Updates and such.


Oh wow. What a week it’s been! I’m still so overwhelmed by the response to The Portrait Project.¬† I¬†honestly had no clue how much enthusiasm there would be. Really.

It sold out in less than 24 hours (all the slots I had available for 2013) and there are a couple hundred on the waiting list. If I had known how popular this would be, I would have been a bit more prepared. Well, the truth is I care about getting everyone of you art work…but I’m kinda short on time and hands…so I’m still figuring out how to make that work. But good news is, I think I’m making a lot more room from artwork in the future for sure!

If you are on the wait list (you know, cause you emailed me) I’m going to be in touch shortly. But as it stands, I’m going to be doing what I can this year, and then opening it up again by maybe the summer, or more likely a year from now.

But thanks to all who purchased! I can’t wait to get started!

On another note, we have a few more things up our sleeves here that I’m super excited to introduce to you. So be on the look out. I think Friday I’ll have an announcement that will be super exciting. So stay tuned!

Love to you all!



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  • http://twitter.com/inevergrewup Vanessa Brown

    We just moved or I know I would have got a spot, because I check your blog every day! But honestly I am just glad to be on the wait list, even if it isn’t for a year or two I am just excited that we will get our turn one day. Plus then we will be more settled in Costa Rica and my two babies will be a bit more grown. Then I will know more of what I want. So excited for you that it did so well! I also bought a bunch of your fabric awhile ago, it is SO beautiful. But with the new baby I still haven’t got around to making what I want. Someday! Someday!

    • http://www.sarahjanestudios.com/ Sarah Jane

      Oh I know! If I had known how popular this would be, I would have announced it days before, so people could be prepared. Man. I’ll be more prepared next time around!

  • Kristin Marvin

    A few hundred on the waiting list? oh my! Did you think you were this big? I knew you were THAT great, but if it were me in your shoes, that is what I would be thinking! I love the stack of pillows–those aren’t all for your new kids room are they???? Looking forward to Friday and the room reveal.

    • http://www.sarahjanestudios.com/ Sarah Jane

      Ya, I really wasn’t expecting that! And the pillows….wait and see!

  • Gina

    I love the pillows…they are awesome!!

    • http://www.sarahjanestudios.com/ Sarah Jane

      Thanks Gina!

  • Megan C

    Hopefully you’ll continue this for a few years, as my daughter is still a toddler, and my next one isn’t due for a few more months. I’d love to have this done when they’re both a bit bigger.

  • Jodi R

    Congratulations – I am not really surprised that you have a wait list that long. I would love one of my little girl but maybe when I have another one and they are both a little older you will open up some dates & I will get in quick enough. I just love your fabrics and am about to get my 2nd Children at Play dress for my little girl from Jodi at Tickle & Hide:Clothing with Alter Ego & two Out to Sea Pirate bags for my daughter and nephew for Christmas. There can never be enough of your beautiful fabrics in my life or your illustrations for that matter.