Clearing the shelves.

So, today is kind of a big deal. I have 61 more days until the shop will no longer carry paper goods! No more Iron-on embroidery patterns, folded cards, holiday tags, bookplates or journals.

*But to clarify: I WILL be keeping all Art prints, PDFS and jewelry. Everything else is clearing out.

This has been a hard decision (as I was having grand plans to add to this list of lovely things!) But, after a long (very long!) hard think, I’ve come to terms with the fact that at this time in my life right now, I want to spend more time with my creative self than my manager self. Lots of product=less time to be creative and come up with amazing and genius art all the time (truth) and I want to spend more time with my children and less time infront of a computer (more truth).

And since more things can’t exist in a space that’s already full, I’m clearing out.

So, as of today, all paper good items that will be gone by Dec. 20th are on clearance, and will be until they are all sold out! So stock up, cause I don’t have plans to bring them back any time soon!

It feels good to clear out, but do take care of them! It’s sad to see them go.

Thanks for all your support! It’s exciting to make changes and move forward. I’ve got a good feeling about all this.

Happy sale shopping!



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  • kristin marvin

    Thank you for the sale! I finally treated myself to some of your paper goods. I purchased some note cards to use as Christmas thank you cards this year. My favorite–three sets of bookplates. They will be saved for many, many years. I envision presenting my grandkids with special books (ones my girls loved) and using your beautiful bookplates inside.

  • Melissa

    Picked up a few things I’ve been eyeing for a while… love your beautiful illustrations <3


    I am impressed with your decision to reduce your merchandise. I can imagine that is a very difficult thing to do. But I can feel the truth and excited energy in the air for your future.