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New Embroidery & Pillow pattern

quilts and more cover web quilts and more



Maybe you’ve already caught this issue….or maybe you are like me and just picked it up yesterday at the store. I opened it up this Better Homes and Garden’s issue to the page above and showed my kids without saying anything. Ian gave me a big hug, and then said “Mom, you have GOT to tell the store owner!”

It was so darling.


Camille Roskelley and Joanna Figueroa (two darling ladies who are such a hoot and super fun to laugh with twice a year at Quilt Market) host a Scrap Lab issue, and chose me as a guest designer this month! I was super thrilled to create an Embroidery Pattern for this issue, with instructions of how to make it into a pillow like the ones that I made for my booth last spring.


quilts and more 2

And look how darling their other projects are! It’s always so fun to see what other designers do with my fabrics, and this issue is packed with darling projects.

You can pick up the magazine at the store, but Better Home has provided an online link where you can download the instructions to make the pillow and print out the embroidery pattern.

click here to download

Thanks Better Homes for the shout out! Have fun stitching and sewing:)






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10 & 11 of 365 Drawings

3 bears line

I’m actually drawing every day this year! This project has been great for me. I actually can’t show you a lot of what I’m drawing though. Mostly cause it’s top secret:) But I am hitting pencil to paper, which is a big deal. Mostly cause kids and house and life demands so much.

These two are totally different: one was made 3 years ago, and I just brought it back to life, and the other, inspired by some designs I saw in the Mini Boden catalog this month (it’s a good one this time…well, as always I guess.)

I know a lot of you have taken on the #365Drawings project. Would any of you like to do a link party? I’m not really sure how to do that, but pipe up and I’d love to keep you in touch with all the other artists who have joined in.



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15 week baby bump


Thanks everyone for the well wishes the other week when I posted about our big news! And thanks also for the sweet comments and encouragement about my rough start to it all! I’m feeling SO much better. But I tend to have other complications with pregnancy, that I can only assume will be coming around the corner soon. All my babies wanted to come early. Too early. And while all three have been early (35-37 weeks) they all stayed that long because of either hospital stays or just good old fashioned bed rest. Here’s to hoping this one isn’t as intense!

In the mean time, I’m really loving this time right now with nothing too urgent going on. It’s marvelous!

And I’ve decided. Pregnancy clothes are just so much cuter, aren’t they?


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Stitch Hospital


Remember how my 8 year old creatively got me to finally do all the mending? Well, we got it all done this weekend. And everyone pitched in.


I printed out some stickers for when they were all stitched up and ready to be released, the kids helped me sew up some Medic head wraps and….Ella just wanted to be a pet. How can you blame her with all the stuffed animals around! She’s our comic relief around here, and our method actress too.


The kids set up beds, prepared shots (to numb the area before I dug in with a needle!) and took records of their names, procedures, and recorded when they were released.

We made white bandages to wrap their stitches when they were done, too.

The kids even came up with names: I was Dr. Stitch, Addie was Nurse Needle and Ian was Nurse Sew.

It could have been the most adorable thing they’ve come up with in a while.







Kenneth even got involved. I guess it looked like too much fun to hold back. He’s really cute when he sews. Quite the MAN.


Poor Ella though. She got a little carried away, and may have caused more pain than comfort to a few of the animals. The poor bunny, actually.




And all was well. I still have a few more blankets, but I convinced the kids that hand sewing would mean no dinner.  They changed their minds pretty quick.

Are you like me, and have soft toys and socks and blankets that really could use a quick stitch?

Feel free to print these out and make some fun out of it.



click here to download

Have fun mending!



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Pin & Flickr Friday: Dairy of Quilter

Hexagon baby quilt Sarah Jane Fabric


Do you follow Dairy of a Quilter? My friend Amy is always cranking out awesome stuff. She just made this quilt for a new baby niece, and I’m just in love. First off, I love hexagons. And knowing that I absolutely CANNOT sew hexagons makes this even more lovely. (It’s so hard to get it just right!) And secondly, I love that this is a mix of my past two fabric collections (Children at Play and Out to Sea). And with the third coming in any day now, I think I’m going to need to make a quilt combining all three. With hexagons. But I won’t sew it. Ha.



Emerson custom quilting


Sarah Jane Narwhals


I’ve been a bit dormant in the fabric department since Autumn, and I’m excited to get back in the groove.

And I love sewing with my kids. Like today:  Addie asked me this morning if we could have a stitching party when she gets home from school. And I’m like “Sure! Let’s break out the embroidery hoops, lady!” But she had a different mind. “No, let’s get out all the stuffed animals and blankets that I’ve been asking you to mend, like all year,  that you still haven’t mended?  I’ll be the nurse and you be the Dr.”  I kinda giggled and moaned all in the same moment. You know those “FAIL” moments as a parent? That was one of them. Guess we’re playing Stitch Hospital today.

Sarah Jane pinwheels quilt back

Hexagon baby quilt Sarah Jane Fabric


And speaking of fabric….I want to send you over to some lovely, lovely shops that are featured on the side of my blog here. I love purchasing fabric from the Quilt Home, Fashionable Fabrics, Fat Quarter Shop, Sew Modern, Crafters Vision, Quilting Garden, and Quilt Sandwich. Click on over and treat yourself. I’m getting the sewing bug again now that spring is inching in. Are you?

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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Another warm-up for work today. I just let myself draw whatever comes to mind. I thought of feet and sand and swings. Sometimes I just long for those days of sitting on the swing and aimlessly making pictures in the dirt.

I’m super excited to show you more stuff in the coming days….I’ve got so much up my sleeve that’s starting to come to the surface. Did I tell you I’ve got a fabric line coming out super soon? And lots of other fun details.

Stay tuned!



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Prescription: Sunshine. Saltwater. Playtime.


We’ve never done this before. Taken a family vacation in the middle of February. But there was no other way. After a miserable (I’m being modest here) first trimester, a cold winter that has set records as the coldest since 1949, non-stop viruses visiting our family since October, and a baby coming in the summer that will prevent us from traveling, we just picked up and left. I’d had enough. It was time to just get out. So we planned a 3 day vacation in sunny Seal Beach, CA …..and we only planned it just 10 days prior. I’ve not been that spontaneous since B.C. (Before Children:) ooooh. It felt really good.



IMG_6472 IMG_6473


So we hopped in the car and drove for a day…and got just what the doctore ordered.  Salt water, sea air, sun and family time. I’ve got crazy work deadlines that I put aside, Kenneth is swamped at work too. But we just picked up and grabbed some sunshine, knowing that we needed a recharge. Badly.

And that’s just what we got!

IMG_6481    IMG_6485   IMG_6567 IMG_6578 IMG_6619 IMG_6642 IMG_6656

We also gave the kids a trip to Disneyland…which is always so precious and awesome to witness as a parent. Pure bliss.

IMG_2805 IMG_2790    IMG_2814


It was the greatest little getaway. Since December, I’ve been too sick to even play with my kids. It’s been so depressing for me! But I think we’re all on good terms now that I’m feeling so much better.

Now it’s back to real life (which is always so hard!) but at least I’ve got some sun on my skin and some play time under me.





Cause I just love this bunch. And so excited to add one more monkey this summer. I think I can take it:) I can’t wait actually!


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Wild for you Valentines Download

wild photo2

If you are like me, You had grand ideas of making special valentines, but waited till the last minute.

Well, if you are needing a quickie print out this morning….here you are.

Easy non-sugar valentines that the kids will be super excited to put together.

wild photo

You can get little plastic animals just about anywhere…the dollar store, the craft store, party store….or even draw your own! Have fun making!

click here to download

And Happy Valentines:)  I just love this holiday! Even if I’m usually scrambling to finish up little love things. Enjoy!



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