meg Roke

    Love love love it!

    • Sarah Jane

      xo Thank You!

  • nicole calver

    Well, there goes my budget for this month ;)
    Fantastic fabrics as always, looking forward to making some more quilts with these beauties!

    • Sarah Jane

      Well, it’s not out in stores till closer to next month…does that help? :) thanks Nicole!

  • Norma

    Good luck with your pregnancy!Your fabric is fantastic.

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Norma!

  • Jane Chérie

    Lovely fabric! I adore your design! The colors are always in perfect harmony!!! ♥
    I wish you to rest well for your pregnancy! I just gave birth a few months ago and I was so tired during the last few months!!! Take care!

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh best of luck to you too! The baby stage is just as exhausting:) xoxo

  • kerstin

    I just LOVE it!! I love the (I call it) “Ticker tape” fabric… the one where the design is just at the border !! The dress up fabric is precious also!! I can’t wait to sew with these!! YAY!
    Good luck with your pregnancy!!

    • Sarah Jane

      Love that term…never used it before:) So glad you like! “ticker tape, ticker tape”…. fun to say too:)

  • Amanda Brown

    I am in love! This range is totally gorgeous and fun. Looking forward to owning it soon!
    Quick question, is the pink used in Mr Bear a similar hue to your Children At Play collection? Just trying to gauge whether I can incorporate these fabrics into a work in progress using that range.
    Rest up clever girl.

    • Sarah Jane

      yes! the pink in the Mr. Bear is a nice middle range pink, and depending on what you are trying to match, it goes nicely. a bit more color than the others in that collection, but it pulls in nicely.

  • Kristin Marvin

    I am always partial to the girls fabrics and love the line for girls. The blocks in jewel tones are awesome. I will probably be buying the mainprint on white and making Sensory Ribbon Blankets with them. I actually bought about 2 yards of the Children at Play (main) when more came out because they were such a hit in my shop. The print with the kids lined up should be just as fabulous. I can’t wait! I was thrilled to see my blanket was your main picture for the “Children at Play Sewing”. What an honor! Thank you! Your work is beautiful:)

    • Sarah Jane

      Well, your work is lovely too! I love your sensory blankets…that print would be perfect:) xoxo

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I cannot wait for masquerade to hit the stores my new grand daughter needs a quilt out of this playful fabric. You are so talented! Would love to create for you!

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh thanks! Feel free to email me your info!

  • Carolina

    Lovely as always!!!

    • Sarah Jane

      lovely to hear, thanks:)

  • Shawn

    Wow, I really like all your new fabric, so cute and colorful!!

    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

    • Sarah Jane

      yay for color! Thanks so much Shawn:)

  • Adrienne

    I love your fabrics and can’t wait to get some of these!!

    • Sarah Jane

      thank you Adrienne:)

  • jenni

    Oh Sarah, you have totally outdone yourself, it is lovely! Sorry that your pregnancy has been fragile. we’ll be keeping you in our prayers!

    • Sarah Jane

      Much appreciated…so far so good. Thanks!

  • Sew Creative Blog

    Once again you nailed it, and my addiction to your fabric continues. :) As a mom of a 4 year old and 10 month old this fabric especially steals my heart.

    Take care of yourself mama. Stay in there baby!!!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks my dear!

  • Mindy Gillum

    What magical fabrics! I too am savoring all of the moments with my 3 year old girl who would rather pretend than any other activity. Her imagination is truly the best gift she could have! Thanks for continuing to remind us of this special time.

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Mindy. Yes. It’s so precious. Goes to fast….

  • Charlotte Elliott

    Another beautiful collection. With a just turned three year old I can truly relate to the ‘lets pretend’ theme. The geometric shapes are a bit out of my comfort zone but I can see them being used in binding. Love, love, love everything else.

    • Sarah Jane

      Good to hear Charlotte! Have fun sewing!

  • Annie Barnett

    These are amazing. It’s hard to capture childhood imagination in any medium – art or writing or music, but these embody so much of the joy of childhood. Love it.

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh, thanks! Means so much…and I agree. It’s hard to pin it down, isn’t it?

  • Cecilia

    These are beautiful! I can see pretty quilts and clothes made from these fabrics.

    • Sarah Jane

      Thank you Cecilia! Can’t wait to see what you make!:)

  • Terri Wilhelm

    It’s wonderful! I love hearing your inspiration behind this collection, which reminds me of being a kid. I don’t have kids, but these prints make me want to be a kid again and pretend! I love all the little illustrations, the variety of patterns, and the colors. Congrats to you on all your hard work!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks terri! I’d be designing this even if I didn’t have kids:) It’s such a part of me and childhood for so many!

  • Nicola

    Sooo gorgeous!! The Best Fort print brings back so many memories…we’ve always loved a cardboard box in this house (and my boys are teenagers and their eyes still light up when we get a really big one…so don’t worry!). Hope you get plenty of rest x

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh, forts are THE best;)

  • April

    Wow. So very, very lovely, Sarah. Congratulations on another hit line. Love it all!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thank you april:)

  • Tamara

    Truly adorable! I think I could find a way to use these prints even for my nearly eleven year old. Pretending is still very much the thing in my house and my kids are growing fast. This depicts their characters so well. Can’t wait to have some of this in my stash!

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh that’s so good to hear! I like to design things that can work for varioius ages….have fun with it!

  • Kathleen O’Grady

    Sweet, sweet collection, I love it! Just in time for a baby quilt I need to make, it will be perfect. I hope your remainder of your pregnancy goes well.

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks so much Kathleen. I hope so too!

  • Lauren Deel

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Of course.) I especially love the cloud pictures, Mr. Bear, and act it out. Wonderful! Unfortunately, I’m in Estelle’s camp: trying to convince the hubby to spend the big bucks on it! (Oh, and I love the triangle quilt, too.)

    I’m also bummed for you in not being able to go to Quilt Market this year. It seems like so much fun, and you always do such a wonderful job with the booth. But yes – growing a baby is soooo much more important. “Priorities.” :)

    • Sarah Jane

      Quilt Market really is so much fun. I’m super sad to be missing it. But family calls, and I’ve already got my eyes set on more to come:)

  • Traci

    I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH! You have rocked it once again! I’m sorry your pregnancy has been a fragile one but glad you’re taking care of it!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks so much Traci!

  • Teri

    Sarah Jane, your new line is so pretty! I am hoarding quite a bit of the Out to Sea collection and I can’t wait to get some of these prints to add to my stash. I hope you’ll be sharing a pattern for the triangle quilt you show above. I would love to make one but I don’t necessarily trust myself to try to wing it. :-)

  • Jodi Godfrey

    Just beautiful! I love all those dots and harlequin prints! Wishing you peace and health for you and your little one xx

  • Jodi R

    Sending love and prayers for your little tummy baby that it behaves for the rest of your pregnancy and stays inside until it is just nicely baked :) Congratulations on the new collection. It is just beautiful and has moved right to the top of my must have wish list. Do you think it is to late less than 1 day out to ask for a pre order for mothers day :)

  • Ana Cris Bondioli


  • Galit

    Love this line of fabrics, and would love so much to win this! Thanks :)