Paper Doll Tins

We love paper dolls at our house. I’m thinking of making some more for Christmas, and I came across this really darling idea from Alanna’s Blog who blogged about magnetic paper doll tins. I had to share!

She took the paper dolls, and made their own boxes, and lined it with the Children at play crafting paper. So so darling.

She used the smaller, pre-cut Making Memories Dolls that I designed.  But you can also use the Paper Dolls I have in the shop as a PDF download HERE.

(The set has 6 dolls and 30 outfits!)

I’m starting to feel the “crunch” time of getting my handmade gifts done for this Christmas. You? I’d love to know what you are making this season. Do you have any handmade gifts you just can’t wait to give?



PS: Sorry my blog has been so slow. We’re working out the glitches.

PPS: Come back tomorrow for some super exciting news!


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  • Kendra Seeley

    When will the pre-cut ones be back in stock?? Such a cute idea!

  • Delirious

    I’ve been making the same thing, only a felt version. I saw the idea on pinterest to use potholders as the “book” for the doll. I just appliqued the felt doll on to one of the pot holders, and a pocket for holding clothes on the other. I sewed the two pot holders together at the “binding” of the book. I’ve made three felt outfits, and plan to make a few more. I am giving them to some little girls in our church group. I think I might make a hand puppet too.

    • Sarah Jane

      That sounds darling!

  • Gina

    Your post is timely! I was going to laminate mine but I think turning them into magnets will make them more durable too. Such a cute idea! I need some of the MM Children at Play paper products. I dont think I will ever tire of Children at Play, fabric or paper.

    • Sarah Jane

      OH good! Have so much fun!

  • kmjeffus

    Hi Sarah Jane!! So, I am making these paper doll kits for my daugher’s 5th birthday party favors… I have my work cut out, but I think they are so precious!! and what little girl doesn’t love a set of paper dolls??? I have bought all of my supplies, except that I can’t find your paper ANYWHERE!! I have been to all of the local Michaels, Hobby Lobby’s and JoAnns (which is where the Making Memories website states that their products are sold). None of them had a single Making Memories product!! I found a couple of places online, but the shipping was going to cost as much as one of the paper books (which irritates me because I could buy another book instead!). Any suggestions? do you know of any good online resources? Half of the Making Memories website doesn’t work, so it’s really hard to get information!!
    Thank you :)
    Kerstin Jeffus

    • kmjeffus

      Also, I love the “children at play” paper dolls (that you buy at the store), but to magnetize them, I would need the ones from your website, so that I can print them… don’t you think? Or is there a way to magnetize the
      others. I never knew there was even magnet paper, so this is new to me :) help!!

      • Sarah Jane

        Hi! I think I can help. The online stores are the only ones I know of, but they are actually much smaller than the ones I have online! The best way to do the magnet ones, is to print the online ones out onto magnet paper for your printer. You can get it at any office store. As long as you have an inkjet printer, you just put it through, and it’s really easy to cut! Does that help?

        • kmjeffus

          Yes!! I believe so… how tall are the ones on your website? I guess I should make sure they will fit in the little tin boxes…
          Thank you!!

        • kmjeffus

          I just had a better idea. I just realized that the tin boxes I bought have Christmas decor around the sides (so they won’t work… argh!!) I may just print your paper dolls on magnet paper and make a pouch for them with children at play fabric! I am much faster at sewing than cutting/pasting paper :) That way, the size of the doll won’t really matter… I just looked at your “Picnic Paper Doll” featured post and it gave me the pouch idea. Thank you !! such inspiration you give :)