Portraits start at $185.

This includes shipping, one initial email consultation, and one thumbnail image for review.

Additional people/objects/animals will be $40 per add on. 

The final price for any add-ons will be invoiced to you via PAYPAL following your initial consultation. 

Any additional revisions or consultations will be charged by the hour ($50 an hour)



After your purchase, you will be contacted by email within 5 business days.

In that email, I will ask you a series of questions, and ask you to let me know about the commission.

You will choose how many objects/people you want illustrated, and I will invoice you for any additional amounts.


Next, you will tell me a little about what you want the image to portray. For instance:


I have 4 children, and I want them to all be playing together at the beach. Peter loves making sand castles, Nora can be sleeping on a blanket, Rebecca can be close to Nora (the baby) watching the others, and Olivia can be watching the ocean. We have a favorite blue and white umbrella.




Here is a photograph that I would love you to edit and illustrate in your own style. I love the positioning of the children, and would love for you to add a few balloons. Feel free to make their clothing coordinate with the color scheme of light pastels.


You will send several photos of your children, preferably not smiling big, and making normal expressions. Candid shots are best, and will tell me more about their body language, facial expressions and personality than posed photographs.

If you have clothing preferences, send me images as well.

I will NOT include any landscape or background in full detail. See examples for ideas of what your will include. Solid colors can be applied, or solid white as shown below. Small props are just fine, and not included in the additional fees.


How big will my painting be?

8×10 size, painted on a 8.5 x 11 water color paper, so you have ample room for framing.


What is it painted on?

Water color paper


What medium is used?

Ink or Pencil, watercolor, digital color and maybe some dabs of pastel.


What style will the painting be done in?

The commissions are in my loose illustrative in style, and not meant to be an exact portrait of your child, but will be a very close representation. These portraits will have NO landscape, but rather feature people/animals/or props that are of your choosing with either a white background, or a solid color. See below for examples.


Will my image be shared online?

Yes.  I reserve the right to scan your original to be used in my online portfolio, blog posts, and other press. I WILL NOT share your information or identity of any kind unless you prefer to be mentioned.


Can I have the painting shipped directly to someone else?

Yes. Just BE SURE that the shipping address you enter upon ordering is where you want it shipped.



Do you ship internationally?



How are the paintings shipped?

They are all shipped UPS or United States Postal Service (USPS) with Delivery Confirmation in a stay flat mailer for protection.


When will the paintings be shipped?

At the end of each month, I will ship the commissioned purchased for that month. So, if you order yours for JULY, I will ship the last week in July. If you need your painting in a certain month, I suggest you order it for the month before.


Can I see the painting before you ship it?

Yes. The price includes ONE thumbnail image sent upon completion.  Any revisions, added email conversations, etc. will be charged by the hour ($50 an hour).


Are there refunds?

No, all sales are final. If you are dissatisfied with the results, I will do my best to make you happy…(additional fees will be applied) The style of painting will be close to that shown in the examples below.


Photo Submission Guidelines

-Please send high quality photos that are as crisp and clear as possible. High Resolution.

– If you prefer your child to be wearing something specific, please send images of the clothing, or your child in that clothing.

– Candid shots are best, with profile, ¾ view, and frontal view, but please no big smiles or funny faces.

– Please send full body shots as well as close ups if needed.

– If you have a photograph that you want me to replicate closely, I may still have you send me other photographs to allow me to get the best likeness.