Journeying East.

We’re just rollin here in the studio. I am constantly entertained by my never-ending stream of artistic ideas, but it does pose a challenge when I don’t have the time to do anything about it. Well, I am in marathon mode, and I can’t wait to show you more and more.

I have been aching to create more Asian inspired prints for a while. First of all, I am convinced that there needs to be more diversity in the children portrayed in Western art and decor, and second, I just love Eastern cultures. It all started with my great-grandparents serving a mission for our church in the early 1920’s to Japan, and falling so in love with the culture, that when they took the ship back to America, they never made it past Hawaii and decided to stay. Hawaii was the perfect blend of East meets West, and my family has been there ever since. I have never been East of Hawaii, and someday I will make it there. But I have a deep love for Eastern philosophy, food, people, etc. My Grandmother and mother instilled in me a love of the Japanese and Chinese cultures specifically, and I am determined to make it there in some future day. In the mean time, I am sharing with you some new art that has a new fresh flair. This piece is called Grace, a common meaning for the word butterfly (grace as in beauty or youth). The characters on the print are Japanese for Butterfly. Enjoy!

I have quite a few pieces waiting to go in the shop all at once, so stay tuned for the grand opening!

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First time for everything.

Well, I am typing right now with butterflies in my stomach. My work has been featured in my first ever magazine, and I am kinda speechless! The Utah Valley magazine (whose cover this month boasts the famed Ann Romney) does a fabulous job featuring women entrepreneurs, and this season’s issue, they stumbled upon Yours Truly. Geeesh! I had an interview last month, and really had no idea what to expect. (Note to self… be prepared next time for a photography shoot!) But they really did a fine job!

The article focuses on what it is like to be a stay-at-home mom while still doing what you love and making a business out of it. You can see the online spread here and if you squint your eyes, you can read the whole thing:) But, really. I am blushing. I am really so glad that there are women out there who love being moms and who are still following creative dreams. I cannot profess to be a master at this oh-so-crazy balancing act, but what I do know, I am happy to share. Thus my blog, and thus this article…I guess. Ashley (the editor) did a fabulous job capturing the inside life of 5 women. Check the others out here. Most of them I have met through Startup Princess (my favorite stop for business tips and mentors) and they all have so much to offer. So, if you are in Utah, pick up the July/August edition of Utah Valley Magazine, or you can view the magazine online here.

I haven’t even put my hands on the paper copy yet, but before I do, I think I need to take a deep breath! Seeing my studio in print makes it all just seem too REAL. Isn’t this just something I do during naptime? Oh, yes it is…and speaking of which…it’s naptime! Gotta go!


Sarah Jane

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Hello, Hello! It is so exciting to have a more personalized space here. I hope you can come often, pull up a chair, and have a chat. Here you will find the latest on being a mother of two lively toddlers and the newest designs and illustrations for Sarah Jane Studios. Come as often as you like!

The month of July is filled with lots of fun surprises, so come back soon. You will notice a few new features, including the option to add your email to my monthly newsletter. Sign up for the latest updates in the shop and in the news!

Thanks to all you readers for your ideas, support and friendship! Being a mom and being an artist and business owner make for a lot of adventures, and I am happy to share the ups and downs. Thanks for sharing your stories as well! Stay for more blogging fun and lots of new designs coming soon!

Thanks for stopping in, and feel free to invite your friends! I’ll put the kettle on, and hope to see you soon!


Sarah Jane

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The end of the rainbow.

I remember the first time I saw the end of the rainbow. It was similar to the feeling I had when I found my first 4-leaf clover. Magical. Hawaii, of course, is the rainbow capitol (thus the license plates) so for any one living on the islands, this is like seeing rain in Seattle. But it never ceases to amaze me. This was the fourth rainbow over the ocean that particular morning, but this one made me happy. No pot of gold and no leprechauns…although if I was brave enough I guess I could have gone diving at the bottom of the ocean for some treasure. Treasure enough to have caught magic in a camera lens.

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Taking home Hawaii.

(picture courtesy of my sister in law Dana)

She’s getting pretty good. It’s just her size. Jack Johnson…move over. She’s coming!

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Hello July!

July. Has to be one of my favorite months. I love summer. I love being in the water. I love sunshine. And it is my birthday.

July’s print is here! Barely made it into the shop before July 1st. But here she is. Ready to jump in. Or is she? Do you remember the first time you just went for it? Jumped off the diving board into water your friends swore to you was warm? Or off the edge into the deep end? Or do you still have to decide if you will jump in or go in slowly down the stairs?

July is full of REALLY tough decisions.

But before we get to July, let’s talk a little more about June. Today is a very special birthday. My Grandma Knell.

(she’s the babe in the center)

This woman has done it all. Kindergarten teacher turned mother of 10. To have 10 kids, you have to be creative….or else. She is AMAZING!

(here she is, center again this time with all her kids)

Sewer of all thing, maker of all things, orchestrator of all things creative. You got an apple core? She’ll dry it, put a face on it and make it into a wrinkled old man statue. Got some left over fabric? She’ll make a grocery bag saver. Have some paper scraps? She’ll make an intricate paper Christmas ornament.

Well, I couldn’t think of any thing better to give her, than her own personalized paper doll. Addie loves to play with Grandma when we visit, and I thought a fun activity they could do together, would be to play paper dolls (since my Grandma loves paper and loves dolls. Still. I am sure she rearranges the furniture in her doll house when no one is around.)

So, Vera Jewel…Jewel for short (great name isn’t it?) gets her own monogrammed doll (notice the underwear) complete with rain coat and sunday best. Can’t wait to have her play with Addie. Or me for that matter.

I am a little addicted, and I think I will be making more of these. I can’t get over how cute she is! Be watching for a Free Download soon. These are just too much fun!!

Well, happy June 29th Vera Jewel, and for tomorrow, happy July every one! Just dive in!

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Happy Site Friday: Bansky outdoors

Maybe you have seen these images floating around cyberspace, but regardless if these are new or not….don’t they just make you happy?

I am attracted to people who strive to make the world a more beautiful place…who make a difference. And though it seems Bansky’s efforts are in pointing to truth in Human behavior, something about painting on the walls of ghetto buildings makes me smile. I won’t be showing my kids this site (mine would go recreate this on the bathroom wall with crayons). But be inspired. Go make the world a better place today. In whatever medium, in whatever style, in whatever form.

Pick up a piece of litter.
Write a letter.
Give blood.
Hold a child.
Say thank you.

Happy Friday everyone!

sarah jane

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Design Op.

K. Did you see this on Print and Pattern today? If not, have a look. Submit your graphic patterns and designs for a chance to be in this Blogger-turned-published-author’s collection of designs distributed by Chronicle Books. Get excited. Very cool that A) this blogging world has opened up doors for other Media opportunities and B) that the door is open for you to submit! Guidelines are here. Have fun!

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