DIY Gratitude Tradition:


One tradition we have in our family, is the I LOVE YOU BECAUSE game. Each birthday, we go around the table, and say I LOVE YOU BECAUSE….. to the person we are celebrating! I love this tradition, and it’s one that we bring to every birthday…regardless who is in attendance. I love it.

So forThanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition, and WEAR the reasons we are loved.

Each person gets as many feathers as there are people at the table.

Each person writes down what they are grateful for about that person.

Then, all the feathers are passed to the recipient, and they get to wear all the reasons people are grateful for them.

We often don’t know why, specifically, people are grateful for us. This year, I’m making sure my kids know that everyone in their family is indeed….grateful for them. ¬†And more importantly, why.

You can wear these, hang them, pin them, or make a piece of art.

Either way, I hope it helps us all take time to show gratitude for the people in our lives who mean the most to us.


Happy Thanksgiving!


God bless.

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  • Miss Thimble

    What an amazing idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  • Bethany Simonsen

    This is such a great idea, and one I think my family needs this week!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Bethany! Easy and always makes for good feelings at home. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Crystalyn

    I love the style of the feathers, they are so cute. I am going to hang onto this idea for when my kids are big enough to participate!

  • Kristin Marvin

    I love your birthday tradition. It is a wonderful idea to translate to Thanksgiving also. My daughter came downstairs last weekend with a large turkey with feathers. On the turkey it said “I am thankful for” and on each feather she had written something she was thankful for. It was so sweet! She then encouraged us to add items on post it notes below. “Guacamole” appeared!? But so did other wonderful notes like church, job, good education, our beautiful world, pajamas… I photographed the idea in hopes of posting it on her site but we have been so busy with other creations! Maybe tomorrow–our day of Thanks!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Kristin! Love all gratitude activities…you can’t go wrong! xo

  • Hannah {Bonne Nouvelle}

    Not sure if my last comment worked…..
    I love this idea. It’s similar to our gratitude tree.
    I love these photos…the lighting in your home is fantastic. I also love Addie’s dress….I think I have that same damask fabric. Did you make it?

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Hannah! No, I didn’t sew it but a friend of mine did. Thanks! It’s a size 4, but she won’t give it up. We have a few of those around:)

  • kristin

    oh Sara, these are so beautiful! thanks for the download and have a great thanksgiving!

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks Kristin! xo