Color me, Dress me up, and take me trick or treating.

Remember the fun Addie and I have been having with Paper Dolls? Well, time to do some paper-dolling together. This is Mazie, named after my great-grandmother. Though I don’t remember her, I bet she was as cute. I may just get some paper dolls in the shop…all colored and ready to play with. But I thought I would test the waters first and also let you have fun coloring in all the details! Get some ideas on how they look colored here.

So have some spooky fun! This Mazie is a lot like my daughter…you never really know what she is going to wear…Especially for halloween. A vintage-y witch, a french Dutchess or Little Red Riding Hood. Have fun choosing! Download the Free HIgh-Res PDF file here.

Feel free to spread the word and tell your friends with a link here.

Happy Halloween!

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  • meghan

    oh darling! thanks so much for sharing!

  • Your Name

    This is a gorgeous paper doll! II know just the right girl who would enjoy painting Mazie, cutting her out and play with her :0) Thank you for your sweet thought…

    I just loved to play with paper dolls myself when I was a child – for hours and hours..My friend and I would draw clothes for our paper dolls… big gowns! It’s a wonderful way to spend time and use your imagination :0)

  • Ulla V.

    Ups! Sorry for not adding my name to my comment above…but I’m the one ;0)

  • Chocolate on my Cranium

    Very darling! My daughters are going to love this!

  • Your Name

    I came to visit the lucky winner of the Marie-Terese costume, and I just HAD to comment, because my daughter’s name is Mazie, and I’ve never seen or heard of another one that was spelled exactly that way. Love your little Mazie doll. (PS- ours is such an energetic one, we call her Crazy most of the time. It’s her nickname.)

  • another amy

    We love paper-dolls around here! This one is adorable. And congratulations on winning the Marie Antoinette dress! It is fabulous. (This gives me hope that one day I just might win something too. :)

  • jeanne @ inspiring ideas

    WOW!!! Did I read correct?? You won that amazing Maria Therese? gown???? That is INCREDIBLE! I truly am happy for you. You seem like the perfect person to get it! You’ll have to post pics of your daughter in it! Congrats and enjoy!!

  • jenny

    so darling sar- but i can’t download it- is anyone else having trouble? Did you get my emails?

  • Anna Roberts

    How fun! I love that paper dolls are something that take time and creativity! I’m sure my daughter will love playing with Mazie! Thank you.

  • Rachel

    Love them!!! So cute. And CONGRATS on making the holiday gift guide! I’m about to make my own featuring some Etsy artisans. So far I am not impressed with the number of my friends & family getting on board with Etsy. I am determined to make more buyers out of them. ;) Handmade is the way to go this Christmas!

  • Phoebe

    Paper dolls would make the PERFECT gift for my nieces! So darling.

  • Mary

    I so have to have these for my little Mazie–Mazie’s namesake. Thanks. And maybe my little pistol could be the inspiration for a few of your prints. Do you have any so so naughty but full of love and life ideas in your head you would like to put down on paper? And I can’t wait to see Addie in that costume. Make sure to post that.

  • Knitsational (Julie)

    Thank you! These are so sweet!

  • Your Name

    These are so cute, I am glad I found it today! My three girls are excited to color their own Halloween paper doll! Thanks!

  • Robin and Clara

    I printed the paper doll out for my daughter Clara. She had such fun coloring her and the outfits. Clara chose the princess outfit and pinned her to her Halloween basket. And off we went trick or treating. Clara was wondering if you would make outfits for all the holidays….???

  • Vanessa

    I am sad I didn’t see these before Halloween! We are still going to print them out and play with them anyways :)

  • BiilYBonnYU

    Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I will necessarily subscribe for this blog.

  • NYC Kids Bookshop

    This is too neat :) I just had to share. All smiles I came across your blog. Thank you.

  • lemondedis

    oufff !!! cette fois, j’ai réussi à la télécharger : j’étais si déçue de ne pas l’avoir que j’ai essayé trois fois et la troisième à réussi : mes petites vont l’adorer !