Free Easter Paper Dolls

Happy Easter!

This afternoon, my next door neighbors came outside with some brand new ducks, just a few weeks old, and ooooooohhh….let me just tell you how much fun we had! I’m really regretting that I didn’t have a camera, because it was just so darling so see my kids playing with baby ducks while filling up a play pool full of water. Cold water too. Have you ever seen a baby duck shiver? CUTEST THING EVER.

So, being inspired…here’s a sweet little Easter Present for you. In case you need some extra play this weekend, you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Free ninety free.

And be creative! These dolls could make a really cute stage play using THIS.

And if you want more dolls, and more clothes, you can go HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be conducting the children at church on Easter Sunday while they sing, and I am honestly just really looking forward to it. I love Easter. And singing with the children. Is there a better combo?



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  • Unni Strand

    Oh, this is so cute!
    If we get some extra time in between everything, I will surely download it for my daughter.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Anna

    Thank you!

    Happy Easter!


  • Christi

    Wow! Thank you. My three year old will love these.

  • Gab

    Simply gorgeous!! Perfectly perfect!! Thank~u Sarah!! xx

  • Carrie S.

    These are adorable. Thank you!

  • Delirious

    Thank you thank you! I’m almost 50 years old but I still love paper dolls. :)

  • Shannon

    Sarah Jane, you are the nicest blogger in the world. Thank you so much for these. My Lily will love playing with them (I will, too). And of course I’m linking to them on my blog. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

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  • Cathie

    Very thoughtful Sarah- Thank you .
    Now off to print and enjoy with my Daughter.

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  • Alyssa

    Thank you! these are gorgeous!

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