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Thanks for all your comments and excitement! It’s really great to hear so many of you excited to play along.

If you are wanting to participate in the #365DRAWINGS adventure, just comment below my posts and add the link to your blog, or if you are on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, just use the hashtag #365drawings and leave a link in those places too.

Again. No perfection here. Just energy being used towards doing something illustrative every day. Come Play along!

Or just check in daily and watch me sweat it out. Ha. Just kidding. This is the play time I never seem to allow myself:)


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Valentines Sale

balloons necklace crop

REAL SIMPLE featured my BALLOONS necklace in their Top 20 Best Valentines Gifts for Kids roundup this week! What a fun surprise!


And so…….I thought a good Valentines Sale could be in order for all our holiday items in the shop. Need a last minute gift? Or a quick print out?

Sale is good through February 14th! Spread the love:)


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#365 Drawings



This year is one where I am seriously determined to really become better at what I do all around. There are lots of ways to go about that, and one of them is to make sure I’m drawing as much as I can.

I’ve been motivated by Fifth& Hazel and Alma Loveland with their #365 Patterns project, and Loobyloo’s 365 sketch project. Both are super realistic, and I don’t promise to post all of my sketches to this space. Although I’m pretty motivated to.

I know having a public space can intimidate some to take risks, expose growth and change, especially when for someone like me, I’ve worked really hard at branding myself in a certain style. But, I’ll be the first to tell you that taking risks and being willing to produce stuff that’s lousy or mediocre is the first step to cracking the code to successful growth.

Basically, what I’m saying here, is that I’ve always been terrified of posting sketches and doodles on a frequent basis here, which is exactly why I need to.

So, hello #365 Drawing Project.

Anyone who wants to join in, please do. Or just come here and visit, and maybe say “Nice Job” or something like that, just to make this not so intimidating!

There will be doodles, sketches, art….some rendered and some super loose and quick. Mama does need to get dinner on the table too. But this is my race this year. How far can I push myself? Let’s see!


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Printable Pick-me-ups




How about something new? I’ve been toying with the idea of having some printable small prints in the shop, and I’m excited to start a new little collection.

I’m a MANTRA kinda girl. I’ll get a phrase, motto, quote or lyric in my head, and use it to give me that pick me up when I need it.

This poster was inspired this week by a friend who was going through an unbearable hardship, and in some cases, she was treated a bit unfairly and she just wanted to shout out and let everyone know how challenging her life was in that moment. And I was reminded once again, that if we were all to treat each other like they were going through an unbearable hardship of some kind, we’d all treat each other with a little more understanding, patience and kindness. And maybe even offer more help, even when it isn’t asked for.

And this thought came to my mind: “Treat everyone you meet like they are climbing mountains, because they probably are.”

This is a 5×7 print and it’s just the right size to hang by your desk, or right in the kitchen.

I’m going to be making more of these…easy little illustrated words of wisdom. Have any you’d like to see me make? It could be really fun to hear your ideas;)



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Did you know that the Caldecott & Newbery Book awards were announced this morning?

I wanted to post them here as soon as they were announced. Have you read these yet?








sleep like a tiger cover






So exciting! I’m super thrilled for Jon Klasson…I’m sure it feels absolutely SURREAL to win a Caldecott AND a Caldecott Honor book in the same year.

I’d rush off and get these from the library if I were you before they are stolen off the shelves:) Do you have a favorite of these? I’d love to hear!

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Valentines Printables are up again!

valentines pink web

Due to popular demand, these little friends are back for Valentines day.

valentines group1 web

Complete with 2 envelopes and 2 cards.

valentines group3 web

Have fun with these! These two are such a pleasure to illustrate:)

tag web





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Creative Motivators

Lately, I’ve been thinking about creativity, ideas, and I’ve been drawn to reading and watching people I admire in the creative arts. Keeps me motivated.

I’ve shared some of these on Facebook this week, but I wanted to post them here, because they’ve affected my own creative spirits so much, and I hope they inspire some of you too!

Love this one. Oliver Jeffers is a favorite of mine. Total creative genius. Such a fun peek into his creative process.

And Rilla Alexander has been on my radar for a while. This is a must see. She is speaking at the 99 Conference (have you heard of it? 99 stands for 1% inspiration 99% perspiration) Conference about ideas, but mostly getting those ideas into ACTION.

Love it.

Hope you are just as inspired as me!


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I’m just starting to work on the portraits for the portrait project this year. And it’s so much fun! Every month, I’ll be posting new portraits. This is my way of keeping my art up, my skills in check and making sure that I’m drawing every day. Deadlines are great motivators!

This portrait was a wedding present to the little girl on the left, who isn’t so little, given to her by her big sister on the right, now a big broadway actress. Love her blog.¬†

And maybe you know of the middle sister? Brilliantly talented family.

And just an FYI, this year is sold out, but if you email me (click the contact button on the top right of my blog) and title the email WAIT LIST I’ll notify you when the first round of openings will be. (You’ll want to know, cause this last round sold out in less than 24 hours).

So…’s to more art making this year! Thanks for being my motivation to draw every day:)




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