My First Book!

I have kept a little secret for a bit here. I have been doing a lot of illustrating…but instead of for the shop, it has been for my first book! I just got word yesterday that it has been sent to the printers, so it is official!

Here it is!

Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom tips I wish someone had told me when I was pregnant

Written by Nancy O’Dell

illustrated by Sarah Jane Wright

Published by Simon & Schuster

On shelves April 09, 2009

I have goosebumps all over. I haven’t been able to say anything for so long, and it feels so great to finally get this out in the open! Nancy Singer contacted me a while back about working on a pregnancy book, and by December it was official. Nancy O’Dell, the ever popular celebrity icon of Access Hollywood had her first baby over a year ago, and decided to write a book about pregnancy including all the bits no one seems to be writing about. Mom-to-Mom tips she calls it. She has done a great job!

I was committed to illustrating this book long before I knew the author. And then to find out that the author was a huge celebrity…and that I needed to make the illustrations look like her…I knew I was in for a fun adventure. The editors needed black and white chapter headings with a few icons along the way and I had a great time working together with them on the project. I will say, that illustrating a REAL person forced me out of my own personal style a bit (no generic vintage faces here!) But I am glad. I learned a lot a long the way!

I am sold on the author/illustration business. I love designing new products, but book illustration is so amazing…especially when working with a fantastic group of people…all passionate about what they do. I can’t tell you how invigorating it was to get emails first thing in the morning from NYC with tips and corrections that would steer the ultimate vision for the layout. Soon I hope to get more into illustrating children’s books, but until then, I feel really grateful to put my name on a fantastic publication. Thank you Simon and Schuster for giving me my first chance in the industry!

I feel a huge sense of relief that this is all over with. It was a fantastic experience to be illustrating this pregnant woman while I myself was feeling my own baby kick in side me. I had a huge connection to the material which was so magical! (although, depressing at times to think that there are people in the world that DO look that beautiful when 9 months pregnant!)

It sure wasn’t easy, but it was a wonderful challenge! Note to self: DO NOT…and I repeat…DO NOT illustrate a book while throwing up and pregnant, packing up and moving your home, catching walking-pneumonia, taking care of sick children, moving into a new home or over the Christmas holiday. Oh boy. I think I will try and avoid that next time! In this case, miracles happened and now a life long dream of mine has come true….

I am a published illustrator!

(You can see the book online here.)

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  • Chichiboulie

    CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news for you and what an amazing project that must have been. May many more come your way.

  • Cassie

    OH MY GOODNESS SARAH! I had no idea! But I am always out of the loop up here ;) CONGRATULATIONS!! I have always looked up to your artwork, I was just telling Jacob how you were the lead in South Pacific AND painted/designed the set backgrounds!!! AND in high school! You’re amazing.

  • Ishtar

    I´m SO happy for you! You have worked so hard and as you say a dream has come true! Lets wish your first children´s book comes out soon too!

  • Claudia

    Sarah ! wow!! AMazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!! Its FANTASTIC!!!
    I send you a big hug!!!
    But please dont say you are depressed to find out some people look THAT great when preagnant..You look BEAUTIFUL too!! Your face reflects so much joy and happiness.!! Celebrities spend tons of dollars to look like that..its not NATURAL. I lprefer the way you look!! The picture you have with your husband holding hands in front of each other is MORE than BEAUTIFUL !!!
    My joy and blessings to you!

  • verity

    Wow! Congratulations! That is such fantastic news – well done!

  • dolores

    this is a really step – of course your work is incredible, but being published by others is a real thing! I am sure other publishers will follow!!!!
    best regards from austria,

  • Macy

    You’re amazing and deserve every bit of this. Congrats.

  • Jenni

    Congratulations!! That is so COOL! I can’t wait to get the book!

  • Laura King

    Congratulations! What a big accomplishment! The illustrations look beautiful! I hope you are celebrating big too!

  • maya | springtree road

    congratulations! you illustrations are gorgeous, as always!

  • Alexis


  • leslie

    wow!! you are so big time now. :)

  • AmyH

    Wow! Congratulations! What exciting news for you, and a local girl to boot!

  • cherryTreeLane

    GREAT job! SO perfect–you are very talented!

  • Julie

    Eeeek! What exciting news! I can’t believe you were able to keep it quiet for so long! :) Congratulations!

  • Sara

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That\’s soooo exciting – I\’m so happy for you! And the illustrations are beautiful! Isn\’t it amazing what comes your way once you start putting yourself out there – I\’m sure this is the first of MANY more to come!

  • Becky aka StinkyLemsky

    Wow – that is so incredible! Congratulations. :)

  • rachel whetzel

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That’s just SO exciting!! You totally deserve it!

  • Janet Thaeler

    Wow Sarah! You did have a big secret. You did have a lot going on and the end result is beautiful. I’ll look for it and tell everyone I know the illustrator. I’m excited to see more books someday – including one of the drawings you’ve already done.
    Yay for you!!

  • kelly mccaleb

    congrats!!! they look great!

  • Kasie@~The Art of Life

    Oh my goodness Sarah!! How exciting!!! I’m so happy for you. It’s wonderful to see so many of your dreams coming true. (And encouraging!)

  • Thalita Dol


    My first book is going to be published in April, I’m so anxioust about it!!

    I can Imagine just how happy you are!!


    Kisses from Brazil!

  • Sarah Jane

    awwww…thanks so much you guys! It has been so hard to keep this from everyone! I wanted to bad to share all the little experiences along the way! Thanks for all the congrats! i am still pinching myself a bit:)

  • summer

    You mentioned this on twitter awhile back, so excited for you. Congratulations!

  • Joyce Speer

    That’s awesome. Well done!!

  • sheona

    Sarah this is just HUGE! Missive congratulations from way over here in Belgium. So well deserved!

  • Liz

    Oh Sarah! I am so excited for you! Congratulations! I am so proud that I can say I know you! Way to go.

  • Whitney Johnson


  • jen

    I can’t believe you didn tell me on the phone the other day! congrats!

  • Olive Mac

    Well done – you totally deserve to be a published illustrator! You certainly have a talent.

  • v and co

    congratulations! got your print in the mail yesterday and i love it even more in person. thank you!

  • cally

    amazing. You’re amazing.

  • Dusti

    Congrats! That’s amazing!

  • JTay

    Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity!

  • Kellie h

    that is just wonderful! How hard to keep that a secret I can imagine. It must feel swell to be published in a book,, I have a lil dream of writing a children’s book one day. I am no artitst, so I will have to be on the other side. Great illustrations!

  • Mary

    Holy Cows! Way to go.

  • Mariah DeMarco

    That’s so wonderful! I just now started putting together my portfolio for Illustration after designing stationery, logos & identities for such a long time, so you are where I am reaching to be in the coming years! Your work is amazing and the illustrations you did make the book shine! congrats!

  • christy

    So thrilled for you Sarah! Exquisite work as always! You are very deserving of every bit of success that comes your way. Such a talent and such a beautiful, humble and extraordinary person.

  • Sachiko

    I love your work ! It is such a wonderful news that your book is going to be out.

  • Shraddha

    Excellent news, Sarah. Many many congratulations to you. The illustrations shown here look awesome.

  • Plumblossom

    Congratulations. It looks like you are the one becoming famous.

  • kg


  • Little Sweethearts

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!!!


  • Rebecca K

    Sarah, we’re so excited for you!! (Hope you knew that already. ;) And I totally agree with Claudia’s comment (#4). I had a friend back in Montana whose dad used to be a makeup artist for some of those Hollywood types, and he said that they only needed to look good long enough for the photo shoot, and then it was pretty much over. On the other hand, you are truly beautiful all the time. We love you!

  • Rachel / cREaTe

    YAYYYYY! soooooo cool. what beautiful illustrations! i’m sure it was sort of a challenge to work with just black & white, too! what a neat title for the book. congrats, sarah! :)

  • chickadee

    congratulations. your stuff is so cute. i don’t think you should do anything while growing a baby. especially in the first trimester and the last!

  • kimheok

    wow, just the right timing with the No 3 coming along. Congratulations!

  • deb stone

    Wow, so very exciting. Really fetching drawings. Enjoy the finished product!

  • Julia

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful experience this must have been. The illustrations are perfect!

  • april~living the sweet life

    How Wonderful- Onward and Upward Sarah!

  • Emily

    Looking forward to buying this book…even though I\’m done having kids!

  • Vickie


  • kelly rightsell

    WOW, Sarah! That’s awesome news! You should be proud!!! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Heather Carson

    Sarah that is so GREAT! Congratulations!

  • Jaimee

    What wonderful news! Congratulations!
    You should be so proud!!!

  • Jamie

    Well Yay, that is soooo exciting! Congrats girl….beautiful illustrations, as usual!!

    Jamie :-)

  • bethany

    goodness sakes, congratulations! how exciting :)

  • liz stanley

    wow, that so exciting!!!! congrats!