Sandy Hook Donation


Like every one of you, I’ve been shattered by the horrible tragedy on Friday, and have been holding my children closer, praying more fervently, and more aware of how fragile this world is. There really are no words, and I’ve found myself utterly speechless.

All I can do is pray, love my children more deeply, teach them to love and respect and honor one another, and serve the children in my community with more awareness. But in this moment, I’m spreading my support with a simple sketch of hope, and faith.

This is a downloadable folded card for you to print, share or display in your home this Christmas Season. 100% of the funds will go to theĀ Sandy Hook School Support Fund which is set up with Newtown Savings Bank to support families of the victims and community needs.

Of course, you can just donate directly….it’s all going to the same place. But I thought this way, you could get a illustrated card out of it, that would share the message of Peace in a more personal way.

I’d hope that you would purchase one (or two or three!) and spread the word of Peace, hope and love. I’d be lying if my first response to all this was utter horror and loss of hope in this world we live in. But while the grief remains, my renewed hope is in the children and families who will continue to spread the message of love and renew peace in our homes, communities, nation and our world.







Click here to Purchase $5 printable cards





(your cards will automatically be sent to you after your purchase)



100% of proceeds will go towards SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SUPPORT FUND (the community fund helping families and individuals affected) and will be donated in full on January 1, 2013


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  • Sarah Jane

    Wow! Thank you so much for all the donations so far! I’m so grateful to see so much hope and help. One commenter on FB suggested this would make a wonderful Teacher’s Card for the holiday. God Bless!

  • Jennifer

    God Bless you! I just blogged about you the other day and how great your work was. Your heart is as great as your work!

  • gina

    I love how you always pitch in to help others; count me in too!

  • Kristin Marvin

    I can’t say it enough–you are a true gem! Your love for children not only comes through in your art, but your words and actions. Such a beautiful way to show your support of the children and families. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to show our support through your actions.

  • Kim Amanda

    Your image brought tears to my eyes, it’s exactly how you feel as a teacher with the children you treasure in your classroom each day. I shared your link and image at the bottom of our post for resources for parents in helping children cope with tragedy. I agree it would be a beautiful card for Teacher’s for the holiday. Thank you so much for all your hard work! Here’s the link

  • Nicki Smith

    Are these cards still available?