show me color

It’s right about now, every year, that I find myself saying, “Slow down! Stop! Freeze!” Wait. No. Not freeze. That will come soon enough.

Think about this: of all the seasons, I think this one is when you can really witness daily change and turnover. Every season comes in with it’s own personality, but Fall is when I literally find myself saying “How orange are you today little tree?”

It’s pretty much magic, isn’t it? I’m stopping to look today. What is your favorite way to capture Autumn? Of all the seasons, this one never lasts as long as I want it to.

Have a LOVELY weekend everyone!!



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  • Heather OBrien

    I don’t know about the rest of Alaska but here in Kodiak autumn only last about 3 weeks. It starts early in September and by October it is just cold and wet. It happens so fast that we don’t really get to spend anytime enjoying it. We did manage to collect a few leave one afternoon and spent some time making leaf rubbings. I grew up in Oregon and look forward to someday being there again to enjoy autumn.

    • Sarah Jane

      I hear you! Here where we are, it usually lasts 3 weeks. For whatever reason, we’re getting a bit of a stretch this year, and we’re loving it! Alaska sounds dreamy on so many other levels though:)

      • Heather OBrien

        Alaska has been wonderful, last winter got a bit long but the amazing amount of daylight we get in the summer more than makes up for it. I’m not sure I could live here forever but I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity.

  • kristin marvin

    Great pics of your kids! I usually get the photo for Christmas cards in the Fall before it gets to cold. Also, I love going to the botanical gardens here in St. Louis late Sept. The gardens are fresh with deep burgandy and lime green plantings–so gorgeous–and bearable weeather conditions for walking!!! I have to ask–is that a trowel IN the tree??

    • Sarah Jane

      Oh Hilarious! I never noticed. It’s my neighbors, and his garden is right below. Looks like natures perfect handle:)