Getting inspired.

We’re making progress on the kids’ rooms. Well, I should say Kenneth is (and a pretty awesome sidekick!). He’s been installing the floors, and I’m more than a tad bit excited to have it all done! I’ve been trying to decide between comfy carpet and hardwood for quite some time, and we opted with the wood for a few reasons. I love the cleanliness of wood floors, I love colorful accent rugs, but really, I’m allergic to dust. And it makes winter so much more bearable without all that carpet in the bedrooms.

We are going  with a white washed bamboo floors….super bright and light (I can hear the opposition now!)  But the bamboo is incredibly durable, and after a good year of weighing out the pros and cons to having nearly white floors in the kids’ rooms, the pro’s won out big time. When we bought the house, one of the main buying points is that it had wonderful natural light, and I want to bring that out as much as I can. Happy, happy and bright. Good for the soul.

But while we are waiting to finish up, I thought I’d show you some pictures that are inspiring me right now. I’ve been using Pinterest to collect my inspiration photos (keeps me so organized and ready to make decisions on what I want to make/look for as we are putting the rooms together).

Here’s a few of my favorites. You can see more here.


We have 2 rooms that we are redoing, and currently the idea is to have all 3 in one room. I’ll let you know how that ends up going…but since we’ve had to squash them all in one space for the past couple weeks as we’ve been painting and flooring, they are just loving being all together! And I love it too.

Stay Tuned!!


PS: Do you have Pinterest Boards with Kids Spaces? I’d love to see your boards! Link up in the comments if you do!

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  • Mom

    Love the progress pics! Go Kenneth!! Love that awesome, very, very cute sidekick too!!!!
    Love the pintrest photos!! Basically, I LOVE your style!! :)

    • Sarah Jane

      Thanks! It’s fun to finally be getting to these changes after 2 years of planning:)

  • Rebecca

    Can’t wait to see the end result. I never thought of putting in whitewashed wood flooring but I am loving it. Here is my kid spaces board:

    • Sarah Jane

      OOOH! just followed. LOVE your collection!!

      • Rebecca

        oh wow! Thank you :) I am just seeing your boards for the first time and they are beautiful. You have such an eye for bright, lovely, happy things – inspires this mother of 3 for sure. Thanks.

  • Aubrey

    I love the floors!! Where did you find white washed bamboo!? Perfect!

    • Sarah Jane

      The floors we found at Lumber Liquidators…it was on clearance, and it was exactly enough to cover the 2 rooms. It was beastly to search for prefinished white wood floors…they don’t make them here in the states much, but you might try your local LL!

      • Aubrey

        Great find. You’re right, I never find white hardwoods anywhere. Thank you for your response.

  • donna

    Ironically we just bought a new house and I have ordered many of your prints and fabric as my inspiration for decorating the kids rooms. I have already decided the whale dreams and mermaid games are for the bathroom and my son is using the ships for his “transportation” theme. If it turns out even half as good as all the pictures in my head then I will send photos :) Thanks for the inspiration and I am following yours CLOSELY.
    ps. How about some furniture/drapery weight fabric?? :)

    • Sarah Jane

      Ooooh…I can’t wait to see Donna! It’s always fun to start with a fresh palette. Doesn’t happen very often! Have so much fun, and do send pictures:) And yes….I hope to have some of that in the works soon:) xo

  • CowbellKelly

    I’m a huge fan!!! So, you can imagine my excitement when I thought I saw you on my flight to Houston, TX……….only to discover that your lookalike had a nose ring, so it couldn’t be you:( Anyways, that would have been fun to say hi:)

  • Jill Bennett Williams

    Hi, Sarah! I love following your blog. I get so much inspiration from you and your amazing talent ;) I am very passionate about design, and now that our family of seven just built a new house, I have been eagerly decorating to my heart’s desire. I have bought a lot of your prints and fabrics for decorating my kids’ rooms. I’ll send you my pinterest board links to my kiddie rooms. Hope you enjoy!

  • Hannah {Bonne Nouvelle}

    I love those floors! And look at Ian’s face. He looks so happy to be helping. Can’t wait to see what you and Meta are cooking up.

    Here are my kiddo’s boards: