Introducing Children at Play



It’s finally here! What I have had to keep a secret for 4 months now is my first offering to the wonderful world of textiles!

Children at Play is the name of the collection, and there are 4 groups…separated into colors but also into themes. And if you count, there are 52 pieces in all! Yes! Fifty Two! I think it’s the biggest collection Michael Miller Fabrics has every done. But it’s been SO wonderful to create and put together. With such a big group, I’ll have to introduce it to you bit by bit so you can really get to know each piece and each collection properly. But for now, are you ok with an overall look?

I won’t talk about it too much now, other than to say I am so happy with this collection! It was inspired by my own feelings of childhood, as well as my own children’s. Simple play, creative play…the kind of play that requires imagination and no agenda. So while this collection has a very classic feel, there is a lot of whimsicality in the color and design as well.

There is so much to tell and share about these pieces. It’s been a labor of love, and I really want to take you into the story of the collection. But I’ll spread that out over time.  In the mean time, I’m sewing away and designing away as I get ready to debut these at the International Quilt Market in SLC, UT.

Spread the word, and come and visit! I’m booth #437 by the Michael Miller Fabrics Party Booth.

Love to you all!



PS: CHILDREN AT PLAY is expected to ship at the end of the month. Depending on where the store is located, they should be stocked by mid-July!

UPDATE: Children at Play is in it’s second wave of printing! The first wave sold out, so if you’re local shop hasn’t ordered yet, it should arrive in August.

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  • Unni Strand

    This collection is fantastic!
    You have really managed to capture that feeling to be inside the world of play.
    I have not seen anything like this!

  • Marta

    It’s like having a book illustration on fabric, it’s amazing! I love your designs! Best regards from Barcelona, Spain,

  • Gab

    OMG!! Sarah they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I want them all and cannot wait to make some toys with these fabrics, How yummy would they be framed next to one of your prints!!! I can’t wait until I can buy them!!!! ADORE THEM!!!!!!! Congrats Sarah!!!! xx

  • Sarah

    These are gorgeous. my favourite line is Meadow

  • cupcakes for clara

    They are SO beautiful! You must be so very proud – we are all tremendously proud of you too. I can’t wait to buy some. Congratulations!!

  • Leigh

    All I can say is this is absolute perfection!!! I can’t imagine a more perfect combination of fabrics!! They are just gorgeous!!!!

  • Laura Noble

    so beautiful!! congratulations

  • Lori

    Love them! Can’t wait to get my hands on some…congrats!

  • Amber

    I can’t wait to order some!

  • Taylor

    LOVE them!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  • Kel

    Congratulations! These look just gorgeous. Hope you are having a chance to bask in the glow of having completed this huge collection.

  • Kate

    Oh, Sarah Jane, these are so delightful! The pinwheels, the polka-dots, the flowers! :)

  • Kathryn

    I plan to order all of it – can’t wait, it is such a wonderful collection!!

  • Julie

    FANTASTIC!! I love all of it!!! You’ve created something wonderful here, Sarah. Wishing you much success at Market.

  • Lisa

    Squeeeeee!!!!!!! Oh, I LOVE them!! I have been waiting for the unveiling and wow I am amazed. I cannot wait to get my hands on them and make my 5-month old a new quilt!! Hooray and congratulations!!

  • Erica

    Congratulations! Oh my goodness! These are so amazing! I adore the colors! I cannot wait until they are available! Best wishes at the Spring market!

  • all8garden

    So pretty! My girls will love all of that Pink and flowers and such. Meadow is just precious.

    I’ve spent the last couple of weeks or so, searching the web and local stores trying to find Striped fabric to make a quilt that I have in mind. These will be perfect. Now if I can just wait that long…..

  • stephanie @ providence handmde

    This is INCREDIBLE! I am in love….I’ve never seen a sweeter collection. The paper airplane prints are so fun!

  • Agnes S.

    I love them all! They are all so whimsical…great job!

  • Susan M.

    They’re gorgeous! You must be so proud. Thanks for making such cute designs for little boys.

  • Des

    They’re beautiful. I can’t wait to see them in person!
    Have a great first market! I’m sure it won’t be your last.

  • Angela

    I am in LOVE with the boy ‘over the fence’ fabric. I can see using it for bedding in my 3 boys bedrooms! Great job!

  • Julie

    Oh wow!! I love them so much! Beautiful job!

  • ishtar

    pss: I would love to hear the story of how it all came together! : )

  • Trina

    Wonderful! The colors are perfect. The prints are perfect. Now, to convince my local quilt store to carry all 52 fabrics in the line!

  • Katja Magus

    Wow! I hope my hubby doesn’t mind if I redecorate the entire house with sarah jane!! I already have about 57 projects in mind! Perfectly perfect in every way (just like mary poppins!)

  • Lori McDonough

    Congratulations! It’s really a lovely collection. What an accomplishment. So happy for you!

  • Jessica

    Oh perfectly lovely! GREAT JOB Sarah Jane! Congratulations! I just adore them all. :)

  • Sarah


  • MOXIELisa

    What a beautiful collection! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. :)

  • Theresa

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to sew with some of these fabrics. Perfect timing I am going to be a new grandma in December! ~Theresa

  • Delirious

    These are AMAZING! I’m in love with the kite flying one! Your collection is truly unique, unlike anything anyone else is doing. You are going to make (how do I spell it?) “booko” bucks! :)

  • Delirious

    Oops…that was a paper airplane. Either way, I adore it. :)

  • Laura Zarrin

    It’s beautiful Sarah!!! So amazing and so much work! I especially love the over the fence and the after school. Great job!

  • Sharon Rose

    LOVE these fabrics. Can’t wait for them to hit the stores so that I can buy them all to sew quilts for my grandchildren. You are so talented!

  • betz

    Holy Smokes! Gorgeous…and sooo many! Can’t wait to see it (and you!) in person!

  • Melissa Wheeler

    So when can we buy some? Love it!

  • annalisa

    i can’t wait! i have the ideas spinning of quilts for the boys! hurray for summer!

  • Beth

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Way to go! Love the new fabric. Congratulations on this big step.

  • Hannah Stevenson

    This is HUGE Sarah! Congrats a million times…they are BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait to buy it all…seriously. I can’t think of a cuter thing to make baby blankets, girls dresses/skirts EVERYTHING.

  • Alicia

    I love it! I have been waiting for this day since you announced you were doing a fabric line and it is everything I hoped for and more. We are having a little girl in September and I can’t wait to get my hands on this fabric and start creating a quilt and other accessories for her. The boy fabric is so cute too and I can’t wait to make my almost five year old something out of it. Congratulations on your fabric line–it is beautiful!

  • Maura

    Oh. My. Goodness! These are so adorable. I’m definitely going to need a charm pack with every one, and I’ve got my eye on a couple I’ll be snagging in larger quantities. I’m so excited for you! I hope you make a million dollars. :D

  • Cari

    Yay:) I am so excited!

  • Nicola

    I love your prints – ones for the wall and the new ones on fabric – and would also like to say a big thankyou for the lovely boy-friendly designs! x

  • Gina f.

    So pretty!! I want them all and have a hard time picking a favorite!

  • Emily

    I LOVE THEM! Oh Sarah they are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see them in person!

  • Trudy

    YAY!!!!! I am so in love with all of them! I am really excited, I can’t wait to buy them! Good job!!!

  • wendie

    They are so lovely, I want to cry. :’)

  • Lisa

    Love love love them all- really I can’t wait to jump in on some projects and see everyone elses. This collection looks so well done- amazing job! Thank you!

  • kate

    Love the “over the fence” collection, especially the print with how to make a paper hat/airplane…so cute and creative!

  • Nicole

    I am IN LOVE! This is so exciting, I cant wait to find it in stores!

  • Tiffany

    oh my gosh. when can i buy some? so. darn. cute. great work, sarah!!!
    tiffany {simply modern mom}

  • Sharon Canlas

    I love this fabric and look forward to when I can purchase some of it. You are really creative and full of talent. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  • thaisharlow

    This is an amazing collection! Congratulations!!
    I can’t wait to dress my 4 year old up in your fabrics!

  • Stephanie

    Super, super cute! Congratulations! You must be over-the-top excited!!!

  • AmyH

    Love, love love! Congratulations on a job wonderfully done!

  • Valerie

    So worth the wait, it’s just stunning!

  • Pam F

    I love, love, love, them! Can’t decide which is my favorite colorway. When are the embroidery patterns available? Have a great time at market, wish I could be there!

  • Meg

    Sarah, I am so excited for you that this dream has finally become a tangible reality. They are beautiful! I can’t wait to start sewing.

  • Dyan

    I heart them all – just absolutely adorable!

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    These are awesome! I can’t wait to get a few of these…the over the fence collection will go great with my son’s new room!

  • Kristine

    These are really beautiful Sarah. I particularly love the “Over the Fence” range for the boys. Such fabulous colours. I will be looking forward to getting my hands on these for sure.

  • Amy Smart

    So darn cute. ;) (I’m glad the cat is out of the bag so I can link over!)

  • Ariel

    OH!!! This is truly your gift! Illustration, of course…but fabric design for sure! LOVE every stitch of it. I want the WHOLE collection. Keep us posted ;) Congratulations, Sarah Jane!

  • Erica

    This is SO cool!! Congrats!!! I can’t wait to buy some! I’m going to tell my friend to get it in her etsy store (she sells mostly Micheal Miller fabrics)!!

  • Kristin

    Oh no fabric budget! I think I need to sell some of my old, unused fabrics to save some money up for this gorgeous fabric!

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski

    Wish I could see your fabric in person at Market, but I will be waiting for it to show up this summer. Beautiful.

  • emmaonafarm

    Hope you have some overseas shippers in amongst your stockists! What a credit to you Sarah Jane…now you are on walls and on quilts all over the world!! Fab!! How to choose???? Emma xoxo

  • Carrie S.

    I am so, so excited about your beautiful fabric! I can’t wait to order some and get to work sewing a quilt for my daughter. I think the designs and colors would be SO perfect for her big girl room.

  • liz

    Congratulations!! The fabric is so beautiful and playful!!

  • Susan

    Sarah, congratulations on the fabrics. I’m so excited and saving my money. Finally some boy fabrics that isn’t just dinos and pirates. These are refreshingly crisp with a nod to nostalga. Good job.

  • jane l

    Congrats thats fantastic,love the meadow must be so happy.

  • Amy

    Many contests to you! This a wonderful collection for boys and girls. Moving to a new house and I can’t wait to decorate my kid rooms with some SJS fabric!

  • Linda

    In every aspect you hit the mark on this line of fabric, it’s stunningly beautiful, whimsical, the colors are delightful and I can’t wait to get my hands on some and sew for my grand-babies! Well done! It echoes a lovely, simpler time and I just love it.

  • Jade

    Congratulations! They all look amazing, and so inviting! Love to purchase some… Or many!

  • Holly

    Wow, wow, wow! I love it! So many great designs – I can’t pick a favourite! Congratulations on a fabulous entry into the fabric design world!

  • Pam

    Congratulations, these are wonderful!

  • misty

    I LOVE these! Great job!

  • Sarah Jane

    Thanks so much you guys! I’m really so excited. It’s a little nerve-wracking to finally show! But I am so glad you like it! I’ve been having a blast sewing up lots of wonderful things so you can get a feel of how it all goes together. Can’t wait to see your projects too!

    sarah jane

  • julie chen

    MANY congrats sarah!!!! they look beautiful.

  • Clair McLauglin

    Congratulations! It looks so gorgeous and I can’t wait until it hits the stores!

  • Sarah

    Woweee!!!! I LOVE it! Where and when can I get my hands on this fabulous collection?

  • Angela

    These are beautiful! Congratulations! I love that the kids are from multicultural backgrounds too! Your fabric like your art is just magical!

  • miriam s.

    The moment I heard you were designing a fabric line I thought ‘start saving those pennies because you are going to want every single print’. And it’s true! I do! Congratulations and great work, this line is WONDERFUL!!

  • LobotoME

    Great job Sarah! Love the designs! Congratulations ~ xo, jenny

  • Spice Berry Cottage

    Can’t wait to order for our shop! These are just stunning.

  • lisa

    This is the best line I have seen in a long time. What great boy prints for back to school. I am getting my Oliver & S Patterns out of storage in anticipation.

    I am in Holladay, Utah. Good luck at Quilt Market. I have heard its a mad house.

  • Lara

    Sarah! Amazing. What gorgeous prints. Thanks so much for remembering about us mums with boys. Love the boy prints… can’t wait to get my mittens on them!!! Well done and congratulations!

  • cally

    They are so great, Sarah. Congratulations!!

  • CJ

    CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I can’t wait to make some things with this line!

  • Kelly Irene

    Absolutely beautiful. This is such a darling line!

  • liveacolorfullife

    I love everything about this line. Congratulations. I can’t wait to get some!

  • Sarah

    WOW – These are all so fabulous. Great work Sarah!!! I will start dreaming in fabric.

  • Bumpkin Bears

    FAbulous, congratulations after so much hard work, love the colour combinations!

  • Manda

    Fantastic designs!!

  • robin

    Great fabrics! Congratulations! :)

  • Traci

    Holy cow–these are too amazing! I will definitely be tracking them down!!

  • Heather G

    LOVE! I am in love! It is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait until I get sew with it!!! <3

  • Kristina L

    Love it! The designs embody the creative, carefree childhood that every kid deserves to have.

  • Kim

    oh my goodness! i LOVE these!! adorable! i cannot wait until they are in the store. eeek!

  • Allison

    the whole collection is nice, but I really like the boy-themed ones. especially the over the fence grouping. :)

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  • tracy_a

    I love your collection! It’s fantastic – I hope someone nearby picks it up! Enjoy the market!

  • Amanda

    So sweet and wonderful! I can’t wait to get them all!!

  • mamajen

    Just beautiful! Congratulations. I love the variety of prints in the different lines. Great color and whimsy. Can’t wait too see it in person and sew with it!

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  • tammy

    I LOVE these! just really wonderful. congratulations on a beautiful collection!

  • nettie

    wow, i love every piece! it’s amazing, you did a great job.

  • Leslie

    I love these fabric designs. I’m a children’s librarian and love the deceptive simplicity of them!

  • Nina

    Wow, such wonderful boys fabrics (and girls). I NEED to get some of that when its finally released. Well done to you for fulfilling the needs of every sewing mum-of-boys out there.

  • Rosalind

    You are killing me! they are STUNNING! I am going to be very very broke and very busy sewing anything I can think of with these! You have hit it well out of the ball park Sarah Jane!! :-)

  • Kristy – Hopeful Threads

    Oh my goodness! Just introduced to your new line and I’m in love! It truly captures the essence of childhood in a most beautiful way….I can already imagine all the lovely sewing I could do! Can’t wait to get my hands on some and so very happy to have “discovered” Sarah Jane! :)

  • Dell

    My 14 year old daughter, Sarah Jane, might not wear the children playing prints but I have to buy them. Can wait.

  • Valerie P

    Love it! I now see what my twins’ big girl rooms will look like–fantastic!

  • VickiT

    You have done a fabulous job with these fabrics. The children and colors are adorable. I am sure with a 3 yr old granddaughter and a grandson who will be making his world debut in early September (they say about Sept 2nd), I am going to see if I can’t come up with some reason to get some of these fabrics. The one showing instructions in folding paper to create things is super cute.

  • Linda

    I love all of these. What is not to like about good colors, simple lines, and children being children?
    Thanks for capturing this on fabric. i look forward to seeing more from you.


  • Shannon Lowe

    WOW! Just stumbled upon your new fabric line and I am squealing with excitement!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on your gorgeous prints and colorways!

  • My 1st Bambina!

    How Exciting…Congrats!!!
    These are Lovely!!!! Can’t wait!!! Already took a peek at Michael Miller’s blog and saw all the upcoming embroidery patterns to match your lovely fabric…
    how great !!!!

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  • Evelene Sterling

    Oh how wonderful, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of them so I can make my grandson a wonderful quilt.

  • Kristen @SoHappy

    I saw these over at diary of a quilter! I love these!! The gingham look like a perfect red and blue. I adore the playhouse colorway!!

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  • Lana @

    So adorable. Can’t wait for it to hit stores!

  • Sascha

    Oh finally!!! Boy fabric. I love them all. I can’t wait to start sewing with these designs. They are beautiful.


    Sarah: Truly amazing fabric line. It’s all cotton right – no sateen – nothing for home dec type projects? Just wondering. I love it though.

  • Sarah Jane

    Joyce: yep! They are all Quilting Grade cottons, but you can easily iron on a home dec lining for projects that require a more sturdy fabric…more on that later…
    sarah jane

  • Amy T

    I love this fabric! My mind is going in circles at the many things I could make. We it be available for purchase online?

  • Sarah Jane

    Amy: Yep! It will most definitely be available online! I’ll be posting links to all retailers on my site, as well as posting a newsletter when it is ready in stores. So far, lots and lots of places are carrying it! So you should be fine:)
    sarah jane

  • Kim

    Truely Amazing! You are an inspiration.

  • Rachel

    Congratulations! It is a beautiful collection. I am planning quilts already – can’t wait to get my hands on the fabric!

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  • Sarah

    GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to get my hands (and sewing machine) on that fabric!

  • Julie

    Oh, I love, love LOVE them! Can’t wait!!

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  • miss chris

    Late to the party, but ohmygoodness, I’m in love! They are are so beautiful! Congratulations!!! xoxo

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  • mindy

    Oh, my! How did this happen and I totally miss it? I so adore it all! I’ve just given myself a rigerous talking to about not purchasing any more fabric until I sew up all I hace, or at least half of it, but I can see I’m going to have make an exception. I simply can’t wait until August! And kudos on your secret keeping ability!

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  • beanski

    OHMYGOD. That was my reaction to this collection. I just hope I can get my hands on some of it before my newest addition comes. Will it be available online? I live in the middle of nowhere!

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  • Dana

    I ADORE this range!, all of it!. Seriously, I havnt been this exited about a whole fabric range, I dont think, ever! The question is, when is it coming to the U.K? I desperatly want to crack on and make some gorgeous quilts with it.

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  • keisha

    Oh, my gosh… I cannot believe this finally exists!!! I am especially smitten with the “over the fence” line. Will need to do some investigating on how I can get my hands on some of this fabric. Congratulations on your successes! :-)

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  • Juliane

    I love these fabrics! I live in New York. Where can I find them here or from what website can I order them?


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  • Irene

    Wonderful work! Congratulations!

  • Jyme Parish

    “Children at Play” “reads” like a Dick and Jane reader…..for all those who learned to read with Dick and Jane….and for all those who wished they had!!!! Grazie Mille….Sara Jane…..

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  • Christine Ishmael

    I just bought several of your prints at Oh Sweet Sadie…so excited to see your fabric line!

  • blokker fotoservice

    Thanks for some other informative blog. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect means? I’ve a mission that I am just now operating on, and I have been on the glance out for such information.

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  • Kelly

    I reeeally hope they decide to re-release this line! Some designs are hard to find and I LOVE it! I’m building my daughter’s room around some of corals, pinks and blues found in the Children at Play line. And the fact that you do all these wonderful accents in your Shop is icing on the cake! I just LOVE your work! Keep doing it!

  • funky kitsch

    Yes i love the colours (uk) and prints by michael miller. We have quite a collection on our website :

  • rehan

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