MAKE THINGS: Easter Surprise Balls

Last night I got together with some ladies in my neighborhood to make some Easter Surprise balls! This is the kind of thing that is perfect to do in a group. The idea has come from multiple sources, namely this one.

But instead of an empty ball, my friend Stephanie decided to use these darling tie-it-on-your-bum-and-look-like-the-Easter-Bunny-cottontails as the center of the Surprise Ball.  Stephanie made these darling cotton tails, and I can’t wait to see my kids with these:)

The idea is that inside every layer of crepe paper, is a new surprise. Place a toy or prize on the ball, and wrap with one long strand of crepe paper.  Keeping the prizes small and either compact or moldable is great!

We mostly used sheets of crepe paper, and cute them in strips. They handle better, and don’t rip as easily.

Then comes the filling!

Merillee made these darling stickers, and Alison brought felt wool bunnies (who by the way have amazing–no AMAZING–blogs. Yeow!)

Oh, and I skipped the firecracker:) Could be rather fun for the older ones!

I made these little paper bunnies, with a free download here.

It would be fun to make other shapes too…like a carrot, or a bunny shape. Have fun with it!

Finish is off with a sticker, and it’s ready for the Easter Basket!

Here’s the FREE DOWNLOAD if you want to make some little cut out friends. They are really not very useful except to just play with and decorate with. Simple, Simple!

And PS:

I’ve been hinting at showing you some fabric peeks, but alas, I made a mistake in telling you too soon. I’ll need to wait till we get closer to May….but I promise it’s coming! Sorry. Please don’t hate me:(

Also, the Children at Play paper line is releasing in May as well! Meh. More waiting…sorry! But I have more fun stuff to fill in the gaps, so no worries.

Back to the art table! xoxo

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  • marilyn holley-stupka

    I see you must have noticed the typo. I do love love love your designs and so do my grandchildren.

  • Annalisa

    very splendid spring basket ideas…smiles!!

  • Cheri Hage

    Love the Easter ideas…
    However, the “download” link you give to reach your darling bunnies opens the photo below it :(
    Is there another way to get that ? Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent !

    • sarahjanestudios

      Thanks! I fixed it…so sorry! Enjoy and happy Easter:)

  • Alison

    DYING! I had no idea what magic you were making while shooting those pictures! these look so fab! xo

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  • Crystalyn

    I love these! I have seen them around Christmas time, but Easter is really the perfect time for these! I want to make some for my nieces to have when we go visit family this weekend. I love your choice of little prizes, is it hard to wrap up the clunkier prizes?

    • sarahjanestudios

      not at all! You have to wrap so many times around, that it all evens out:)

  • Tonja

    Thank you so much for the draling bunny download.You are so good to us! So excited for May and all your new treasures coming to light. It will be here before we know it. Happy Easter!!

  • Tonja

    Oh rats. I meant “darling” not draling. Draling sounds painful.

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  • Crystalyn

    We made these! I did a little blog post about it. They kind of looked liked dirty diapers though… Maybe next time I’ll get a different color paper! Ha!