We are keeping things simple today. This week marks the THIRD stomach flu battle this winter to cycle through the family, and I’m SO done. Thank goodness for a weekend coming up.

The “drawings” that I’m committing to this year are going to include so much: today is a simple study in textile.

Link your #365drawing project below! It’s been so fun to see your projects, or find them on Instagram! 

Off to bed now, and hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  • Lori Plyler

    Oh, I hope everyone is better soon. Here’s my day 2 http://blog.studiowaterstone.com/2013/02/2365.html

  • Gina

    I can not believe the flu bug is visiting you again. If I lived closer I would drop some soup, saltines, and ginger ale, and a happy roll of washi tape on your door step. Feel better soon!!

  • Liesel

    We got hit by sickness hard this winter too, it just keeps coming back! (or never quite leaving) Way to go on still drawing! (I didn’t… but off to rectify that today)

  • Holli Lutes
  • Mindy Gillum

    Our family was plagued by the flu the entire month of January. Finally getting out of the house today. It feels like February 1st is my official new year (fingers crossed). Hope you all feel better soon. Take care!

  • NancyBearz

    A very busy weekend tripped me up…I’ll just have to play catchup. Hope you are all feeling better!