OH my goodness! I had no idea that a years worth of portraits would sell out in 24 hours. Geesh. I realize that many of you never even got the memo. But thank you to all of you who are participating! I can’t wait to get started. 

If there is ANY more room in the year, I will carefully consider my options, and try to make some more space. But as of now, I’m totally full. 


If you are still interested, please email me HERE and write WAITING LIST in the title, and I’ll add you to a wait list. 

 The Wait List is completely full! Over full actually. I’ll be finishing up these portraits for the year of 2013, and will reopen up slots at the end of next year! Thanks so much!




I’m so thrilled to be introducing a brand new product today! Woohoo!

I’ve been toying around with offering custom portraits since the first person asked, Oh…like my first week after opening my shop!  But I’ve declined because, well, we all can imagine how time intensive work like that would be. And I just couldn’t justify the time with everything else I was juggling.

But part of the cutting back I’ve been doing, is to allow myself more time to illustrate. I have other projects in the works, and while I have my paints out more than usual, I want to offer those same services to you!

The style of portrait though, is not your standard posed, photographed and then painted kind of job. I’m interested in illustrating your children doing what they do best: playing. Does your child wish they were a mermaid? Do you want to capture your children playing spy? Do they have a favorite animal that they play with all the time? What about riding on top of a dinosaur?

I want to get to the heart of childhood, and create portraits that will make childhood stand still. Stephanie Nielson (NieNie Dialogues) had me illustrate her children, and I realized that I absolutely LOVE portraying children doing their favorite things, or in an imaginary place. You can see her commissions in the top image and the bottom image.


You can find out more details HERE


You can find out more details HERE

This project I hope fulfills a lot of requests I’ve had over the years! It’s also my way of making sure that I’m staying sharp as an illustrator, as well as a designer. I love children, and value their uniqueness so much. I hope to offer you a whimsical representation of who your children are at heart.




Thanks for your interest! Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, as needed.

I can’t wait to meet your children!




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  • Jamie

    My heart is dancing right now! Oh my! I want to do this. If the budget allows, I will be getting on that list of yours! Congrats! This is a true, one-of-a-kind keepsake.

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Jaime:) xo

  • CranialHiccups

    WOW! Wow! Wow!! I love this. I too will be getting on that list – after my next child is born is March….could you handle drawing ten kids? :)

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh wow…that would be SO much fun!! How cute would that be?

  • Courtney

    What a treasure! I love this!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Courtney!

  • Sarah Jane

    Thanks Ladies! I’m excited to be doing this! xoxo

  • Jamie

    Are those the Nielson kids? Very cute!

  • Tania {Rocajo Studio}

    Your illustrations are so wonderful, I immediately recognized the Nielson family. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Sarah Jane

    UPDATE: January, February and March are all sold out…April soon to be as well. Just FYI

  • Jen Y

    What a really fun idea.What about grown kids? Are you willing to do something like that? My son is 19, soon to be 20. I can see a beautiful illustration of him with his black lab – maybe them together, the dog is old now – remembering when they were both young?

    • Sarah Jane

      Hi Jen….I really prefer to do just children. I can’t promise the feeling would be the same with adults. Feel free to email me with more questions, but I wonder if it would be sweet to illustrate your son and dog when they were both pups?

  • Em

    Hi! These are so cool! How big is the finished product? Do people send you a pic then you make the portrait based on the pic?

  • Amber

    My four children are growing so fast. What a wonderful way to always remember these times. I really hope I can have one for myself too.

    • Sarah Jane

      They do grow up SO SO fast, don’t they?

  • Amy Hackworth

    Oh, Sarah, these are so sweet! I love that top image SOOO much! Beautiful work–as always! Best of luck with your new endeavor!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Amy:)

  • Gabrielle Wallace

    Now I NEED to save my pocket money!! ;) I have three little girls and have another 18 weeks until my little boy arrives and I am definitely going to have to invest in a custom portrait from my ALL.TIME.FAVOURITE illustrator!! *SIGH* Bliss!!! xxxxx

    • Sarah Jane

      Congrats Gabrielle! That’s amazing!

  • Fionn

    I am considering getting one for a friend of mine as a gift. Could I make the purchase and then hand over the ‘project’ to her to let her choose exactly what she would like illustrated?

    • Sarah Jane

      Of course! That would be an amazing gift!

  • Sherri Hedges Nordyke

    My kids are grown now, but I thought I’d get them done from when they were children. One is now a firefighter and the other is an army officer. Could you draw them as children, but their clothes be what they currently wear? Like my son would be 5, but he would be wearing fire gear (a 5 year old dressed in what his future career will be)?

    • Sarah Jane

      Sure thing! That would be an adorable print!

  • Catherine

    Your work is stunning!!!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Catherine!

  • Glenda Childers

    Wow … what a fun project.

    I just ordered 3 copies of your Christmas book, for little neighbors of ours. I know they will be cherished.


    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks so much Glenda!

  • Jessica

    I usually have such a hard time making decisions. I saw this opportunity and immediately purchased. I’m so excited! Thanks for the chance.

  • Katharine Ponczoch

    i just love this idea! you really inspire me. i think i’ll have to practice up my drawing skills this year and try to capture my own children :)

  • Kristin Marvin

    Oh my, Sarah! What an absolutely AMAZING idea!!! I have been unable to click in for a few days to your site (slow for some reason?) for my morning blog checks. I am so excited for you and to see the feedback you have received!!
    I am just thrilled to be getting a second shipment of your paper products soon (I love all your little business cards and “thank you” print–they are clipped to my inspiration ribbon). I can’t imagine the THRILL of having you do this for a specific individual! I hope this works out well for you and perhaps one day down the road I too can do this for my girls. I got chills reading through your post–yeah–I am soo excited for all who get to take part in this special opportunity! You are top notch!

  • Sam

    I really wanted to purchase this, but it sold out before I had a chance and now the price has increased beyond my affordability. Why the increased from $185 to $225 over night? Bummed and confused but good luck with it.