Lunch Notes

School lunches have started. We’re having a lot of fun with them this year too! (We’re bento boxing for the first time…any of you bento fans? I’m loving it!)

Anyways….my mother was an AMAZING school lunch mom. Looking back, and especially now that I’m packing lunches daily, it amazes me that she packed notes each school day for 20 years in all 5 kids lunches.

Ya. I’m living in a tough shadow:)

So now, I send my kids to school with a note every day too. On their napkin. But it’s always in pictures (which are faster for me than words most often:)

And it’s always rushed. (What? School mornings rushed?)

So I thought I’d start sending some more prepared little notes too. (We might actually get to school EARLY with these printed notes lying around for emergencies!)

Could you use some ?

My kids love the random drawings on napkins, but they’ve both agreed getting a fancy card is just as nice of a surprise.

Feel free to download and use this week! And if you’re liking it, let me know! I think I might make this a regular feature. I need to make them for myself…I might as well share:)

Happy lunch making:)


sarah jane


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  • Lara

    Super cute idea! My friends mum used to write notes on her bananas! I always thought it was such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • patricia

    I will use these with my little girls. What a treat. Thank you so much!

  • Jenn A

    Love the lunch notes! The only thing is that I can’t use the pink ones because I only have boys. They would be rather embarrassed to find a pink fairy note in their lunch box. =) Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Anie

    Great idea! Love them! Yes, please share more! And maybe some notes for grown ups too! We also like cute little surprises in our lunches!

  • sophie

    I adore this idea and only wish I had littlies of my own to do this for
    So sweet.

  • Laura J.

    I love it. I’ve always collected quotations in a journal. When my little one is old enough to read, I plan to slip one in with her lunch. I wish I could draw though! It’d be great to send a little picture a day until she’s able to read!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you, Sarah Jane! They are precious!

  • Jessica Abbott

    These are so adorable, and as an avid writer of said rushed picture notes – these are fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ellen S.

    How sweet! Thank you so much!

  • Katie Riddle

    Thank you for being so generous with your talent!!! I’m printing these out now. I’ve been writing on their napkins too, but this will be extra special.

  • Liz Pitcavage

    Love these Sarah!

  • LauraH

    What fun notes! I printed them and will use them today! I only have boys so I’m going to try out the pink ones and see if they will pass. lol! Thanks so much for sharing your note designs!

  • catherine s.

    LOVE THESE! Asked my 5 yo DD what the favorite part of her day is and she replied with “the notes you put in my lunch”. I can’t wait to surprise her this week with these beauties! Thanks for sharing your talent – we are so blessed with your art!

    catherine s.

  • KatieJ

    Love these, thank you so much! I always want to be a mom that leaves love notes in lunches but it only happens every once in a while, these will help!

  • amanda

    My oldest is in first grade so we are in full note packing mode. He has one everyday but I started putting dorky animal jokes. He thinks they are so funny and its fun that he has them to look forward to at lunch.

  • chrissy

    These are so wonderful! Thank you!

  • Liesel

    I am working on being less rushed in the morning. I have been waking up earlier to make breakfasts instead of just always doing cold cereal. But I’ve never done notes in their lunches. :,( Yet. Thought I’m sure it would make their day. Especially these cute ones. Thanks for the reminder and for the darling generous cards you shared!!

  • Fiona

    These are so sweet! We don’t do school lunches (yet!), but it’s always nice to have a note handy! Thank you :)

  • shauntel

    They are fabulous! Thank you!

  • Katheryn

    These notes are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Jodi Robertson

    Love them – they are beautiful. My mum wrote our names on our sandwich paper with smile faces & little love hearts. I would love to send little love cards for my little girl with messages of affirmation, love and encouragement. If I had to draw the pictures myself I am not sure my daughter would get to school before Lunch time though : )

  • Katja Magus

    Thank you , just printed a set for each boy!

  • gina f.

    Thank you so much!!! love them, will use them lots…so much cuter than a sticky note!! p.s. not to be greedy but could i get the air balloon and clouds in fabric :)

  • mer

    cute, cute, cute sarah!

  • Linh

    These are wonderful — thanks so much for sharing!

  • Marian Griffin

    Oh these are the best!! Lovely! Your mom sounds amazing!

  • sarahjanestudios

    Oh wonderful! So glad you are able to use these so quick. I am thinking that I’m going to try and post these more often. I’m already running out myself! And my kids are asking for more:) Thanks guys! xoxo

  • Julie

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! :-)

  • Melissa

    LOVE these! I also have my children use a metal tin lunchbox. I covered the inside with chalkboard contact paper and leave a note there. I also sent a box of blank cards to various family members and asked them to write notes for the kids. I included an envelope to mail them back in. So now they get notes from me, my husband (Daddy), grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles who live far away. It is great!

  • Marichan

    Thank you so much! I love these! You have such a wonderful talent.

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  • Delores

    When my older kids were small, I always drew a picture on their lunch bag (yea..not so green, but washable lunchboxes always smell bad to me, no matter how much you clean them. Bento boxes would be better.) My daughter complained that her friends made fun of the drawings, so I began hiding the drawing on the bottom of the bag, or inside. As my kids got older, they didn’t want me to draw anything because it was too “baby”. But I would write their initial on the outside so that I could tell which lunch was whose. I couldn’t draw a picture, but I did draw their initial in different ways. :)

  • Lori Byrne

    Thank you for the sweet notes to tuck inside my little girl’s lunch box. She just started this year and I know she’ll love to find a little treasure like this! I have one of the Jesus Loves Me prints in the bedroom she shares with her sister and the little girl looks like her, even the sweet up-turned nose! You have such a talent and I’m thankful that you get to share it with the rest of us!

  • Kate

    amazing! great notes!

  • Sarah A.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been doing a note everyday so far this year too. I didn’t have time one morning, so I re-used one from the previous week (because we have to save them ALL), and she was not happy- she wanted a new one. I tried to tell her it was recycled and recycling is good, right? but it didn’t fly with her.
    Thanks again!

  • Mary

    obviously these are so cute and useful. Thanks for sharing, and keep coming with the lunch ideas. I have an extremely finicky (almost 8)year old. We do the bento boxes too, and mostly pb&j, ham&cheese. i cut designs in the sandwiches with small cookie cutters that i got years ago from the pampered chef. and i use seasonal cutter too.

  • Four Little Munchkins

    Love, love, love these!!! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  • Crissy Lynn

    I love these! Thank you for sharing. I write notes on napkins for my kiddos each day! They will be surprised to find these instead :)

  • Suzanne

    love these and my kids loved having them in their lunch. Hope you can do more!

  • kristen

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!!! Kristen

  • Jenny

    oh I love these and often spend late nights working on my daughter’s school notes. Lovely side note…She often just barely comments about getting these notes from me so I was beginning to think she wasn’t reading them/having them read to her…then I started getting wonderful dictated notes back with all the same language I was using in my notes. love. thanks so much. your work is pure joy. Jenny