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Hello! I feel like it’s been forever since I posted (ok…a week!) The trouble about blogging and working as I do,  is that most of what I do all day is stuff that I can’t talk about! It’s the nature of producing things that take  a long time to mature and get out the door. Books for instance take a ba-jillion years (well, it feels like it!) and that goes with fabric, products, etc.

But I want to give you a little sneak peek into what’s happening oh so soon….

Sneaky Peek #1:


First let’s talk PAPER!

Making Memories was in touch with me earlier last year about turning the Children at Play fabric line into a children’s paper line. Um…ya! That was an exciting YES!! But I didn’t want it to be just ANY paper line. This one has the same feeling as the fabric…playful, and creative. Paper Pinwheel kits, banner kits…even…(eeek!) Paper dolls with clothing that sports the fabric design…etc. Oh! And not to mention paper, paper, paper! (For wallpapering dollhouses of course:)

I won’t go too much into detail now (there is so much more to show you!) because it won’t be available for another month or so….but I just had to give you a heads up.

You can see more images here on the website if you want! But stay tuned for better photos and DIY’s when it becomes more available!


Sneaky Peek #2:


A new Non-fiction I’ve been working on with Harper Collins…a Fantastic book! So lucky to have been a part of it.

FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING is such a fantastic book, I had to force myself to illustrate it because all I wanted to do was underline every other line and really read it slowly. It’s the story of a Super-Mom (Karen Le Billon) who moved to her husband’s native Northern France with her 2 small girls, and emerses herself into the foreign culture of French eating habits. Why do children there eat everything? They stay at the table for long hours! They don’t snack?! They aren’t afraid to eat new foods and their children are expected to eat it all?  Etc, etc. Principles my husband and I have tried to adopt since we started parenting, we found to be well and alive in the French culture.  And Karen Le Billion outlines how she turned her 2 incredibly picky eaters into food connoisseurs over her year of delving and applying the unspoken rules of French eating. A Brilliant read, and will really make you think about how you feed your family!!! I can’t say enough…so i’ll share more when it comes out in April. But you can pre-order here and hop on over to Karen’s blog here.

So…I highly recommend this book if:

1) You have desires to have a better eating experiences with your children (i.e. no food wars, healthy eating & overall happy experience)

2) If you are fascinated with the idea that there are other cultures in the world where cooking, eating, grocery shopping, and feeding your children are central (and very pleasurable) parts of the day

3) Love the growing trends of “slow food” and “real food” but don’t know how to bring that down to a family level

4) Want to know more about the WHY behind the often stereotypical French habits with food &  why they make for very happy, healthy children.

FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING is available for pre-order here.

So, I know none of these will be available until around March-ish….but I had to give you a little peek into what’s coming! I have more to share on both accounts, so stay tuned!

Eek! It feels like Christmas in February (February??? Already?) Maybe I’m the only one who’s excited here…but I’m just tickled to have been part of some really awesome projects. More soon!

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  • Little Sweethearts

    Your dollhouse looks so perfect, almost real!

    I also like the style of your new book illustrations. People are becoming more and more conscious about their eating habits and the habits they pass on to their children, so there is definitely an audience out there for this kind of books. And to top it off, it’s wonderfully illustrated :).

  • Kim

    Wow so very exciting!!!!! I love the new paper line. And although my kids are eating anything in sight right now, this book looks great and sounds interesting. Thanks for the sneak peaks.

  • Cupcakes for Clara

    You are AMAZING! I honestly don’t know how you do it all.
    I am so excited for you, and can’t wait to get my hands on some of that papery goodness!
    Huge congratulations!

  • Djaj

    How funny !
    I’m french and I have 3 kids… And I’m so surprised to read the title of this book ! I wouldn’t have expected such a reputation for our food habits ! It looks sooo interesting, and it is so beautiful !
    I’m really curious to know what “our” secrets are !

  • Pigeon’s Mom

    so great…to see your dreams unfolding before your eyes! congrats and warm wishes for all sorts of success and happiness!

  • sarahjanestudios

    Thanks all! Djaj…you’ll LOVE this book then. When you put the traditional American perspective of food (eat on the go, quick easy meals) next to the traditional French one, there’s lots to talk about! And as much as so many Americans are trying to break that tradition, it’s so refreshing to get tips on how to get closer to that reality of respecting your food more and preserving family dinner, etc. You’ll love it!

  • Jill V / TerraSavvy

    I am a HUGE fan and due to “celebrity fear” I couldn’t say hi to you at Alt. Summit! I am kicking myself!

    Love the sneak peeks! I so want a dollhouse for me someday!

  • betz

    Beautiful! And it’s so great to be able to lend your artwork to a topic outside of sewing/crafting…french food! Mind expanding for sure. :)

  • Liz Crane Pitcavage

    A book about picky eaters and french food, illustrated by you??? Already pre-ordered my copy!

  • sarahjanestudios

    Liz….you are awesome. I said the same thing when i heard the title…just not the ‘illustrated by me’ part :)

  • Gina f.

    Omgoodness!! Amazing stuff! ! I have always been a paper crafter and will love having your paper to work with as well as your fabric. And that book… You know I will be adding that to my little Sarah Jane library collection. Have a good day!

  • jenny

    Looks amazing as always! Congrats sar!!

  • Julie Olson

    Sarah, the illustrations are fantastic. I love that you’ve found a way to work your wonderful style into other people’s books. It’s tough. I’m inspired. Love the sneak peak!

  • megwrites

    I’ll definitely be reading French Kids Eat Everything! I love getting a fresh perspective on all that daily cooking and eating.

  • ina

    I want the book just for the illustrations! I could easily make those into embroidery patterns and wouldn’t THAT make the cutest quilt??!! ;p

  • ina

    I forgot to mention I love your paper line! Sadly, I do not scrapbook but the paper is so beautiful I’ll find some use for it? Maybe the background of a shadowbox? Hmm, I’ll find some use for it. ;p

  • kate

    Your artwork seems perfectly fitting for this book. What a talent you have!

  • Karen Le Billon

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Sarah Jane! It was such a pleasure working with you: I LOVE your illustrations, and they really made the book come to life. And I’m so glad that the ideas in the book were helpful and fun for you and your family…it’s amazing how much joy the family table can bring into the house, if we get it right!
    ps for all of those people who are thinking of pre-ordering, thank you SO much! It makes a big difference, esp. to a first-time author like me!

  • Kayte

    Congratulations! But I hope this doesn’t mean that your paper dolls will not be available for download any longer. We love the ability to print them on magnetic paper and even print them at 200% ( I do this for my daughter’s younger friends).

  • sarahjanestudios

    Oh…so glad to hear you all excited about the paper line and the book! To answer some of you:

    Ina: Don’t worry…I’m not a big scrapbooker myself…so I designed this collection to be the perfect mix of scrapbooking…but also paper crafting: card making, decor, play, etc. It’s fun!

    Kayte: And no worries! These dolls are actually a big smaller than the ones I have in my shop, and will have an exclusive line of clothing. So, if anything…it will mean more to play with, not less:) Yay!

  • Brooke

    Sarah! I had no idea you illustrated that book.. I’ve had my eye on it and it looks amazing… Now I’ll HAVE to pick it up. That illustration style is so beautiful..

  • The Prudent Homemaker


    I served a mission in France, and I remember one boy asking his mother for a snack. She gave him three choices: a yogurt, a piece of fruit, or a piece of cheese. I loved her choices, and when I had children of my own, they got similar choices (yesterday’s snacks were apples at my house!)

    Lunches were long (I saw children going home from school for 2 hours lunch breaks), and dinners were late (usually 8:00).

    The book looks like very interesting reading. I feel like I’ve picked up many of these habits as well with my own family. I often get asked if my children are picky eaters. I’ll have to check it out. I love your pictures!

  • The Prudent Homemaker

    I should clarify–I get asked if they are picky eaters because people are often surprised at what my children will eat when they read my menus! My children are used to 3 sit-down meals at home, so it’s a bit different than most.

  • Dawn Bennett

    oh how exciting a paper line !! I wonder will they be out in time for Archie’s party in March ( 18th )?? fingers crossed as I would love to use them.
    I have made some cute party bags with your fabric, and recieved your gorgeous cards in the post last week. ( I just love all the little cards i.e business card, thank you etc that you put in !! so pretty.
    Can’t wait to use them.
    Will have my eyes peeled for the paper craft to match !!
    Thanks again
    Dawn x

  • Rachael Rabbit

    Gorgeous! I need to send my kid to France – maybe that will cure her fussy eating!

  • Eva @ Sycamore Street Press

    What a great project o be a part of Sarah! And such lovely illustrations. I’m putting this book on my wish list.