purple owls web

Do you remember your dreams? I usually do, but for a few years now, they haven’t been as vivid as usual. Probably cause I never got much sleep! Something about being pregnant though, man! My dreams are nuts. Like dreaming that I had dinner with Kate Middleton and we became instant best friends. Like chums for life. ┬áMy husband laughed so hard at that one. Hey! A girl can dream, right?

But last night, nothing crazy…just color.

All I remember was purple and orange.

Do you ever dream with color as the main character? Maybe I’m weird. But I kinda like this combo, and I want to keep playing with it.


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  • drawingsarah

    This is so cute. What a sweet owl. :) I have very vivid dreams, too, especially when I’m pregnant. Like crazy vivid! I was wondering if you sketch with pencil and paper or if you sketch digitally?

    • http://www.sarahjanestudios.com/ Sarah Jane

      I do both! Depends on what I’m working on, or what’s available in that moment:) Everything ALWAYS starts in pencil, no matter how it ends up. But usually it’s a little of both:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=818947887 Lindsey Gustafson

    I never dream in color, but it makes sense for you to do so, you are an artist.
    And I see a future fabric print in today’s drawing ;)

  • Mary Lamoray

    I dream in color all the time but I have never dreamed OF color…very cool! :)
    I kept doing my drawings but waited awhile to post them…Here are #s 3-11 :)


  • Julie

    I’m not usually an owl lover (they’re scary preditors around here) but that is one sweet faced little cutie (perhaps a baby harmless owl, yes?). Love the color and pattern….You dream like an artist should, I think. :)

  • Lauren

    Ooh… I love this! Maybe it’s the beginning of your next fabric line, yes? (I just had my 4th babe, and yes, super-vivid and crazy dreams while pregnant. Not that befriending Kate Middleton is crazy at all…)

  • Kristin Marvin

    This is a super cute drawing/print. I love the owl and “leafy” design AND the repeating pattern–really cute!

  • Linda Pruitt

    Interesting combination. Waiting to see what else you come up with in this palette

  • Liesel

    My oldest (9) and youngest (2) kids are currently both obsessed with owls. I drew an owl for the first day… (but not today)