Iron ons, Fabric and Etsy stuff.

Hello! 3 days back now from Market, and I’m still catching my breath. Mostly because I came home to a very enthusiastic head cold and pink eye infection. Horray for me. But it does feel good to have an excuse to move a little slower than I have been. I had forgotten what that feels like!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to when the embroidery patterns will be ready (I released 8 at market, which I have yet to still show you all!). Fabric and Embroidery patterns will be shipping in  about 4-6 weeks. (But I won’t be selling the fabric…. I’ll be making a list of all the stores where you can find it).  And the embroidery patterns you will be able to get directly from me, which I’ll be talking about more of in the coming weeks. These patterns are going to be iron on transfers, which I am SO excited about. Saves so much work, and eliminates so much of the fuss.

But would you still be interested in downloadable PDF’s? Please let me know. At this point, I’m only going to be offering the iron-ons, but if you’d like the PDF to be an option, let it be known in the comments below…or send me an email.  I’m on the fence about that one still.

And…the ETSY shop will be opening on Friday, but again, Embroidery patterns won’t fully be released until next month.

Ok. Back to caring for this nasty head cold. Those pillows are looking comfy, aren’t they?




PS: EDIT: These iron-on transfers will get 7 transfers out of them….some of you have been concerned that it wouldn’t be worth the shipping. But, I promise you it will! But good to know of your interest in the PDF’s.

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  • Sally

    I’d go for pdfs over waiting for an iron on to arrive in the mail. I’m more of an impulse crafter and if I have an idea prefer to get started on it right away before I lose interest:)

  • Robyn Brown

    I think a pdf document is a great idea. I like to keep things electronically as it requres much less storage space.

  • Taylor

    I also don’t like waiting for the iron on. Plus an iron on is one time use. I personally won’t be buying any that aren’t PDFs. But I do want to get some so fingers crossed!!!


  • Carol

    I would prefer the pdf over iron on. :) Thanks for asking. I hope you get over you cold soon….no fun.

  • Kathy

    I would also like a pdf file. It would make it easier to adjust the size of the project if needed. I love your designs and I’m so happy you are now doing fabric for Michael Miller. Get well soon.

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    I love that transfer on the pillow! I can’t wait till all of this is available!

  • MOXIELisa

    I would also love the PDF version because I am also an impulse crafter. :)

  • Ashley

    I love the simplicity of the iron-on, but as a beginner, I feel slightly more comfortable having the PDF. Would it be possible to have both? Or could we possibly photocopy the iron-on as a backup?

    I have loved seeing the photos of your booth- so inspiring and restful- I’m motivated to redouble my efforts for kid spaces in my house.

  • lisa

    PDFs would be great. I like tracing them and that they are quick to get.

  • Lisa

    I’ve been looking forward to the embroidery but honestly I’d only go for the PDF- saves a bit in shipping and instant gratification

    Feel better soon!

  • Jamie Marie

    I am for PDFs. Although it would be easier with an iron on it would be one time use. Which is a bummer.
    P.S. I just found your blog and I can’t wait till your shop opens and your fabric is available! Your stuff is so cute!

  • Emily

    Though I don’t do the embroidery thing, seeing your patterns makes me want to take up the hobby. So cute!

  • Annelies

    Hope you are on the SIDE of the fence for PDFs. That would be my choice.

  • Sarah Jane

    jaime and Taylor: these iron ons can be used up to 7 times! So, there is lots of versatility there. But good to know about the interest in the PDF. Thanks for your comments! This is how i know things:)


  • Angelina

    PDFs please!

  • angie

    Can’t wait for those patterns to be available and PLEASE put the shops selling your beautiful fabric…I want all of it….seriously…it is fantastic!
    Feel better!

  • angie

    I like the PDFs also!

  • Jennie

    I think both will be great!
    Will you wholesale your embroidery patterns?

  • Maura

    I vote for PDFs too! I like having the choice.

  • Devon

    PDF all the way. Transfers are great, but I too also like to resize as needed. :)

  • Pat

    I would prefer the PDF. I also like to resize patterns occasionally plus don’t like paying the shipping.
    I too just learned of your blog. Love your patterns.

  • Angela

    I found you today through Kiki Creates. Your fabric line is absolutely wonderful. Please keep us informed on the shops that will be selling it soon. I think the PDF would be nice. I like both options.

  • My 1st Bambina!

    In however form you will have them available I already know which two I’m getting 1st ;-)!!! The one similar to your “Hello bird” illustration and the one with the little girl holding a bunch of flowers!!!!

  • My 1st Bambina!

    oops… I meant whatever form.. not however …LOL

  • Jennifer

    I’m all about the PDF’s! :)

  • Beverly

    I like the idea of iron on transfers a lot! I have found it does save a lot of time, like you mentioned.
    Thank you.

  • jennicakes

    Honestly, after doing the .pdf thing for a while, I’m so excited by the idea of going back to trusty transfers :) Transfer pencils, tracing, etc. can be tricky, and so labor intensive!

  • gina f.

    i love the convenience of iron ons but pdf’s are good too. Hope you feel better!

  • Claire

    I’m not an embroiderer but I fully plan on giving it a go when you release the patterns, iron on sounds like a great idea, much easier to stitch over. Can you please make sure there are some online shops that stock your fabric so that people that live in places like Australia can get their hands on some! (yep, I’m talking about myself!)

  • Andrea

    I like the pdfs although iron ons are nice too. I guess it depends on how anxious I am to get to my project.

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