October 31

I have a print out for you, a sketch that I made a while back actually. But I never made it available for download, and now it is!

It prints out at standard paper size. It looks great in a frame, or maybe pinned to a surface. (The water mark is NOT on the print out, don’t worry:)

Happy decorating!

I’m off to finish off putting Halloween costumes together. Any one have ideas on how to make a horse costume for my 3 year old? I’ve been persuading her to be something else, cause well, I have no clue how to make a soft horse costume. But looks like I’ll be figuring it out tonight! She’s not backing down:)

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  • kim

    I made a cow costume for my daughter one year. I basically made her a one piece outfit out of cow print material that had velcro in the front. I traced a sweatshirt and track pants to make the pattern. Then I attached a hood and sewed on eyes and little horns. It was really easy and people knew what she was but that could have been because of the cow print! You could add fringe and a tail. Good luck!

    • http://www.sarahjanestudios.com/ Sarah Jane

      So so smart. silly me…I’m always thinking way too elaborate. Simple hoodie is best! Thanks!

  • Katy

    Oddly enough, I added a new blog to my reader yesterday, and went to check my feed after work. Just two posts above this question of yours was http://mariangriffin.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/wip-wednesday-halloween-edition.html and she’s just finished a My Little Pony costume for her small daughter!

    • http://www.sarahjanestudios.com/ Sarah Jane

      Oh that’s magnificent! Totally going the sweatshirt route. Thanks!

      • Katy

        The co-incidence of the two posts coming up in my reader at the same time meant I just had to share! Glad it helps.

  • Kristin Marvin

    Here is the link to a crafty mama but I would go with the sweatshirt idea (if you have time to run to the store!) and do the add ons!
    http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/ She does give a tutorial but too time consuming for me! You can see, however, her ideas for add ons depending on what pony your daughter is–maybe just a regular ol’ pony!

  • Pam

    Carters have a zebra costume on their website – maybe you could some ideas for the horse from that. My daughter got it for her 6 month old. Cute!