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Look how amazing you all are!

32fb2e131ecdee4c351647fc5d77bcd3{image from}

I love taking the time to see what you all are making with my latest round of fabric, as well as the older lines! It’s just so wonderful! Even more fun, is to see lots of my other fabrics mixed in and still getting lots of use.

Today I thought I’d inspire you with some lovely ideas for girls with a mix of what’s out there. Like I mentioned before, I’ve found out that many (not all!) of the Children at Play fabrics are not being printed any more, so what’s in stores is what’s left! The On Parade Panel print (a favorite!) Is till in popular demand, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As well as a small handful of others. But more good fabric is always coming, and always in the works! :)

So, here are some lovely girl dresses, play things and projects I’m loving. Click on the links, as many of them are actually for sale!

il_570xN.352950271_9qdv  Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.360979800_g9j2 Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.391928460_q5t3 Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.422289027_34ho Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.436976747_4nqc Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade


il_570xN.441376322_tjh6 Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_fullxfull.360985741_2jok Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.461947001_5fre Out to Sea Fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

32fb2e131ecdee4c351647fc5d77bcd3 Let’s Pretend Fabric line by Vintage Bubbles

Check out this little video on them here as well.

9082558136_fd47afe134_z Let’s Pretend Fabric Line sewn by Fabric Mutt


9087935284_48c96fef8d_z Let’s Pretend Fabric line sewn by Sweet Bug Studio


9145991106_f1418604be_z Let’s Pretend Fabric line sewn by Sweet Bug Studio


9319405465_5ab165111f_z Let’s Pretend Fabric line by Sewing Mama Raeanna

il_570xN.467255991_qx3v Let’s Pretend Fabric line by Sweet Lemonade




Let’s Pretend Fabric line by Sewing Mama Raeanna

homemade 11 homemade 13 homemade 16 Out to Sea fabric line sewn by Daisies and Dresses


8739260044_afc66513fd_z Out to Sea Fabric line sewn by emskyrooney


8768665035_d7c0ee2a2e_z Out to sea Fabric line sewn by Mommybydaycrafterbynight

480900_522790761089844_645160346_n Out to Sea Fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade


8652189988_2156533cf0_z Out to Sea Fabric Line sewn by Sew Caroline

il_570xN.481269536_rbq9 (1) Out to sea Fabric line with pattern made by Tie Dye Diva

il_570xN.474785663_1uwr Children at Play made by La Monster Shop

outtosea7_large Out to Sea Fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade 

I can’t post everything here, of course! There are way too many lovely things you are making…more than I can talk about!

But if you’d like to post your photos, please send me  your email via my contact page, and I can add you to my PINTEREST BOARDS for each fabric line, or add yours to my FLICKR pages listed on my sidebar.

Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!


Sarah Jane

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Chasing Mermaids Let’s Pretend Dresses


This is the fun part for me. When you start sewing with the fabric I’ve been thinking about for a good year….I love seeing what you come up with!

It’s when I see your creativity come out and enhance what I’ve made.

I just love it. Here are some dresses and skirts made by Chasing Mermaids using the Let’s Pretend Fabric line.   She used this sewing pattern, and added a panel for kicks. Just adorable. They are using the “Make Believe” Panel print, and the “When I am King” raspberry crown fabric.

letspretenddressnelle5 letspretendnelledress1

I’m hoping to have a blog tour up and going soon. Do you have something you’ve made and want to share? I’ve always had the FLICKR groups that I love seeing, but I wonder if there is a way to share that everyone can see. Do any of you know of a better photo sharing option? If you have any ideas comment below. I’d love to have people see your creations more frequently as they are shopping around for ideas on what to make. I hope there are some better options….either here on the blog, or on Pinterest, etc. Thanks!

newflora-skirt-by-avilivocharlottepatterns-7-682x1024 I’m in the process of updating my Fabric Store Retailers List, but if you sell this line, or know of where to buy it, comment below and I’ll make sure you are on the list! Especially International Shops, as those are the hardest for me to get info about. Thanks! Have fun sewing! xo Sarah Jane

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Spring Sewing Ideas

pin and flickr fridays

Spring has brought my sewing machine out again. I’ve got new fabric (squee!) that I’m cutting into, and I find myself collecting ideas for spring projects. You? Like, I need some more picnic quilts, a good skirt for my daughter and I’d love to get Ian a bed quilt for his bed. All projects that I’ve not really been motivated to create lately. Something about spring gets me all excited again.

I was browsing through your AMAZING Flickr photos and Pinterest photos last night, and I wanted to share a few. The Flickr Groups are rockin’ awesome and I just love getting inspired by your ideas. Please go and take a peek….get inspired, cause there is no way I can include all your amazing designs here!

(click on the links below each image to see the source)


{Fleur Cahill}


{Party of Eight}


{Lisa Toronto}


{Quilt Story} {Pattern}


{Quilt Story} {Pattern}


{Quilt Story} {Pattern}


{Quilt Story} {Pattern}


{Me Sew Crazy/Circus Wear} {Pattern}


{crozette} {DIY}

narwhal hunt detail 3


{Snips Spippets}



{Violet Vata}

All these images were sewn using Children at Play fabric or Out to Sea Fabric.

(For more photo groups, see my sidebar to get more inspiration!)

I’m so excited to add a third line to the mix….stay tuned!

I hope that gets you in the mood! What are your sewing projects you are working on? Share your pinterest pages, or your projects below!




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Here and there.


Hello my friends, how are you?

Sometimes writing and sharing can be so yummy and great…and other times, I wonder about all of you out there….I think about you and wish I knew more of who you are. I mean, writing to you and hearing from you in writing is great and all….but I really do prefer the one on one, you know? It’s the lovely irony with connecting through online devises…we are able to share more than ever and support like never before….but sometimes I just wish I could just have you all over for a big brunch and chatting. But I’m not an event planner either, so well….there we go.

Anyways. That’s what I’m thinking about right now.

So, Fabric. I can’t believe it was almost two years ago since I designed my first collection of fabric. And while I’ve managed to only do one a year since, I’m working on presenting my THIRD….and I’m baffled with how time flies. And how you are all still sewing with Children at Play. It makes me happy to see sweet pictures like this. Man. If I had a dress like that when I was a girl….

So, yes. Third fabric line coming soon. Can’t tell you much about it except that it will be shipping in May. And That’s coming sooner than you know it!



So much love gets put into the fabric….it’s such an intense process, and takes so much focus and thought. So when I see your projects, made with the same love, intention and energy, it just makes it feel all worth it. Thank you so much for sharing as much as you do! These pics were taken from Safflower Photography, and Miranda is the one that sent me the link on Facebook with her and her two kids….how adorable to see the WHOLE family decked out in the same fabric. Makes me smile.

Have a lovely weekend friends!

See you monday,


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Spotted: CWkids



Well, spring IS around the corner. I honestly can’t wait. I spent the day with the windows open, digging out closets and rearranging furniture. Best feeling ever!

Here’s a dress that a reader sent over to me from CWKids.  She saw this in their catalog, and I’m so glad she told me! It’s darling. And for you non-sewers, this is a great way to get some of my fabric ready to go. Such a sweet spring dress!

And speaking of spring dresses….since when did Easter creep up so fast! Yikes! Time to start thinking of Easter dresses. I’ll know what I’m having by then too. I can’t wait!

Are you making dresses this spring? Or buying? I’d love to see your ideas!



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Pin & Flickr Friday: Dairy of Quilter

Hexagon baby quilt Sarah Jane Fabric


Do you follow Dairy of a Quilter? My friend Amy is always cranking out awesome stuff. She just made this quilt for a new baby niece, and I’m just in love. First off, I love hexagons. And knowing that I absolutely CANNOT sew hexagons makes this even more lovely. (It’s so hard to get it just right!) And secondly, I love that this is a mix of my past two fabric collections (Children at Play and Out to Sea). And with the third coming in any day now, I think I’m going to need to make a quilt combining all three. With hexagons. But I won’t sew it. Ha.



Emerson custom quilting


Sarah Jane Narwhals


I’ve been a bit dormant in the fabric department since Autumn, and I’m excited to get back in the groove.

And I love sewing with my kids. Like today:  Addie asked me this morning if we could have a stitching party when she gets home from school. And I’m like “Sure! Let’s break out the embroidery hoops, lady!” But she had a different mind. “No, let’s get out all the stuffed animals and blankets that I’ve been asking you to mend, like all year,  that you still haven’t mended?  I’ll be the nurse and you be the Dr.”  I kinda giggled and moaned all in the same moment. You know those “FAIL” moments as a parent? That was one of them. Guess we’re playing Stitch Hospital today.

Sarah Jane pinwheels quilt back

Hexagon baby quilt Sarah Jane Fabric


And speaking of fabric….I want to send you over to some lovely, lovely shops that are featured on the side of my blog here. I love purchasing fabric from the Quilt Home, Fashionable Fabrics, Fat Quarter Shop, Sew Modern, Crafters Vision, Quilting Garden, and Quilt Sandwich. Click on over and treat yourself. I’m getting the sewing bug again now that spring is inching in. Are you?

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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Pin&Flickr Friday: Coral Belles

pin and flickr fridays


Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted your amazing creations to my Friday posts! So much to catch up on!

Today I wanted to focus on one company…new to me…and I’m sure you’ll be in love.

Coral Belles. Take a look.


If you are looking for ready made, adorable clothing with OUT TO SEA, here you go.  A bit summery for now, but dosen’t it feel nice to see it warm out?

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.01.27 AM


Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.01.57 AM

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.01.49 AM



With Gorgeous photography by EM Photography Wow. What a darling collection.

It’s cold and snowing here in Utah right now. And it’s just about now that I start dreaming of summer.

Thanks Coral Belles for sharing such a wonderful collection!

Have you been sewing with Out to Sea or Children at Play? Don’t forget to add your awesomeness to the FLICKR groups or Pin them on Pinterest. 

You can see all links on my sidebar. 

Happy Friday everyone!



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Pin & Flickr Friday: QUILTS



I love these friday round ups. Mostly because it gives me a chance to really appreciate all the amazing projects that I could never do myself.

Today, I have quilts on my mind. Addie is determined to make a quilt for her newest niece (Rebecca, don’t read this!) and we’re looking to put the pieces together this weekend. Addie is a determined little maker, and it makes me so happy to create with her!

It’s also getting colder, and we could use some more quilts in the basement:)

*as cozy as spring*

So here’s my Out to Sea  and Children at Play quilt round up today. By no means are they conclusive…please click on over here and here to get more inspired!

*Image Here* 

*erica jackman*

*red pepper quilts*

 *sweet unwrapping life*

*A Quilt is Nice*

*A Quilt is Nice*

*rose smoke*

*Kristen Coverlets*

*Katie Deerie*

*Katie Deerie*

*Fresh Lemons*

Image Here.

*snips snippets*


I’m gushing over them all! Ya. Pretty Amazing. And I’ve only scratched the surface with all there is to see! Check out the Photo groups here and here as well as my Pinterest pages here and here. So many ideas!

Do you have a favorite quilt design you are itching to make this season? The holidays always get the juices going! Do share….I’d love to know what your latest ideas are!

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