Here and there.


Hello my friends, how are you?

Sometimes writing and sharing can be so yummy and great…and other times, I wonder about all of you out there….I think about you and wish I knew more of who you are. I mean, writing to you and hearing from you in writing is great and all….but I really do prefer the one on one, you know? It’s the lovely irony with connecting through online devises…we are able to share more than ever and support like never before….but sometimes I just wish I could just have you all over for a big brunch and chatting. But I’m not an event planner either, so well….there we go.

Anyways. That’s what I’m thinking about right now.

So, Fabric. I can’t believe it was almost two years ago since I designed my first collection of fabric. And while I’ve managed to only do one a year since, I’m working on presenting my THIRD….and I’m baffled with how time flies. And how you are all still sewing with Children at Play. It makes me happy to see sweet pictures like this. Man. If I had a dress like that when I was a girl….

So, yes. Third fabric line coming soon. Can’t tell you much about it except that it will be shipping in May. And That’s coming sooner than you know it!



So much love gets put into the fabric….it’s such an intense process, and takes so much focus and thought. So when I see your projects, made with the same love, intention and energy, it just makes it feel all worth it. Thank you so much for sharing as much as you do! These pics were taken from Safflower Photography, and Miranda is the one that sent me the link on Facebook with her and her two kids….how adorable to see the WHOLE family decked out in the same fabric. Makes me smile.

Have a lovely weekend friends!

See you monday,


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  • Cecile Calais
    • Sarah Jane

      Yes! I LOVE this dress. I remember it from last year, and It’s just stunning. Thanks for sharing this darling ON PARADE dress. Lovely!

  • Sara Strange

    A party with everyone?! No you’re talking;)

    May needs to get on with it now!!!

  • Caribbean Wedding Events

    Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your love and creativity with us! Can’t wait to see the third line~

  • Marika

    Another line from you ?? I cannot wait to see it because I’m in love with everything you’ve made so far :)

  • carolina

    I love “children at play” and hope can buy more soon for my little daughter. I will waiting for you new line

  • Cindy

    I just discovered your awesomeness and I love everything you’ve done so far! I can’t wait to see the third line!

  • Liesel

    I need spring. Badly. (currently it is snowing, a lot) And I prefer face to face interaction too… a brunch sounds lovely! :)

    • Sarah Jane

      Me too! Wouldn’t that be perfect?

  • Tamara

    We on the other side of the world are waiting for rain and cool weather to be upon us (well in this particular neck of the woods anyway). It would be so wonderful to meet you in person and chat about fun things like fabric! Amongst other things of course. I am so looking forward to the third collection but it only seems like yesterday when I first laid eyes on Children at play. I am hoarding some precious fabrics of yours. I hope you don’t mind but I feel they are just too lovely and I need a really really special project to use them with. I am making bed quilts for my children in the Children at play line and also the Out to Sea. I love how they go together!

    • Sarah Jane

      That sounds so fun! I’d love to see. And yes…so many readers here are on the other side of the seasons:) I love knowing that you’re done with summer, and we’re done with winter! Good luck with your projects!