Children’s spaces

I’m getting really excited to start putting the kid’s rooms together. As expected, they will take some time. But it’s always critical for me to have the end in mind while I dabble in putting spaces together.

As I mention in the last post, all three kids have been sharing a room while we’ve been reflooring and painting, and I don’t think they plan on separating again. I love shared rooms for children. Addie and Ian have shared since birth, and that has a lot to do with the lack of interest in splitting up. They will want to eventually, but I’m not going to push it till they do!

Here’s my first attempt at grouping together a boy girl space. What do you think? Pulling the oranges, yellows and light aquas allows me to sprinkle pinks around pretty freely. We aren’t getting rid of pink just because there is a boy in there…that’s for sure!

Do you have any tips for making a boy/girl room work?

Here’s the round up:

1. Be Curious Print, Sarah Jane Studios

2. Up, Up & Away Print, Sarah Jane Studios

3. Balloons Print, Sarah Jane Studios

4. Eden Lamp, Land of Nod

5. Mermaid, PDF pattern by Mermag

6. Nautical Map Print, Sarah Jane Studios

7. Jenny Lind Bookcase, Land of Nod

8. Anchor Pillow, PDF pattern by Tea Rose Home

9. Eames style Rocker, Overstock

10. Knitted Pouf, CB2

11. Knitted Pouf, Land of Nod

12. Hemnes Dresser, IKEA

13. Children at Play Pouf, Pattern by living with Punks

14. Candy Dot Rug, Land of Nod

I am a child of God Print, Sarah Jane Studios

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  • mermag

    love it Sarah!

    • Sarah Jane

      thanks Mer! Love that mermaid:)

  • sjc322

    It’s nice to know the brother-sister room-sharing love doesn’t fade out too fast. Mine are 5 and 2.5, I hope they’ll enjoy a few more years in the same room… love your inspirations!

    • Sarah Jane

      oh, it’s the best when they still love being together. I know they’ll grow out of it, but they are only 6 and 7, so no rush:)

  • Kristin Marvin

    I have used Land of Nod in bedrooms and craft rooms. (I love their little suitcases!) I love your selections from the store. I think alot of color is good in a bedroom–especially shared. If you keep it to two or three colors you feel afraid to mix in other stuff and then you end up with “matchy-matchy” which is no fun :). What are you thinking for bedspread/comforters??? I can’t wait to see your vision come together!

    • Sarah Jane

      I totally agree! Putting in too few colors, makes the shared decorating a bit more tricky. Good point!

  • Mary

    Love it all! We have the Hemnes dresser in our girls room (age 4 & 6). After about a year of little ones using it the drawers started to fail. The bottom does not stay in. And they were installed correctly by my handy, mechanic, renaissance man! With that said, I absolutely love the way it looks and am sad that it is going to have to be replaced eventually. Just a heads up. I would recommend reading reviews on it to see if others have had a similar problem.