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New! Sarah Jane Wallpaper

I’m so excited to be announcing my very first line of wallpaper! This has been a secret I’ve been keeping for a while, and I can’t wait to show you!

Wallpaper and wall decals are something I’ve been wanting to offer for a long time. I’ve gotten so many emails from you over the years begging me to make wall decals and wallpaper for kid’s rooms, but the right opportunity never arrived. I wanted to be very selective in the product that we chose, and the company that we would collaborate with. But now it’s all here, and I’m thrilled! I know you will be too.
Sarah_Jane_03 Sarah_Jane_04
The wallpaper and wall decals are all fabric, peel and stick, resizable, removable, easy to apply and take down, made in the USA and incredibly high quality, which makes for gorgeous colors as well as making them easy to wipe down. While I was applying one of the wall decals, the sticky parts got stuck to themselves, but there was never any damage or tearing when we “unstuck” the sticker. You’re going to love it!

I’m loving that this wallpaper is stick on, peel off. It makes for the perfect kid’s decor because it’s a non-perminant commitment. No glue and no mess!

The designs I’ve created all come from three fabric lines you might be familiar with: Children at Play, Out to Sea and Wee Wander. It’s been so fun to resurrect some designs that are from my first collection. So, Children playing dolls, playing rocket ship, on parade, mermaids, pirates, ships, horses, deer, tree climbing and fireflies. I hope there is something for everyone!

Thank you so much for all your excitement on Instagram and Facebook…it’s been so great to hear your responses. I hope you love this as much as I do! Now to figure out how to deal with my kids who want one of everything in their rooms!


Sarah_Jane_13 Sarah_Jane_14

1 MFS_aqua 600_250

2 BAL 600_500

2 MFS_navy 600_250

2 PH_blue 600_250

2 SNL 600_500

2 WTB 600_500

2 OTG_grey 600_250





The family tree is one of my favorites! It’s up in our house right now, and the kids love it. You can use it as is, or with the custom


boxes (which are separate stickers that can be placed where you like) you can display your family names and family heritage. It’s a great way for your children to know their family heritage in a playful, beautiful way!

Sarah_Jane_20 Sarah_Jane_01I’d love to hear your feedback, and answer any questions you have! For a list of basic questions, we have a FAQ page you can glance over, or feel free to email us on the contact button above on the blog. And feel free to share! When you hover over the image, you can easily pin or go straight to the listing when you click.

I hope you enjoy! It was so fun to create, and now it’s your turn. You can click here to see them in the shop. I can’t wait to hear about your lovely spaces!
Sarah Jane

And a special Thank you to Meta Coleman of One More Mushroom for styling and Cassidy Tuttle for Photography!

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Room Tours: On Parade

_DSC0012 _DSC0060 24

I’m a sucker for really great kids’ spaces. There are endless possibilities, and the fun part about decorating kids’ rooms is that they are changing so much, that you get to recreate as often as you want!

I love this clean white space featured on Full House Blog….a  lovely blog with great clean design. The On Parade Print is the featured color in the space, and I love the pop!

Thanks for sharing your spaces with me! I love seeing how you’ve decorated around a Sarah Jane print collection or fabric collection. 

To share your photos, tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or email me at

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Inspired Nursery: Curious & Smart

curious and smart nursery

Nursery Features:

Penguin Classic Book Set | Bla Bla Kids Bird Mobile | Land of Nod Glider | Sarah Jane “Be” Prints | Wooden Ball Wall Clock | Wooden Toy Binoculars | Orange Striped Dwell Studio Rug | Dwell Studio Wooden Crib | House Shaped Wall Shelf | World is my Oyster globe | Nature Walk Wee Wander Fabric | Sarah Jane Giraffe Print | Navy Printed Satchel | Yellow Polka Bed Sheets | Bentwood Pendant | Canvas Storage “Stuff” bag | Dangerous Book for Boys |

I’m starting a new segment of the blog! I’m always rounding up nursery decor in my mind, and with my own kids’ rooms in constant flux, I thought it would be fun to share with you inspired nursery themes that incoorporate my wall art and/or fabric.

I love these colors for boys. So fresh, and not so traditional, but still a classic.

I’m so excited to share more nursery ideas. Stay tuned for more!





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Do you have a room to show?

Here at Sarah Jane Studios, we LOVE getting inspired by children’s spaces.

I’m still finishing putting together my own kid’s spaces (it takes forever it seems to get it “just” right!) and so we love it when you show us your magical rooms.

Are you designing a space or redesigning a space and are willing to make it photo worthy and blog about it? We are interested in working with Mama’s who have well designed spaces in mind. Shoot us a little “hello” and we’d love to work with you and contribute to your little one’s room!

Here are some recent shots of Finn’s room that his mom emailed me just this week.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.16.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.16.40 PM {Print Shown: Take Me For a Walk}

I just love how this room works together. I especially love seeing boy rooms!

Check out more of his amazing room here. 

And if you are wanting to work with us, again, please send us a message! We are looking forward to showing off more creative spaces!


Sarah Jane

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Show me your spaces


(photo via Bonnie Martin)

Hello! It’s FRIDAY!

YES! (90’s arm dig action going on)

So, I want to see your kid’s room. Wanna share? I know so many of you have adorable spaces that you want to share with me, I know it!

But to keep it casual, I’m having you upload them to instagram. And there is a little contest this weekend! A giveaway when you upload your little corner of Sarah Jane and share your interior spaces!

Wanna play?


Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.50.51 AM


(photo via 

Just follow along on my instagram and see the details! I can’t wait to see!

And if you don’t have instagram, and want to share anyways, I’d love it if you wanted to share a photo in the comments, or link to somewhere online.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Room Tour: Tessie Fay


I love getting emails and messages with how you put together your children’s spaces with Sarah Jane art or fabric. It seriously makes magic in my brain. And my heart.

I got an email from Tessie this week with links to her daughters room. Isn’t it gorgeous? She hung this print on the wall and it’s just adorable in the space.


I love how she used this embroidery pattern on the pillow. “Just Stay Little” is honestly my sentiment as a mother. I mean, growing up and being best friends with your kids is awesome…but there is nothing like the “little” stage. I wish I could stop time, right?

How she framed the “Month by Month” calendar girls is maybe my favorite. The calendar girls were some of the first images in my shop 6 years ago, where I added a new print every month. It was so fun to do! And since these prints are square, and there is no color in the background, how she chose to frame them is adorable.

You can see the full room tour here. 

Items used in her room are:

I love to see the Temple print

Just Stay Little Embroidery

Month by Month prints

So thank you Tessie for this great room tour! You need to check out her blog, where she has great tutorials and awesome home reno and decor projects. 

I to paint a coral table just like she did. 

Do you have a space you’ve created with Sarah Jane fabric and prints? I’d love to see your images. You are always welcome to email me (my contact info is on the contact page). I know one of your main suggestions that I keep up here on the blog was to keep up the sharing of how you are all using my designs. And while the Pinterest and Flickr and Facebook are nice , it’s great to see it all here.

Happy Weekend every one!




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setting up

room arranging

We painted the kids rooms 4 months ago. We ripped out their floors 4 months ago. We put in one room of floors 3 months ago…but we never had time to paint and reassemble the bunk beds, or floor the second bedroom. This year, like most, has been really full. But I’m realizing (because I’m pregnant and actually on “pelvic rest”) how much Kenneth and I are a total team. We get so much done when we are working on projects together!  But this year, he’s been pulling 80 hour weeks, and I’m unable to move around very well. Hmmmm. Tricky.

See, I think and feel SO much more clearly when my spaces aren’t cluttered, and the house is in order.  Not perfect order. I’m NOT a neat freak by any means. But the truth is, we’ve been under a lot of clutter because I’ve had to been on “pelvic rest” and I’ve not been able to do things like assemble and paint bunk beds. And it’s something that’s obviously second to making a baby, but not having beds for your 3 children gets to you after a while! It’s something really only a woman can understand. When you have all three kids camping out in a small room with no floor space because the mattresses are sprawled out in a room the size of 3 mattresses, it’s cute for the first couple weeks. But 4 months, and pretty soon you have a bunch of kids and a mommy that just need a bit more space.

room arranging 2


And we are starting to get there. I’m excited to show you the progress in the next few weeks. It’s been quite the transformation. And the kids are really involved with which art piece of mine they want where…and are even giving me ideas for what they want me to make next. I love hearing their ideas. So clever.

And with this new space, I’ve been inspired and will be showing you some new art prints this week as well! I can’t wait! They coordinate with my up and coming fabric line that I’ll be sharing with you at the end of this month, and I’m tickled.

owl clock

Something that’s really hard to articulate, is the dilemma of the mother-artist that lives in a constant ebb and flow of creativity and order. For me, when life is out of order, I’m not very creative. But on the flip side, when I’m crazy creative, things get out of order. You’d think I’d have this all figured out by now. But something about not having order in my home these past couple months with rooms under construction, being on partial bed rest, and managing on my own most of the week, I’ve found that I’ve been less creative than I normally am. Any of you fall into this boat? And maybe it’s the nesting, or maybe it’s just me….but something about starting a room from scratch and reorganizing my home makes all the juicy creativity flow again. I could be odd, but I bet I’ll find a soul mate reading this and saying…..”Um…Yes. That’sexactly the way it is.”


But on a good note, I actually got cooperative, happy children for Easter pictures right before church. Like 3 minutes before church. Score! I haven’t always been so lucky:) Actually, I’ve never been that lucky. Happy kids. That’s what I live for. And 3 faces in focus:) Eek! Soon to be 4! I can’t wait.

But really….I’ll be posting lot of new things this week. New art, originals, sewn items, and a sale! So stay tuned:)

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Children’s spaces

I’m getting really excited to start putting the kid’s rooms together. As expected, they will take some time. But it’s always critical for me to have the end in mind while I dabble in putting spaces together.

As I mention in the last post, all three kids have been sharing a room while we’ve been reflooring and painting, and I don’t think they plan on separating again. I love shared rooms for children. Addie and Ian have shared since birth, and that has a lot to do with the lack of interest in splitting up. They will want to eventually, but I’m not going to push it till they do!

Here’s my first attempt at grouping together a boy girl space. What do you think? Pulling the oranges, yellows and light aquas allows me to sprinkle pinks around pretty freely. We aren’t getting rid of pink just because there is a boy in there…that’s for sure!

Do you have any tips for making a boy/girl room work?

Here’s the round up:

1. Be Curious Print, Sarah Jane Studios

2. Up, Up & Away Print, Sarah Jane Studios

3. Balloons Print, Sarah Jane Studios

4. Eden Lamp, Land of Nod

5. Mermaid, PDF pattern by Mermag

6. Nautical Map Print, Sarah Jane Studios

7. Jenny Lind Bookcase, Land of Nod

8. Anchor Pillow, PDF pattern by Tea Rose Home

9. Eames style Rocker, Overstock

10. Knitted Pouf, CB2

11. Knitted Pouf, Land of Nod

12. Hemnes Dresser, IKEA

13. Children at Play Pouf, Pattern by living with Punks

14. Candy Dot Rug, Land of Nod

I am a child of God Print, Sarah Jane Studios

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