Making an art gallery.

We paint and make things a lot around these parts. I love watching my little artists have at it. But after a while, I started to wonder what in the world I was supposed to do with all their art pieces. Too many to save, but not any room to put them. There are plenty of ideas I have found about storing your children’s art, but I really wanted to showcase it. Here is what we came up with.

We continued the art project by turning the art time into craft time. I drew basic animal shapes on a piece of paper, and cut them out to be a template. Then I placed them on the poster board (making sure to find the most interesting parts of the art) and cut then cut out around the paper template. (The bird print is actually a collage of the art paper, cut into random shapes, glued down on a paper, and then cut into a shape…very Eric Carle-ish.) The kids helped me glue the cut out animal shapes to white paper, place them in an IKEA frame, and VIOLA! Instant art. Pleasing for me and for the kids. I can’t wait to make more!

**EDIT: And yes, I am VERY aware that the bird template is a swallow, not a sparrow. This only goes to show the state of mind a mother can be in when she has her 2 toddlers crawling on her while doing art projects! I could go in and change this posted picture, but instead, let it stand as proof that I am mother and often make silly mistakes at the expense of justgetting projects finished in time to please excited little ones!

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  • Macy

    This further confirms your brilliance. I love it.

  • Jana

    Those pictures are wonderful! What a fun, yet classy, way to include your kids in the decorating.

  • Whitney Johnson

    You could actually package these and sell them to people who want to let their children have at it, but don’t have the artistic chops to make something fabulous with the art once they are finished!

  • Rebecca


  • kristie carlson

    You are so creative!

  • another amy

    so sweet! Lovely idea.

  • holly

    OMG! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m sooo trying this with my 4 year old daughter!! Thank you for your lovely site and all your beautiful products!

  • Wendy

    I love this idea!

  • Jessica

    What a great idea!!! So beautiful!

  • verity

    These are gorgeous! We will definitely be making some of these soon! I think that you might just love making the little fingerpainting cards and the little hand shape cut out of gorgeous paper (also from ikea!) that my little boy and I made recently! Come and have a look if you ever have the time! We had so much fun making them.

  • Megan

    Hey! I love seeing these at your house. So fun and SOO you. You really should market the templates for people like me who struggle with stick figures, let alone animal silhouettes. Or maybe, just upload them to your blog. Or, just share with your fave sister-in-law someday when she manages to find a husband and have kids of her own. :) Love you!

  • Julia

    They look so posh in their white frames :)

  • Des

    no way. brilliant idea!! Thank you. i try to have an \’art show\’ once a year for my daughter. I hang up all her artwork around the \’gallery\’. we string rope and use clothes pins. we put out tables for pieces that can\’t be hung. we have a \’gallery showing\’ for the family and grandparents and then the artwork \’moves on\’. :)

  • pamela

    Oh my, I love this idea. I want to do this with my kids. What a great way to allow your kids to be creative and turn it into art. thanks pamela

  • Julie (Knitsational)

    This is such a fantastic idea!

  • kg

    Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!! I have displayed my toddler’s artwork and have even collaborated with him by drawing something for him to color, but this is a wonderful idea, and I plan to utilize it immediately if not sooner! You have such great ideas! :-)

    (And yes, very Eric Carle-ish!)

  • Ellen Crimi-Trent

    that is a fantastic idea Sarah! who would have thought of such a thing.. well you!! love it!

  • kim heok

    Great idea. U are genius.

  • Elise

    What a fun and creative way to preserve such precious artwork. These prints are going to be admired and loved for years to come.


  • artfulife

    Those are so lovely!

  • Katie

    LOVE IT! I was actually just thinking the other day that the artwork pile was getting a little large and I needed to do something about it.

  • maya | springtree road

    darling! love it. :)

  • kim

    I love them! What a great idea!

  • mariah

    Those are so really adorable! ^_^ How sweet!

  • bethany

    pure perfection :) a lovely way to “edit” all the art that those little ones create!

  • Melissa W

    What a wonderful idea! I’m excited for the day when Soren can finger paint. Although, just kicking and coo-ing is plenty fun for now.

  • missy

    So so smart Sarah! I would love if you could sell some of these templates since my elephant would not turn out like your cute one!

  • Kristin

    That is so cool!

  • Rachael Rabbit

    I’m tempted to say something like ‘this is the best idea in the world’ or something else monumental like that!!

  • Melissa

    I absolutely love these! Such a great idea! They look like they should be in a professional gallery!

  • Becki

    Too cute!!

  • Marc Bragg

    This is great stuff! Smiles & Color all at the same time. Please have your kids post their art at and share it with the other kids that showing their art around the world.

    Love it….


  • cari

    this is an amazing idea. love it!! i can not wait to try this. so glad i stumbled across your lovely site.

  • Nichole

    These are beautiful!

  • MaryLea (pink and green mama)

    Love it!!! These are gorgeous. Now I just need more wall space in my house so I can make some too. I\’m thinking this will be the nursery or play room art.
    BTW, I\’m with you on the never wanting to separate my roles as mom and artist. Well said and lovely blog.

  • On the Eastern Journey

    These are so creative and beautiful. Very Eric Carle-ish.

  • Susanne

    Coming to you via the Crafty Crow…

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I thought at first that you had cut out white matting or posterboard and laid it over the artwork like a stained glass window. I am definitely going to be using your idea. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. ummm, your sparrow is actually a swallow. In case it matters. :-)

  • Erin

    I just spent this past weekend sitting down going through all the kids artwork and cringing as I tossed many things. The rest I separated into folders to store until I could figure out what to do with them! Thank you for this simple, beautiful idea!!!

  • melanie

    What a fabulous idea!!

  • Hanna

    I love this idea! (By the way, when I clicked on the template for the Elephant, it came up as the Sparrow….)

  • Megan

    I found you through Ohdeedoh, left a comment there about this beautiful project, and now have done the activity with my daughters. The results are stunning! Thank you so much. You can see our finished products here:

  • captainkk

    what a sensationally creative process and stunning result.. just beautiful.

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  • rahmi

    it’s super cooollll!!! can’t wait to try it with my son!…. :)

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  • lena tsiorba

    this is so adorable… great idea

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  • Pat Jones

    I love everything in your shop! Very creative and beautiful!


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  • Debs @ Learn with Play at home

    This is a fabulous idea and I love it! We’ll definitely be doing some of these. Thanks. Found you via the Artful Genius and am happy to now be following you. Debs :)

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