I haven’t talked about books much lately.

And I should. Because I LOVE making books.

But I’ve been in between projects (does having a baby sound like a good excuse?) and I’m glad to be talking about them more.

This week, I signed on with an agent, and I’m so excited!

teal black 1

Up until this point, I’ve been managing my book jobs on my own, which is actually really challenging to do for many reasons. But I enjoyed it, and I liked being on my own. But I’m really wanting to put more effort into book illustration, and I’m proud to say that I’ll be represented by Emily van Beek at Folio, Jr. 

Some of her illustrators are my top favorites in the industry, so I’m super honored to be there. If you aren’t familiar with artists like Genevieve Godbout , Christopher DeniseAbigail Halpin , Julie Morstad and Erin E. Stead than click on over and have some eye candy. 

christmas goodnight cover web

And with that news, I’m linking you to my Christmas book, A CHRISTMAS GOODNIGHT. Every Christmas it gets an anniversary! And this holiday season it will be it’s third Christmas. I’m hoping you are loving it as much as we do here at home.

french food cover blog Getting-to-Yum-cover-draft-

And this spring, I have a companion book to my FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING book, called GETTING TO YUM (April 2014). If FRENCH KIDS was the essay and the story behind the method, GETTING TO YUM is the method of ridding yourself of picky eaters in the house. It’s brilliant folks. And I can swear by it. More on that topic later. But it’s available for pre-order here!

I hope to be talking Children’s Books here more. I have a great passion for reading to and with children. This list (Chapter Books for the Younger Kids) is one of the most viewed pages in my entire blog! The book world is changing dramatically because of this ever growing technology age, but I know that you are all the types of parents and grandparents that are buying books for your kids this holiday season. And taking them to libraries. And reading bed time stories every night.

So plan on hearing more book talk from me. It’s one of my favorite things to talk about!

Back to the studio to work on more books….





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Quilt Market Fall 2013

I’ve been home from Quilt Market for over 2 weeks now, which is what it normally takes to just put my suitcase away! So much goes into the prep, that when I come home, jumping right back in again is nuts!

IMG_9056-1 QuiltMarketSarah_Anders


Wee Wander is my debut collection this year, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The booth turned out great, and we pulled together another fast round up of goods! I think I had the fabric for maybe 7 days total (whew!!), and I just have to say that I had such an amazing group of mostly local sewers who banded together to make this all happen in time. (See bottom of the post for a list of all products and goods!)

Don’t you just wan to squish him??? 


IMG_9054-1   IMG_9064-1 IMG_9037-1 IMG_9059-1 IMG_9064-1-2     IMG_3546 2 IMG_9038-1    IMG_3558   IMG_3546 2 IMG_3547 1

Tons of color! And thanks to my amazing husband (and dear friend Macy!! who drove 3 hours just to help set up) so that I could care for Anders. (He wasn’t allowed in the convention center during set up, so I’m super grateful for so much help!) I did the finishing touches, and Kenneth did all the hard labor. Go team.


My husband and I are both very rooted in theater (we both studied musical theater in college) so there is something about putting on a “show” that we both just love. I also love it for the soul reason of really getting to stand back and get the whole big picture. I get so close to my work, and seeing it all like this is always really inspiring and get so excited to share it with you!  It’s like putting on a play with textile design!

IMG_3534 2

This was the first year that they’ve allowed babies in arms at Quilt Market. Anna Maria and I had to make sure we documented the event. I think Mary Anna and Anders were the only Booth Babies at the show, which made for great friendly conversation for 3 days straight. I could have had the most boring booth on the floor and I think people would have still wanted to hang out the entire time cause of this cherub.

IMG_3532 2

I love that these two manly men managed so much of baby duty so that we could do our thing at Market. Go Husbands!

IMG_3540 2

Anyways…these two are set for life. Right?

IMG_3528 2


Anders even had coordinating outfits the whole weekend. Model Baby. Starting him young.

IMG_9048-1 IMG_3531 2

My husband had to leave after the 1st day of the show, so I had 2 days of me and baby….on the floor….the whole time. My left bicep is so ripped!  But we set up the booth so that we could set the baby down and let him sleep and give my arms a break since no carriers, strollers or baby paraphernalia of any kind was allowed on the floor. I loved watching people walk by the booth, thinking he was a doll, only to see him breathe and just shriek in delight (he woke up from those shrieks a few times:) He was quite the hit.

IMG_3541 1


IMG_3568 1


IMG_3569 1

IMG_3519 2


I couldn’t snap pics of all my dear friends, but here’s Liesl of Oliver & S, Deborah of Whipstitch, Marisa from Creative Thursday, Vanessa of V and Co, Camille of Thimbleblossoms,Kerry of Kid Giddy and the ladies of my favorite fabric boutique in my home town. Thanks to so many of you who stopped by!

Seeing good friends that I’ve made over the years in the industry is always a treat. Being a work-at-home-mom-with-4-kids-and-a-husband means that I don’t socialize very much. So, taking the time to reconnect is so rejuvenating for me. Especially after my 9 months of yucky bed rest pregnancy. Must have girl time!

And thanks for all your overwhelming response on the fabric line! I can’t WAIT to show you more, get projects going on the blog, and share ideas!


Tee Pee’s:  For sale at Tnee’s Tpee’s 

Catching Fireflies border quilt: Free Pattern coming soon.

Color strip Quilt: Free pattern coming soon

Summer Sky Dress (ruffle sleeve and blue skirt) Free Pattern Coming soon

Pink Dresses: K Patterns Pintucked Dress

Coat:Pattern from Cottage Mama’s book

Orange horse dress: Georgia Dress from Cottage Mama

Twin quilt squares on point: Free Pattern coming soon

Waldorf Dolls: Stella Grace Boutique

Floor Pillows: Free Pattern coming soon

Decorative Pillows: Free Pattern Coming soon

Blue Dress with white bib: Playdate Dress by Oliver & S

Paper Flowers: Made by House that Lars Built




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Introducing: Wee Wander

wee wander collection vertical web


Stores carrying Sarah Jane Fabric

Ta Da!!

It’s here! My 4th (and favorite so far!) fabric collection that will be shipping to stores in January 2014 with Michael Miller Fabrics! I have so much I want to share about this collection, it’s hard to put as much as I want to in one post. But let’s have a go at it…..


Creating a fabric collection is like putting together a puzzle from your soul. I have a feeling or a set of colors and images, and I want to tell a story with it…one that resonates on multiple levels. I think about the child, and their interpretation of the illustration. I think about the quilter, and needing to cut up fabric freely. I think about the apparel sewer, and needing something that works on a large surface. I think about the mom who is going to redecorate their child’s space and needs lots of inspiration and lots of pieces to make her space work. I think about what colors are trending, but that also tell my story authentically. And so many more questions. But like I said, it all starts from a feeling and this collection comes from my own childhood memories of playing outside and wandering through the meadows and woods behind my house, with the only curfew being supper time. Wandering without boundaries. Daydreaming without having to be reeled in. Staying up past dark on summer nights to catch fireflies. And watch the twinkling trees in the distance.

Wee Wander:  It’s a play on words. It’s a “little” wander, or let’s all go on a wander.


All these feelings and images are part of my childhood, and it was so magical to recreate that into a collection of fabric that I think resonates with every child. A sense of wonder, wander and whimsicality that we all (I hope) still recall those carefree days of childhood.



The collection comes in 2 color ways, Sunrise & Twilight with 21 pieces total….including, as always, a super whimsical and magical border print. All the colors reflect both the vibrancy of outdoor play as well as the softness of innocent childhood. I love this collection because it can cross over both ways: bright and soft.

IMG_9368-1   IMG_9364-1   IMG_9358-1      IMG_9038-1     IMG_9084-1 IMG_9101-1        IMG_9422-1 IMG_9430-1


Wee Wander will be shipping in January, so I’ll be featuring lots of projects starting closer to when it will be in stores. So, I get to trickle lots in over a long while! I’ll be giving you free quilt patterns, free clothing patterns and embroidery patterns to match! I’m itching to get my hands working on this. And I can’t wait to see what you create with it!

This fabric is available through Michael Miller Fabrics.




PS: Quilt Market photos tomorrow! I can’t wait to start showing you projects!!


And don’t forget about the 2014 calendars that are finally out! Perfect companion to this new collection!



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2014 Calendar


I’m so excited to introduce to you a new calendar for this upcoming year! I’ve had flip calendars in the past that I know you all have loved. But I thought I’d try something new, and offer a wall calendar to be up for the whole year.

And if you can see….it coordinates with my newest fabric line that I still have yet to show you:) I’m trickling in little hints….and the wild horses are my favorite. Horses are a mild obsession with my girls. Ok, border-line crazy obsession. Ella pretends to be a horse most of the day actually. Truth.

2014 calendar web


These calendars would make lovely gifts as well. Can you believe it’s already November? Where does time go?

IMG_9434-1 IMG_9160-1-2

So how about a little discount this week? I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get Christmas done early this year. (Ha! Early, like before December 20th:)

Use code 2014sarahjane to get 15% off this week only


I hope you enjoy!



Love it? Be sure to add any of these images to your Pinterest Page, Facebook or Instagram feed with @sarahjanestudios 


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3 months


It’s hard to believe that I was in the hospital giving birth 3 months ago. Meeting him for the first time was so magical, and it honestly surprises me EVERY single time with how fast time flies by.

I’m just barely getting my Thank You cards out, I got my first hair trim in months  2 weeks ago, and started my list of unfinished projects from before my pregnancy. Those first 3 months are buckle-down-baby mode for me. I’ve always had rather needy newborns, and I’m kinda grateful. It forces me to slow down and really take the time and focus I need to introduce ourselves. We’re buddies for life now:)



He’s really starting to get socially aware, and this is always a favorite stage….especially for the kids. It makes it so much easier to put him down and make dinner, and put the kids in charge of making him laugh for 20 minutes. It’s completely adorable.


We are back from Quilt Market now, and man! He was AMAZING! I’m just downloading pictures now from Market, as well as for my newest fabric line to show you!! This week I’ll be trickling in lots of eye candy. I can’t wait to show you:)

But he’s just as much eye candy as anything, right? My best and most creative creation. Everything else takes a back seat.

See you tomorrow for more!



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Sneak Peek

wee wander catalog cover 560 copy



I walked in the door a few hours ago from a week in Houston, where I was debuting my newest fabric collection! I’ve got so much to share!

Quilt Market was amazing (baby Anders was a hit!), setting up our booth was awesome, and it was great to start getting a feel for this next fabric line!

But before I share photos, and talk about the fabric line, I’m going to get my cozy pajamas on and get some sleep for the first time in a long time (Anders willing!)

And since many of you have been getting glimpses of the fabric from Instagram, I thought I should share at least a peek of what’s coming!

Stay Tuned…..

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Sew& Stitch Embroidery: Book review and giveaway!


There is a new embroidery book on the block!

And I’m so excited to fill you in on how amazing it is.


I love hand stitching. Love, love love it. I’ve loved developing my own patterns over the years, and I must say that Penguin and Fish’s Patterns and designs have always been an inspiration to me.


Alyssa’s book is super new and fresh, because her style is new and fresh. I love how she doesn’t get fussy about fancy stitches, rather she uses the stitches to really bring out the illustrative aspect of her art. Her animals are just to die for, and she adds just the right amount of texture and layers to her technique.



Her book is full of great patterns, as well as very thoughtful chapters on execution. It’s funny, because so many people will tell me that they get intimidated by embroidery, and I keep sayin’ “It’s like drawing with a needle.” And it’s true! But especially with Alyssa’s designs…they are simple and deceivingly easy to stitch.


One thing that Alyssa has really become known for, is her oversized stitching. I remember seeing it up close at my very first Quilt Market a few years back, and being so inspired! What a brilliant idea! And this book takes is like 5 steps further. Look how amazing!

sew-and-stitch-octopus sew-and-stitch-jumping

You can find the book here and here, and make sure to visit Alyssa at her blog and website! 


And today, I’m giving away a single copy to one lucky winner!


1) Leave a comment below

2) Visit Penguin & Fish and have a look around and their lovely patterns

3) Come back and see the winner in a week!

Entries close Tuesday night, Midnight EST

Happy Stitching!



CONGRATS TO atexasmomof2 for winning! 

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Best EVER Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

pumpkin bread

We just shipped off our last shipment for Quilt Market this week (Yes!! I have a new fabric line coming out….my favorite yet I might add!!) and in typical Sarah & Kenneth style, we ended up baking Sunday regardless of the heap of fabric all over the family room. I’ll clean that up tomorrow (before my mom comes to watch the kids of course!) and I’m glad to push it back.

This bread is amazing!


Ella is a little bit addicted even.

Here’s the recipe. I hope you enjoy!!


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Makes 2 loaves


Dry ingredients

2 ½ C. all purpose flour

1 C whole wheat flour

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

2 C white granulated sugar


Wet ingredients

15 oz canned pumpkin puree

4 whole eggs

1 C brown sugar

1 C vegetable oil

2/3 C water

1 tsp vanilla

1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips


  • Preheat oven to 350.


  • Mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients in separate bowls.  Be sure to thoroughly mix both wet and dry separately before combining.  Add the dry to the wet in four stages and stir until just barely combined (don’t over mix).


  • There are only two acceptable units of measure for chocolate chips; the handful and the bag.  Add the whole bag and give it a few stirs.


  • Grease two loaf pans and pour the batter evenly between the two.  Bake until a toothpick inserted in the center (and doesn’t hit a melted chocolate chip) comes out clean with no gooey batter stuck to it.  Bake for around 50 minutes.  We’re at high elevation so it took closer to 60.  Adjust cooking based on the toothpick test.


Happy Autumn!



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