As we are redoing the kids rooms, we’re also clearing out the garage, closets, etc. and I’m needing to make more room in my studio. But it’s filled with fabric, random art prints, left over stationery, extra embroidery patterns…you name it.

I’ve run out of shelf space, and I need to make more room!




So, what I’ve done, is filled 30 Priority Mail boxes with: 

    • 10 fat quarters of both my OUT TO SEA and/or CHILDREN AT PLAY fabric collections
    • 8 1/4 yard cuts of OUT TO SEA and/or CHILDREN AT PLAY fabric collections
    • over 40 pieces of stationery
    • 4+ Embroidery Patterns
    • Random Scrapbook papers in the CHILDREN AT PLAY design
    • A coupon for 10% off your next purchase
    • A nice note from me:)


    • 1-2 random art prints, most likely out-of-print or signed and dated from a while back
    • 2+ catalogs of my fabric collections
    • random fabric scraps

This totals to over $100-150 worth in products!

But I’ve priced them at $60 each (shipping is included) and will invoice all international orders for the difference. 

Note that Australia/Pacific buyers will have the chance to order later in the day.



I can’t promise what you will get EXACTLY (thus the reduction in cost) but I can promise that they are all going to be wonderful. Most of it is products I currently have in my shop, but there will be some things that are no longer available, out of print, or discontinued. Maybe even some hand printed scraps.




If you have something in particular that you would LIKE to see, feel free to mention it in the customer text box at checkout, but no promises!

And if these sell out, I think I’ll try and do another clearing out at the top of the year.

Have fun!

(PS: these will ship out on FRIDAY DEC. 7th, and will be shipped priority mail, so all USA residents will get them by DEC. 13th at the latest. All INTERNATIONAL shipping will be based on how long it takes through customs, and will be shipped first class on Dec. 7th)

(And PS: The ONE KINGS LANE  has one more day left!)

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  • Debra Schefe

    YEAH. I am going to set my alarm to make sure I am at the computer. Thank you Sarah Jane

  • CArolina

    I will be waiting. Thanks

  • Stephanie Granite

    I just purchased my mystery box! I can’t wait to see what’s in it when it comes. Thanks so much for making these mystery boxes available

  • Erica Jackman

    I just placed an order and I was charged for shipping on top of the $60. I didn’t want to wait to place my order because I didn’t want to miss out, but it is charging $65.95 shipped.

  • Kimber-Leigh

    oh, i’m so disappointed. it sold out while i was checking out. :( in less than 2 minutes. i do hope you’ll do this again!

  • drawingsarah

    Crud. It’s already sold out! :( Would you please let me know if any more become available or if someone changes their mind? Thanks.

  • Rachel Booth

    You’re already sold out!!! I was only 10 minutes late!!! will you take a waiting list for more mystery boxes? I’d love to pre order one!

  • jennifer paulson

    wait when are you doing this again?? so fun … i need one!

  • kribss

    Oh my gosh this was super crazy! I had one in my cart, went to order a print and then bam- gone! Glad it went so well for you! I did take advantage of the 25% and ordered the print, but in a larger size : ) Thank-You!

  • Katy

    Ah, the very best kind of ‘lucky dip’! How exciting. You’ve totally made my Christmas, first with the custom illustration opportunity and now this – way too much excitement! Thank you so much Sarah Jane. x

  • Emily Lai

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. Do you send to Malaysia?

  • Carolina

    MY mystery box arrived 10 min ago and is so good. Thank you.
    I paid import charges (live in Canada) but I’m happy with my box. That was a fantastic opportunity to get your designs.

  • sabrina

    Still sad I missed out on this. If you happen to have more you would like to sell, let me know! :) Sabrina