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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m resurrecting old art today! (appropriate for Halloween, right?) I hope everyone has a wonderful day of fun. I’m most likely staying home with a sick toddler, but in some ways I’m relieved….I love spending time with just one at a time. Especially when extra cuddles are required. Even on Halloween.

And thanks for the Horsie costume ideas. Proud to say I came up with a pretty easy and inexpensive way to satisfy. Pictures soon!

And if you need a last minute ‘fill the time before trick or treating’ print out, here’s a free paper doll I made ages ago that I’m reposting here.

Happy Halloween!!!



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what if we said it more

I’ve been thinking a lot of compassion lately. Understanding both sides of the story. Being aware of other’s needs before your own. Maybe it’s the political climate. Maybe it’s that I have small children and not a day goes by with some lesson that includes the word “share” “say you’re sorry” “I love you” and “It’s OK.”

Maybe it’s that the Weepies are on repeat tonight: “Don’t say words you don’t mean | Looking back now I only wish I had been kinder | Did I ever know love, did I ever know love? And could I have been blinder?”

But I’m constantly aware of the possibly oversimplified truth, but truth nevertheless, that if we all just learned to see and understand the other person’s perspective, and said “I’m Sorry” more often, the world would be better off for it.

And I personally wouldn’t mind painted color dots showing up every time forgiveness happened either. It’d be a much prettier world, at that.

Be unexpectedly nice to someone today.

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Children at Play Paper Line

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that the paper collection for CHILDREN AT PLAY is FINALLY available!

Oh. It’s been a long time coming. I announced a year ago that I collaborated with Making Memories to create a fantastic paper collection, and unfortunately, there were some events that kept it from getting produced on time. It was re-released this August and is now in stores!

I won’t say too much here, except for you to go and browse all the products as you wish to. But I will say, that I’m not much of a scrapbooker. Mostly because I haven’t the time! I adore paper, and I love memory keeping. But when I designed this collection, I made very clear that I wanted this to be a paper collection that you could be used for proper scrapbooking…..but also to PLAY with. DECORATE with. One that children could really enjoy. There are banners, papers, stickers, paper dolls with LOTS of clothes (all in children at play textiles of course) and so much more.

I have yet to really take some proper photographs.  As I was laying everything out, my girls IMMEDIATELY took to “setting” up a little paper play room. I guess that’s a good sign that these are just as fun to play with as they are to scrapbook with.

Good, good fun!

Here’s a short video created by showing all the paper options displayed at the CHA tradeshow this summer!

I’ve created a list of stores for you to browse on the product page here.

I’ve started a SARAH JANE PAPER Photo Group, so please do join in if you’d like!

I’m so glad to have these finally available. They have been so much fun around here. Enjoy!

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little red and some voting

I’ve been cleaning off my computer, and coming across files that I have totally forgotten about. Crazy, right? I get big ideas a lot, and often they aren’t right or ready, and this was one of them. This is from over 2 years ago, and I’m wishing it had some more life to it! I was kind of over the “little red” phase a long time ago, but honestly, it’s never really old. It’s always a good time for fairy tales and folk tales.

So, I’m starting the process of (finally!) redoing my kids rooms. New floors (old stained carpets) and painted walls (the current brown is killing me) and we’re starting fresh. Red and pink has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m leaning in that direction. But with a little orange for spunk. More inspiration later, for sure.

But before I head off to pick out paint colors, would you mind taking the time to vote here?

I was nominated for best children’s wall decor, and I’d love to have your vote!!! 

Just click here, and it will take  you to the place where you just click and button!

Thanks so much friends! Have a LOVELY friday!



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Around the studio

No words today. Just pictures. These are little snippets of what’s going on in the studio right now.

Making. Planning. Playing. Creating. Feeling.

My happy place.




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October 31

I have a print out for you, a sketch that I made a while back actually. But I never made it available for download, and now it is!

It prints out at standard paper size. It looks great in a frame, or maybe pinned to a surface. (The water mark is NOT on the print out, don’t worry:)

Happy decorating!

I’m off to finish off putting Halloween costumes together. Any one have ideas on how to make a horse costume for my 3 year old? I’ve been persuading her to be something else, cause well, I have no clue how to make a soft horse costume. But looks like I’ll be figuring it out tonight! She’s not backing down:)

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Like a child.

*illustration by my Addie, age 7*

I often get asked, in interviews, or just casual conversation, where I get my inspiration from.

There are a lot of things to address in that answer, but always….and seriously always….I answer with “Children.”

Children have an incredible need to express what they are feeling in the moment, and art is one of the most natural ways they can do that.

My own children inspire me every day. They get an idea, and do something about it. Right then. No thinking, no editing, no questioning. Totally from the heart.

And not afraid to mess up, make messes and get dirty.

Easier said than done, right?

Creativity has been on my mind. And specifically that balance between letting go, hitting the moon….and making sure you gave a net to catch it in:)

It’s a balance for sure. But I can bet You’ll hear me talking about this a lot more. It’s been on my mind, and I have a lot of new exploring to do.

How do you get inspired? I’d love to hear.



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Pin & Flickr Friday: QUILTS



I love these friday round ups. Mostly because it gives me a chance to really appreciate all the amazing projects that I could never do myself.

Today, I have quilts on my mind. Addie is determined to make a quilt for her newest niece (Rebecca, don’t read this!) and we’re looking to put the pieces together this weekend. Addie is a determined little maker, and it makes me so happy to create with her!

It’s also getting colder, and we could use some more quilts in the basement:)

*as cozy as spring*

So here’s my Out to Sea  and Children at Play quilt round up today. By no means are they conclusive…please click on over here and here to get more inspired!

*Image Here* 

*erica jackman*

*red pepper quilts*

 *sweet unwrapping life*

*A Quilt is Nice*

*A Quilt is Nice*

*rose smoke*

*Kristen Coverlets*

*Katie Deerie*

*Katie Deerie*

*Fresh Lemons*

Image Here.

*snips snippets*


I’m gushing over them all! Ya. Pretty Amazing. And I’ve only scratched the surface with all there is to see! Check out the Photo groups here and here as well as my Pinterest pages here and here. So many ideas!

Do you have a favorite quilt design you are itching to make this season? The holidays always get the juices going! Do share….I’d love to know what your latest ideas are!

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