Ho Hey, October weekending.

So I dropped off the blog world last week, maybe you noticed. We’ve been hit a second time by this stomach flu virus, that I am really hoping has moved on for good! We were super healthy last fall/winter so I guess it’s our turn.

I have to laugh a little, because this weekend marks 5 YEARS since starting my business. And the irony is that the night I opened my shop, my husband was out of town leaving me with two babies with the stomach flu. All at the same time. And I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight. And this weekend, exactly 5 years later, Kenneth was out of town again, and this time Ella and I were down and out. What a way to celebrate.

But Sunday night, after a wonderful weekend of inspiration, we were finally all together and healthy again.

I love this time of year. There is a magic I can’t really ever seem to put my finger on.

Guitar. Sunset. Yellow leaves. Crisp air. Blankets. Sun spots. Grass. Togetherness.

And after what seems like forever, I’ve brought out my camera again. I don’t know…something about sick kids and school starting has kept my camera away. Nothing like October light to bring it back out.

But to finish up, you’ve got to watch this video. Totally spontaneous Sunday evening….Ken’s been teaching himself how to play Ho Hey on the guitar, and the kids started learning it too. They had no idea Ian was being such a ham. And Addie made her own guitar. Check it out:

Come back tomorrow for some major 5 year birthday celebration!



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  • http://lifeonalimb.blogspot.com Delores

    LOL I love the background entertainment!

  • http://www.craftymumma.com Gab

    Beautiful Sarah, I watched your precious babies and my heart smiled… can you imagine one day you will look back at that video and they will seem so tiny. I love the way Addie looks at Daddy while she sings and the way Ian is such a character… How do you control the giggles! You have a gorgeous little family… I’d love to see a SJ Illustrated family portrait! :)

    Gab xx

    • sarahjanestudios

      Thanks Gab! Yes. It was hard to control the giggles, especially because Kenneth and Addie had no idea what was going on in the background. Happy Monday to you! xo

  • http://www.freshpickedwhimsy.typepad.com Lori McDonough

    that was precious. Ian is hysterical. what a treasure this video is! And…your hubs rocks! :)

    • sarahjanestudios

      THanks Lori! I do wish I played the guitar though. fun times!

  • http://www.SweetbugStudio.com kristin

    I am receiving so many smiles and heartfelt goodness from my morning blog visits this morning! What a sweet post and great video. I love the guitar. My husband wanted a guitar last year (and did receive one for Christmas) but prior my 9 yr. old daughter made him one from cardboard and rubber bands pulled tight across the opening to actually play! I love the creativity!!! Have a happy week Sarah!

    • sarahjanestudios

      Kristin…that’s a GREAT idea:) I should have my kids make some. Much better than the real thing…right? :) Well….maybe not. But much more fun to make!

  • Caroline

    Just Beautiful, really BEAUTIFUL !!!

  • mom

    LOVE this post of pictures and of course the video!!!!!!!

  • mom

    LOVE this post of pics and of course the video!!!!!

  • katie s

    Oh my heavens, that was adorable! Loved the song too, I don’t think I’ve heard it before.

  • http://peekabooprints@blogspot.com jenny

    This is the difference between boys and girls! I love seeing your beautiful family. They all look so grown up!

  • http://jomoseleysblog.blogspot.com/ Karen Jo Moseley

    aw, this made my DAY! Such sweetness.. {with a little mischief mixed in} makes for a lifelong memory. Guard this video, so it’s around to show in about 8 years when they are teens and again on blessed Holiday Gatherings with your future Grandbabies! Ella was so in touch with her Daddy and has his gift of music.

    And, then there’s Precious Emma. Those photos of your sick little duck are lovely. What a beautiful little girl she is. The mussed hair, the stillness of her spirit caught perfectly in her Mommy’s camera lens. My favorite photo is the “blocks” photo, with her tiny finger in the hole. Sweet Girl.

    You are Blessed, Sarah Jane, so Blessed! Thank You, for sharing. I’ll say some prayers for good health for the new Winter season ahead. ~ Hugs, Jo

  • http://Www.partyofeightourstory.blogspot.com/ Gina f.

    Such a sweet capture of this moment in time of your family! Your children are beautiful and I think the autumn light is perfect…so warm and golden!

  • http://www.fachuebersetzungen.de Suzie

    Thanks for sharing. This video is such a great example of how the simple things can give us so much pleasure. Looks like a great family day was had by all.

  • Kathleen OGrady

    How precious was that! Enjoy those moments they will be gone before you know it!

  • Lyn A.

    Thanks for sharing that part of your precious family! It made me feel so happy watching it! I I was quit impressed with Addie’s rythm. Life IS beautiful when families are together singing.

  • Chrissie

    That was priceless and unforgettable. What a golden moment! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • http://lucylocketrecycledherpocket.blogspot.com lucylocket

    I’m usually just a visitor but this post has made me comment – that video is just adorable – and now I want to buy the Lumineers’ album too! Lucy x

  • Mary

    Congratulations on 5 years!! That was the BEST video EVER! Such a sweet moment with your family. And Ian in the background was just perfect. That’s real life for ya!!