Happy Site Friday: Magnolia Square

Today I travel to Melbourne, Australia. Get your plane ticket ready and take a weekend shopping trip! I don’t know about you, but I need a weekend with the girls, and this one is going to be great! Wanna come?

Ok, Ok. The travel time alone would take all weekend, so let’s just click over to here. Magnolia Square is a shoppers paradise with over 150 unique artisan retailers all in one central location. I found their blog and was instantly wishing I lived on the other side of the world. 7 months ago (Pre-Sarah Jane ETSY shop) I really had no desire to visit the land down under. But since over half of my international customers are from Australia, I have made some wonderful friends….all who I am sure would love to go shopping with me this weekend in Melbourne. Australia is so supportive of all things handmade, and I may just be taking a trip soon!

(click on the image to see the website)

Back to Magnolia square. Aren’t these images just tempting? Thankfully (for all of us who can’t afford a 16 hour plane ride) Magnolia square has a blog where they feature their favorite finds…most of whom have websites! Horray for virtual shopping!

Enjoy! And if any of you manage to find cheap airfair, let me know!

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A welcomed friend.

There is quite the combination of tasks and obligations that come with owning a business. My art is what I love to do, and what I love to sell. But I am starting to find that unless I keep things fresh and new, I will never find growth as an artist or as a business. There are projects I am working on, and art that I want to see in my shop. But when I get artists block I have to create for the sake of creating. Even if it doesn’t go with my shop, or even if I have specific projects to work on. If I don’t, I get stuck and can’t think. It is all part of being a creative personality. So, you may be seeing more of these from my gut type illustrations that may or may not make their way into the shop. But they reflect what is on my mind now and in my vision now.

For instance, this little piece (brought to you by Thursday Naptime). I am having a little obsession with toadstools lately. And I just love red and pink together. But this little girl came from my Addie this month. She will find the most random thing and say, “Mommy, this matches me!” Like a diaper wipe and her white shirt. Or the brown leaf to her brown pants. She is also making friends with inanimate living things, like trees and grass. So, this is for her. But this time, the toadstools want to be friends with what they think matches them. It is a happy day for a toadstool when friends come a long. And today, I have made friends with my pen again.

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He has a really cool party hat.

Experiments. Addie and Ian are still asleep. (Late night last night so thank goodness). It’s raining. I love this quiet time to do what ever comes. I have projects up the whazoo. But it sure feels nice to just create from my head as it comes. Note to self: must do that more! Must have kids sleep in more. We’ll see where this goes. Inspired from this line.

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Send a card.

It’s about time these cards hit the shelves! I just adore these chair cards. They can be used for just about anything….Father’s day, birthday, just because, etc. etc. etc.

I am also selling the giraffe print card separately in honor of Father’s day coming up. My own father instilled in me a love for cards and stationary. It has been said that he has a secret filing cabinet somewhere FILLED with just the right card for just the right person (but the location still remains unknown). My dad worked in his father’s print shop when he was younger, and fell in love with all things paper. Maybe that is where I get it. My dad has given me two cards that I can remember that he had actually bought for me 4-5 years before, and saved it for just the right moment. That is my dad. Why do I mention this? I guess it is my quest to create some cards that make for just the right moment, at just the right time. Anyways…enjoy! they are up in the shop!

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ETSY FIND: Peek-a-boo Prints

I am constantly amazed at the talent I find on ETSY. Mom’s just like me and dreamers just like me trying their talent out in a thriving market. I want to start highlighting the yummy people and products that are out there.

To start, I bring to you Peek-a-boo-Prints by Jenny. She just happens to be my best friend in the whole world , but ever since those college roommate days, I have been so impressed with her artistic abilities (which span far and wide folks!) She ‘gets’ childhood and motherhood, and she has started to draw and sell her artwork! Horray!!! ETSY is the place for artists right now, and I am so glad that she is tapping in on all that ETSY has to offer. Jenny’s work is sweet and honest, and comes straight from her own experience as a mom. Just lovely!

Here are some of my favorites:

Don’t you love this ‘sign’ series?

I love this black and white sketch as well…so simple and fresh.
And how darling for a boy’s room!

Jenny also has a true-to-life-hilarious blog. She has 3 wild and darling boys and with it lots of stories that will make you roll over. Check out her shop and her blog. You are in for a treat!

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Just a few random favorites of mine that are inspiring a monday morning. Monday’s need inspiration. Here are a few of mine.

New favorite toy company
moulin roty courtesy of A little Sussy.

New favorite online kids store
Coming Kids

New Favorite Children’s book
Went to a children’s writer/illustrator conference and was introduced to this:

New favorite fabric
Ginger blossom

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Happy Site Friday: the prolific artist.

Today my very thoughts and interests were answered by a blog post. Crazy, isn’t it? I was thinking deep thoughts about my role as an artist, and voila…I read this just yesterday morning. What is a prolific artist? What about my daily life and life views define who I want to be?

This article doesn’t spell out HOW to be an amazing artist. But what it does do, is reveal 7 Common Characteristics of Prolific People.

I find this very interesting as I seek inside myself which parts of me need to work better to get what I want. It took me a while to say that I was an ‘artist.’ I didn’t major in art, or study under a great mentor…art is just the way that I think and see the world. Now that I have a ‘shop’ it is easier to say. But do you need to sell your art to be an ‘artist?’ NO! There is real power in telling people, “I am an artist.” Just as easy as that. This article outlines some great commonalities in prolific artists, and I think I will be putting this up on my bulletin board. Enjoy!

PS: Thanks for all your comments and sympathy on Wed’s post about our strep-house. Unfortunately, strep has mutated into the croup, and I think today’s article should have been: How to get a full night’s sleep in an hour. Any one want to write that one?

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They are gone now to their little beds, but for the past 3 days we have made this of Mommy’s sheets. Hot little bodies, achy muscles, soar throats and lots and lots of lots of snuggles. Babies with strep throat is never welcome, but I sure don’t mind the extra loving. Even at 3 am. Even with pink medicine stains on my shirts. Even with a shop that is a little behind with shipping. Even when laundry is piling. I would rather have snuggles and hugs with my feverish babies than a perfect house any day. I can’t always say that, but something about having sick little ones reminds me that my house isn’t going to grow up and get too big for my lap someday. So dishes in the sink…quit your whining. These little divas come first.

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