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hey, hey….

So, I’ve been dying to let you all know about this awesome collaboration!

If you don’t know about One Kings Lane, here’s the 2 second definition: online flash sale site site with the top brands in upscale home furnishings.

It’s pretty amazing. I’ve basically done most of my Christmas shopping from there. It’s pretty amazing what you can find. Much of it is super high end designer products, vintage uniques, and home goods all marked down for 72 hours.

So, this monday night, One Kings Lane is featuring my fabric in a super awesome way! I’ve designed about 60 items, all handmade, that will be for sale. Pillows, original art, children’s aprons, and crib quilts. These have all been designed by me, sewn by hand and feature the Out to Sea Fabric collection.

Yahoo! So, mark your calendars:

Monday December 3rd at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST -Thursday December 7th at 8am PST/ 11am EST

Can’t wait!!

Have a LOVELY weekend, and come back Saturday for another wonderful weekend giveaway!



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Paper Doll Tins

We love paper dolls at our house. I’m thinking of making some more for Christmas, and I came across this really darling idea from Alanna’s Blog who blogged about magnetic paper doll tins. I had to share!

She took the paper dolls, and made their own boxes, and lined it with the Children at play crafting paper. So so darling.

She used the smaller, pre-cut Making Memories Dolls that I designed.  But you can also use the Paper Dolls I have in the shop as a PDF download HERE.

(The set has 6 dolls and 30 outfits!)

I’m starting to feel the “crunch” time of getting my handmade gifts done for this Christmas. You? I’d love to know what you are making this season. Do you have any handmade gifts you just can’t wait to give?



PS: Sorry my blog has been so slow. We’re working out the glitches.

PPS: Come back tomorrow for some super exciting news!


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Updates and such.


Oh wow. What a week it’s been! I’m still so overwhelmed by the response to The Portrait Project.  I honestly had no clue how much enthusiasm there would be. Really.

It sold out in less than 24 hours (all the slots I had available for 2013) and there are a couple hundred on the waiting list. If I had known how popular this would be, I would have been a bit more prepared. Well, the truth is I care about getting everyone of you art work…but I’m kinda short on time and hands…so I’m still figuring out how to make that work. But good news is, I think I’m making a lot more room from artwork in the future for sure!

If you are on the wait list (you know, cause you emailed me) I’m going to be in touch shortly. But as it stands, I’m going to be doing what I can this year, and then opening it up again by maybe the summer, or more likely a year from now.

But thanks to all who purchased! I can’t wait to get started!

On another note, we have a few more things up our sleeves here that I’m super excited to introduce to you. So be on the look out. I think Friday I’ll have an announcement that will be super exciting. So stay tuned!

Love to you all!



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OH my goodness! I had no idea that a years worth of portraits would sell out in 24 hours. Geesh. I realize that many of you never even got the memo. But thank you to all of you who are participating! I can’t wait to get started. 

If there is ANY more room in the year, I will carefully consider my options, and try to make some more space. But as of now, I’m totally full. 


If you are still interested, please email me HERE and write WAITING LIST in the title, and I’ll add you to a wait list. 

 The Wait List is completely full! Over full actually. I’ll be finishing up these portraits for the year of 2013, and will reopen up slots at the end of next year! Thanks so much!




I’m so thrilled to be introducing a brand new product today! Woohoo!

I’ve been toying around with offering custom portraits since the first person asked, Oh…like my first week after opening my shop!  But I’ve declined because, well, we all can imagine how time intensive work like that would be. And I just couldn’t justify the time with everything else I was juggling.

But part of the cutting back I’ve been doing, is to allow myself more time to illustrate. I have other projects in the works, and while I have my paints out more than usual, I want to offer those same services to you!

The style of portrait though, is not your standard posed, photographed and then painted kind of job. I’m interested in illustrating your children doing what they do best: playing. Does your child wish they were a mermaid? Do you want to capture your children playing spy? Do they have a favorite animal that they play with all the time? What about riding on top of a dinosaur?

I want to get to the heart of childhood, and create portraits that will make childhood stand still. Stephanie Nielson (NieNie Dialogues) had me illustrate her children, and I realized that I absolutely LOVE portraying children doing their favorite things, or in an imaginary place. You can see her commissions in the top image and the bottom image.


You can find out more details HERE


You can find out more details HERE

This project I hope fulfills a lot of requests I’ve had over the years! It’s also my way of making sure that I’m staying sharp as an illustrator, as well as a designer. I love children, and value their uniqueness so much. I hope to offer you a whimsical representation of who your children are at heart.




Thanks for your interest! Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, as needed.

I can’t wait to meet your children!




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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For this weekend, we have a wonderful giveaway to get us all in the mood for Christmas. The real meaning of Christmas.



Phyllis Harris is an amazing illustrator, and had the honor of illustrating a new book written by Margaret Wise Brown (author of GOODNIGHT MOON). Even though Margaret has been gone for many, many years, this is a new book just released this holiday season of text never published. AMAZING!

You can purchase the book here.

For the Giveaway: 

Phyllis is giving away a signed copy of the book, as well as a print of the cover illustration, hand signed by the artist. You can also visit her site, for 20% off (code: FRIDAY20MONDAY) through Cyber Monday!

(If you would prefer a different print from her shop, that would be available as well. )


More of Phyllis’s amazing work can be found here: 






Here’s all you need to do: 

1) leave a comment below, one entry per person

2) make sure to include your email in the comment section

3) enter by Monday at 10pm Eastern Time (USA)

4) For ONE EXTRA entry, LIKE Phyllis’ Facebook page, and leave a comment below that you liked her page.




The Lucky Winner is Giddy Stokes! Congrats!

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Thought I should give you a heads up, so that you know what’s going to be going on in the shop this weekend!


And remember, I’m clearing out all of our paper goods, and won’t be selling them after Dec. 20th!

We’re going to be SLASHING our clearance (was 30% but now down to 60%) so do the math, and the clearance section is nearly free.

Happy Holidays! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend!





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DIY Gratitude Tradition:


One tradition we have in our family, is the I LOVE YOU BECAUSE game. Each birthday, we go around the table, and say I LOVE YOU BECAUSE….. to the person we are celebrating! I love this tradition, and it’s one that we bring to every birthday…regardless who is in attendance. I love it.

So forThanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition, and WEAR the reasons we are loved.

Each person gets as many feathers as there are people at the table.

Each person writes down what they are grateful for about that person.

Then, all the feathers are passed to the recipient, and they get to wear all the reasons people are grateful for them.

We often don’t know why, specifically, people are grateful for us. This year, I’m making sure my kids know that everyone in their family is indeed….grateful for them.  And more importantly, why.

You can wear these, hang them, pin them, or make a piece of art.

Either way, I hope it helps us all take time to show gratitude for the people in our lives who mean the most to us.


Happy Thanksgiving!


God bless.

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Mechanically Minded

A while back, I shared this sketch here, and I have wanted to make it into a print since.

This week, I’m taking the time to count my blessings. And today I’m grateful for little boys….my little boy in particular: For how this brain works, and for the amazing mystery it is to me.

I often wonder what the inside of my son’s head looks like, and all I can do is remember mine as a child, and think that for Ian, who is a self proclaimed inventor and architect, it would look like this.

So, for any other children out there, who see their world in pulleys and levers, with buttons to push for every command, this is for you.

Print available Here.

Oh, and dont’ forget the AMAZING fabric giveaway ending today here.

And PS: if you have a child who loves building and inventing things, this book is a must read. A family favorite. Do you know it?



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