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OUT TO SEA Blog Tour: Narwhal Pillow

So, we’re on a Narwhal kick here. I don’t think this is a very bad problem to have, do you?

This week, I’m bringing you this darling pillow pattern sewn by Sachiko at TEA ROSE HOME where you can find the full tutorial and pattern instructions. Sachiko has become a dear friend, as our paths have crossed over numerous conferences and markets. She’s a very talented seamstress, and you might recognize her blog from the ruffle tutorials that made her famous:)

The narwhal design is directly lifted from the fabric design FIND THE NARWHAL in the OUT TO SEA collection (shipping out next week!)  He’s really easy to make, and could use a home in someone’s room I’m sure:)


Happy Sewing!

For other OUT TO SEA DIY Projects, visit here.

*All projects in the Out to Sea Blog tour are made especially for the OUT TO SEA Fabric Collection produced by MICHAEL MILLER Fabrics. Fabric will be shipping First week in August. For more information about the fabric visit this post or Michael Miller Fabrics website

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Summer Days

This summer so far has been wonderful. We had  the chance of being at my old house for a few weeks, and we’re loving the time away. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been home for a long period of time, and it’s really wonderful for me to be reminded of all the things that have contributed to me as an artist, and influenced me as a child. Seeing my children in the space that I grew up in is so revealing to me. I haven’t really had the chance to see that much. I miss it.

I planned on working and playing….keeping up with things as normal. But my parents have had major computer/internet issues and honestly, it’s been a welcomed break. I’ve got an inbox that is piling up and projects that have been forced to wait, but they can wait. Summer with kids is precious time.

Coming back home, I’m reminded of all the details I grew up with…the colors, the green and the ever present nature all around. I grew up minutes from the city, but minutes from the country. It was the perfect, perfect place to build an imagination. So many farms, walks, places to explore.

I have lots more little mini adventures to share. Like this family that’s been living near my parents house.  There are actually 4 baby dear between 2 Mama’s that keep poking in to say hello. I can’t get enough of it.

Hope you are all having wonderful memories this summer! I’m terrified with how fast it flies by! Lazy days….please, please stay!

Happy summer days to you all!



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OUT TO SEA Blog Tour: Mr. Narwhal

Can I tell you how excited I am for this project! Well, I’m excited for the Out to Sea Blog Tour to start in general….but I’m SO excited for this.

This guy has a story.

Meta at ONE MORE MUSHROOM will show you how to make it. But I want to tell you why he’s even here.

When I was designing my collection, I needed to have Narwhals. I just HAD to! It was one of the first inspirations behind the collection. Aren’t they the cutest? As I was designing my booth, I wanted it to feel like the interior of a very whimsical yet nautical children’s room. Well, as I was designing the booth, it just wasn’t feeling whimsical and playful enough. So I decided we needed a Narwhal wall mount. I told my husband and he was rather skeptical. But I kept telling him that it would be the sweetest thing ever! And I needed someone to make it that I would trust….and that would bring that whimsical feel that I envisioned.  So I asked Meta. Do you know Meta? She has a brand new (AMAZING!) blog where she talks children’s design and decor (but with a very scandinavian feel…oooooh…it’s lovely). She’s ever so gifted and we “get” each other. So, I asked her about making a wall mount…and she was thrilled! Isn’t he so cute? He got so many “Awwwwwww’s” at market. Cutest thing!

So here it is:


Happy Making!

For other OUT TO SEA DIY Projects, visit here.

*All projects in the Out to Sea Blog tour are made especially for the OUT TO SEA Fabric Collection produced by MICHAEL MILLER Fabrics. Fabric will be shipping First week in August. For more information about the fabric visit this post or Michael Miller Fabrics website


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All hands on deck…get ready to sew!


Ahoy there……Tomorrow is the day!

OUT TO SEA fabric ships out any day now, and I’m so excited to see your creations.

Which is why I’m launching the OUT TO SEA D.I.Y BLOG TOUR!  The idea behind this is to get your hands on all the projects made in my Quilt Market booth, and then some. I’m going to be featuring a new project every week on Wednesdays where you’ll be sent to the tutorial of how to make it. I’ve worked with my sewers from this season to offer FREE tutorials and downloads, and I’m so grateful for their generosity!  I had very specific sewing projects needed for my booth, and so many sewers were willing to share how to make them! Each project has a story, and each project really brings the fabric to life.

So far the tour is booked out through September, so keep your sewing machine ready!

The OUT TO SEA fabric will be shipping to stores starting the end of this month. You can see my list of FABRIC STOCKISTS on my side bar with info on stores that have purchased the fabric. You can also contact your local Quilt Shop and put them in contact with Michael Miller Fabrics to order the collection.

I also just set up an OUT TO SEA Flickr Group, so as you make things PLEASE share. You inspire so many people!

So all hands on Deck….we’re on a fantastic voyage! Please, Pin, share on Facebook, and share with your friends. This is going to be a great way to give people Free sewing projects! I can’t wait!


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Hi! How are you?

HI you guys! I feel so out of touch…it’s been a while!

Over on this end, we’ve had a lot of deadlines and family stuff. We are spending the rest of the summer with my parents back east, which is marvelous! But….if you were part of the great storm situation here…we’ve had a hard time getting our internet working with all the power issues. So, while it’s been AWESOME to be disconnected…I have so much to catch you up on!

First up, I had a birthday yesterday which was just perfect. The first birthday I’ve spent with my parents since I think I was 19 or 20. And I’m quite a bit older than that now;)  I had the most romantic and delicious food over the weekend that you may have seen on facebook or instagram.  I feel so lucky & blessed!

And while I’m here, I’m taking some time to really sit back and make plans…relax….catch up….be with family….and really just have a change of scenery. Things get so busy at home, and sometimes it just takes getting out of your own house to start fresh…you know?

And lastly…This week we are starting the OUT TO SEA D.I.Y. Blog Tour!! I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. But starting this Wednesday, and then every Wednesday until we are done, I’ll be posting Free DIY’s and tutorials for the projects from my Quilt Market Booth, as well as other projects that you can get the patterns and tutorials for. Because….. the OUT TO SEA fabric collection starts shipping out very, very soon! (Aug.4th to be exact)

So…there you have it. I’ll be around lots more…sorry for the absence!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! I’ll see you tomorrow to get us all started on this Awesome blog tour!!



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You Tell the Story…..

The result of having a million projects going at once, is that I have a million projects going at once. Translation: I find myself with very little time to illustrate for just “me.” Life has been one deadline after another the past few years…back to back, on top of each other, and always pushed to the max. It’s the nature of any job…but when trying to balance motherhood, marriage and home and garden, it usually means that I choose sleep over doing something for just me. I mean, don’t we all?

But as I am growing as an artist, I know more than anything that taking time out to just illustrate with no agenda keeps the soul in my work.

here’s a doodle I sketched out today that is an extension of another project I’m working on .


I’ve been thinking so much of children and their natural inclination towards imaginary play.  It makes me feel like the world is actually doing alright when I see children imagining.  Cause the world ain’t doin’ so hot, so I just keep to the children. They’ve got it all figured out.

So here’s what you get to do:

Get your kids on your lap, and make up a little story about Mora. Why does she like bunnies, and what is she going to do with them? Can she really do magic or is it just pretend? No restrictions…just imagine.

I’d love to hear their stories!



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