I am a Child of God Bookmarks



This weekend was so awesome. After a quiet and rather blah Christmas, we made up for it in the past few days with Addie turning 8 years old this weekend!  In our church, baptism happens at age 8 (old enough to know what they are doing), so we had both sets of grandparents and great grandparents in town, lots of family, celebrations and so much fun. I can’t believe I have an 8 year old. Where does time go????



My mother-in-law is a fantastic seamstress, and made the sweetest white dress for her. It was  a perfect day!

With the new year, I’ve had a few requests for some printable religious stuff, and I thought these bookmarks woud be really sweet and a fun for you to print out and and use at home or at church.




These are a FREE download, and I hope that they will come in handy for Sunday School Teachers, parents, and of course…kids! Please….these are for personal and church use only. Not to be sold, copied, or tampered with.

click here to download

Hope you enjoy! I’m back in the studio today after a long well needed break. It feels good. Back into art making….and a fresh new year. I’m ready to dive in:)

Happy Monday!



PS: Oh! And in reference to the Sandy Hook donations made, we were able to raise $905 and they were sent to the Western Union Support Fund today! Thank you to all who contributed!

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  • Leanne

    Thank you for these free printables, Sarah, my sister will love handing these out to her Sunday School students.

  • Jenna

    Thank you Sarah! These are just adorable.

  • Emilie Ahern

    She looks SO beautiful!!! Great job, Addie!!!
    My first, Ella, is getting baptized this March and we are so excited!

  • Kristin Marvin

    A few quick comments…Your daughter looks so pretty in her all white! Thank you for the free printables. My young and AVID reader has a “junk” drawer we hold only bookmarks in. These will be added and perhaps she could give to her Sunday school classsmates! Great work on raising money for Sandy Hook. I had purchased two downloads and found that we could make snowflakes to decorate their new “school” as a winter wonderland. My two girls and I made up about 20 and sent them off to CT. This holiday was better than most–I feel because I gave more to others–no surprise there, right?

  • Polly @ Helping Little Hands

    Thanks so much! Our oldest daughter turns 8 in a little over a week, so we’re getting ready for her baptism. Love the bookmarks

  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.strange2 Sara Strange

    This would be a great embroidery pattern;)!!

    Your MIL did a wonderful job on your daughters dress!

  • Rachel Fitch

    thanks so much for this! i love the print in our daughter’s room and will love giving these to little ones we know, maybe along with a Jesus Storybook Bible! :)

  • Pam

    In addition to the sweet dress, what a lovely white cardigan she has on! What a special occasion for you all.

  • Brooke

    Thank you so much for the bookmarks. They are perfect! And your daughter looks so beautiful in her white dress. It is such a special exciting time!

  • cazmona

    Thank you for these lovely bookmarks. Your daughter looks beautiful and what a privilege to know that she is a believer too. You must be so proud of her. My twin daughters turned 8 last week – I still can’t believe how old they are!!

  • jen

    sar, did I tell you I am primary pres.? These are perfect! Can’t wait to use them. Thank you! I love Addies sweet dress. She looks angelic. She seems older than 8! I love you rug also- awesome. Miss you. J

  • http://www.facebook.com/katharine.ponczoch Katharine Fluckiger Ponczoch

    my oldest son was baptised this weekend too :) wish we could have had family in town you’re lucky :)

  • Ann Cutler

    Thank you! And are we really not able to get the I am A Child of God print anymore? It fits perfect with this year’s theme and I would love to hand it on my girls wall!

  • Lorinda

    You are Awesome! Exactly what I asked for and there you are saving the day. I’m the primary pres. too and put the prints I ordered on the wall. Fabulous tie in for the whole year!

  • Gina

    Addie’s dress is beautiful! So nice all the grandparents could be there for her special day!! Thanks for the download!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marianagalvagno Mariana Galvagno

    Hello Sarah! You have become my new favourite designer/illustrator. So you know, ha!
    Im a spanish speaking mom but I absolutely adore these bookmarks, I was about to download it and transalet it in Spanish for my girl to use, but I saw your request Not to be tampered with. So now Im asking you a big favour. Would you consider making a spanish one? It would print YO SOY UN NIÑO (boy) NIÑA (girl) DE DIOS
    And I also love your lunch box cards ;)
    Thanks for your talent, yours to grow and ours to enjoy!
    My girl turns 8 this august and I still cant believe it either!

  • Claire from Switzerland

    Lovely dress for a lovely girl for an important day.
    I’m discovering your blog… I “found” you thanks to M. Miller fabric. I discover you as the designer of “On parade” that I really love.
    I’m interior decorator and I’m using it in a lovely girls bedroom.

  • Shannon

    Thank you for this darling bookmark! I tried printing it and it didn’t have as much color as pictured on the screen, especially the sun rays. Is there something wrong with my copy or is that how the print looks?

  • Lesa

    very cute!