Creative Motivators

Lately, I’ve been thinking about creativity, ideas, and I’ve been drawn to reading and watching people I admire in the creative arts. Keeps me motivated.

I’ve shared some of these on Facebook this week, but I wanted to post them here, because they’ve affected my own creative spirits so much, and I hope they inspire some of you too!

Love this one. Oliver Jeffers is a favorite of mine. Total creative genius. Such a fun peek into his creative process.

And Rilla Alexander has been on my radar for a while. This is a must see. She is speaking at the 99 Conference (have you heard of it? 99 stands for 1% inspiration 99% perspiration) Conference about ideas, but mostly getting those ideas into ACTION.

Love it.

Hope you are just as inspired as me!


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  • Me and Wee

    I love Oliver Jeffers. We have every book; they are just so great! I love his approach and admire him very much.

  • drawingsarah

    Loved these! I watched the Rilla one the other day, I think, when you posted it on fb. So inspiring! I love people who love what they do and are so grateful they get to do what they love. :)

  • Raychel

    I live Oliver Jeffers! I found his books after one of my favorite kiddos got all of them from the library. I love to see his process and especially when he says he just has to make the books- don’t we all feel that way about something?

  • Estela

    I have been introduced to Oliver Jeffers, thanks! I may have to check out his books, it was fun to see how he thinks. I’m not that creative and would love to be a little more!

  • Jayme

    OMGosh Oliver Jeffers is hilarious (and cute)!!!

  • Delirious

    I watched the video with Rilla Alexander and was so inspired by it! For me, it wasn’t so much about the design aspect as the “get things done” aspect. I tend to start a million projects and finish none of them. This has really inspired me to finish a project or idea when I start it. I know that part of the presentation stressed that sometimes the time isn’t right to finish a project, but I never seem to finish any. So this was really motivational for me.

  • Kristin Marvin

    Jeffers is a character! I really enjoyed watching his video. Couldn’t quite make it through much more than the intro of the other video. Perhaps I am raring to go on my own ideas and have to get moving!