Halloween Traditions.

Ok. Enough of Christmas already, we’re back in gear for Halloween.

Remember this Haunted House project? It was just featured here on Parenting.com with their 13 Halloween Craft projects. It reminded me about last year’s Halloween Project, and I thought I’d pull it out again!

This project is a great way to let your child get up close and personal and draw their favorite halloween creatures in each window. Scary stuff!

The post and Downloadable Template can be found here.

Here we go into holiday projects! We’re breaking out the decorations (on strict command from my 7 year old) tonight!

Are your kids as into Halloween as mine? If I had my way, we’d skip this holiday. But they LOVE it!


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  • http://www.SweetbugStudio.com kristin

    I agree. I am not a fan of Halloween–but of course the kids love it! Last year my 12 yr. old designed and threw (with a little help from her 9 yr. old sister) a Halloween Party for our family of four. Her and her sister wore their outfits, my husband and I were given masks, she had a scary buffet table of treats, games, music, lighting, a frankenstein head “cut out” on posterboard for photos…I was really impressed with her creativity and we all had a fun evening!!

  • Megan

    Yeah, I’m not a Halloween fan either…except for carving pumpkins and eating yummy treats. Hopefully putting up decorations kept your kiddos busy for awhile though. :)

  • Caroline

    How about “I am a child of God” print for this holiday – love this artwork ! : )

    It is sure to have those dark goolies quaking in their chains !!!

    “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 x

  • Juanita

    Yay! We love the haunted house. We made some last year, the kids and their neighbor friends, and this year we’re going to make them in school in my daughter’s class on Halloween. Thank you for the idea and template!

  • Sonny Wyatt

    I was born on Halloween. I think it’s awesome. Kids have a blast with it until we fill their heads with nonsense. Great ideas ParentIng. Bad religion parents.

    Try this one on: Resist not evil.
    Project much. Geez.