Taking some time off from this space for the holidays felt just right. How are you? Hope you didn’t come by too much, cause I was laying low and enjoying some well deserved home-body time. All of us (except the husband-turned-nurse) got sick over the holiday, which meant that instead of formal feasts, we stayed in our PJ’s and had chicken soup on Christmas. It was a bit of a downer, but we were all together, snowed in under a foot and a half of snow, and it turned out to be just the pace we needed.

Taking time off from the computer and internet completely felt very well deserved as well. Maybe it’s part of being creative but every so often, I get completely burned out of doing anything social, or creative, and December was one of those months for me. I have had these lulls long enough to know that I need to just go with the flow and let myself unplug. And it was good that I did. I’m ready to get back into creating again.

2013: I’m really interested to see what this year brings! I’m a goal person, and I consider myself ¬†pretty driven. But this year, I’m feeling the need to be a little unattached to my goals, and instead be more focussed on the daily moment. To be a little less pushy of myself, and to allow growth and blossoming to happen in their own time.

There is a lot of stuff I have scheduled, and plenty to keep me busy. But for whatever reason, I’m feeling less go-go-go and more “listen and pay attention.” Does that make sense? I won’t be doing any less, but I intend to have my mind more open, and less filled with lists and pressures. I think last year, I had intentions of letting go of the clutter tasks, and focussing on the creative. But I wasn’t as successful at it, because I still tried to push myself to get there. This year, I’m opening up, staying quiet in my mind, and being more intentionally aware and allowing myself to grow where I need to. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. My mother-brain gets in the way of letting me just “play” sometimes. I’m sure there are a few of you that can relate. It’s all for good reasons, but I am letting go of the “musts” and “shoulds” a little more, and letting myself make more room for expression. ¬†Good for the soul.

I’m excited to share it with you.

Here’s to a new year!




PS: The above illustration is the portrait of my kids I made for my parent’s this year. I’ll be sharing more of the Portrait Project as they come in!



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  • Freja Soininen

    You are so incredibly talented, Sarah. Have a great start to the new year!

  • Jill

    As you change your focus will you be doing any more cards? I love your illustrations and I particularly like the way they translate into note cards. I used your snowy cottage card for our Christmas cards this year and have had several people say how much they liked it. Just wondering….

  • Becky – Clean Mama

    Happy 2013! Love the portrait of your kids – so sweet!

  • Hannah@MiniMe Paperdolls

    We were all sick too, except for Jeff. Funny how that happens. I for one am not ready for the break to be over! I have the same feelings as far as letting go a bit, but that is not easy for me either…I always find myself back into the crazy busy-ness and wonder how I got there…AGAIN. :) Best of luck on your resolutions Sarah. P.S. I just got my cards and embroidery patterns and it is all just so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks!

  • Jodi R

    Love the portrait. Such a special gift. Sorry to hear you were sick but so glad you got some down time.

  • Kristen Sachs

    Love this portrait. Love your work in general. I just finished up an embroidery using your Blessed design. I’ll send a pic once it is all ironed and framed. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Ruth

    Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork this year, Sarah Jane. And I completely understand your need to focus less on goals and lists. I tend to get completely absorbed by mine, and I’m determined not to let them take over from living in the moment this year

  • Liesel

    I’ve been realizing myself that I need to be a little less project oriented, so I can leave time to have fun. Allow myself to read a book! For no reason other than I don’t allow myself to anymore, and I miss it. My rationale before was that it was fun to do projects/illustration/sewing things (and it is) but it is still work. And I wasn’t allowing myself to have any ‘play’. That was, in my mind “a waste of time”. But because of that it was harder for me to focus, and I wasted far more time procrastinating projects than I would have if I could stop feeling guilty for not always “being productive”. You need play. With your kids and just for yourself. It helps you be a balanced, mentally-healthy person. It is good to hear your thoughts on it too. Good luck! (and thanks for sharing!)

  • Renee

    What a beautiful piece, it is breathtaking! Happy New Year!