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Quilt Market Part 1: Behind the Scenes

Ok. I’m back!

So…Quilt Market. Out to Sea Fabric. Michael Miller awesomeness. I’m ready to share all.

But not all at once!

Here’s a little video we put together of set up.

It was so, so awesome to tackle this project of putting up a booth with my best friend and partner in crime.

We had a lot of challenges getting the booth up (more on that later!) but after winning the Creativity Award, I think it was all worth it!



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The Cherry on top

I am slowly emerging from the recovery of Quilt Market! It was a fantastic show! I want to share it all with the detail it deserves, which means I’ll be posting all the yummy details next week.

The show was in Kansas City, which was a good 2 day drive. On the way home we ran into some car troubles which had us at our front door at 4 am. Painful, when we realized that Kenneth would be leaving for work at 6:15. Ouch.

But as beat down tired as we were, and with all the successes of the week at Market that we had, opening the front doorand walking into this project of Addie’s that she placed right on the foyer rug, made it ALL worth it.

Translation: “Please don’t ruin it. Signed, Addie”

But the real translation is: “I have missed you so much. So while you were gone for the week, I was sewing and designing too, just like you. It’s my own special way of saying I want to be just like Mom and Dad.”

If it weren’t 4 am, and I wasn’t so exhausted and bleary eyed, I would have burst into tears.

She had spent a day designing, cutting, sewing and pinning her own dress. My heart just wanted to burst. I haven’t even really taught her how to do any of that, but she’s been watching I guess. In all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the show, she wanted more than anything to do what her mom was doing. Sometimes when things get really busy here before a show, I always have such a careful eye on the children to make sure that they are still feeling loved, cared for and not feeling neglected…which could EASILY happen if I am not careful. This calmed my worried-mother heart in one single moment. Knowing that my kids take pride in what I do, and feel part of it in their own way, is the best feeling ever. All was well.

The details really shocked me. 3/4 length sleeves (at matching sizes) an open diamond back, stitching of some dirt and grass on the bottom hem….my only trouble now is how to sew it in one piece so we can take it off the model:)

And oh the pride when she woke up and showed us.

Quilt Market was a huge success. We won an award, had fantastic reception and over all it was worth all the work.

But this topped it off. Nothing could make me more delighted then my little girl trying her hand at it too.

Looks like we have some Mommy-daughter sewing to do all summer!

And if you want some details of market, make sure to check out Facebook and Instagram!

I’ll be posting lots more next week! Happy Memorial Day weekend!




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Introducing: OUT TO SEA

OK! Are you ready? Here we go! Introducing OUT TO SEA… latest collection with Michael Miller Fabrics.

Out to Sea has been on my mind for oh….maybe a year and a half now. I finally put it all together into 3 colorways, each telling a great story.

Golly! Where to start. I never know where to start…especially knowing this is your first introduction. Say hello!

Let’s start with pictures, shall we?

So, do you have a minute? There is so much I want to tell you and show you…and I have a feeling that I won’t be able to do it justice all in one post.

But I’ll try!

So….when I was designing this collection, I paid a lot of attention to the classic elements of Maritime Fancies….but also to how children imagine and play.

This map print is a good example of that…perfect for running fingers through the ship paths (the above picture is embroidered by the way….the real fabric has printed dashed lines:) So this collection really has a good mix of larger scale fabrics, and small….which is my way of encouraging lots and lots of variations in project making.

Every child dreams of adventures on the sea…and this collection is my offering to the whimsy of maritime travel.


What I love about this fabric, is that it’s considered quilting grade fabric, but the weave is a new quality called Cotton Couture, and is much, much softer and lighter than the traditional quilting grade. But….it’s not 100% apparel grade either! I’ve been sewing bedding and quilts all week, and it’s amazing to home dec, quilt and apparel with. My, my, my. I’m in love.

So wow! Here it all is!

As you are reading this, I’m standing in front of my Quilt Market booth with a high waisted skirt in the navy anchor fabric, and a sea flower peter pan collar. I adore that this collection is suitable enough for the older folk like me:)

I am running out of time, as my fingers are itching to finish up projects and get to Quilt Market! Can I show you more later? There is so much to play with, and I wish I had time for all my ideas!

So, wish me luck at Quilt Market!! I’ll be thinking of all of you back home seeing this for the first time! It’s always such a weird feeling to hit “Publish” on a post like this….hoping that a year’s worth of color and design that has been stewing in my head is something you can get to know and love too!

More to share soon! I want to dive in deep with you all and show you how much fun I’ve been having with this fabric.

Love and hugs!!

xoxo sarah jane

And PS: because I know you will ask, this fabric will be in stores come Aug 1. Scheduling fabric releases is a very huge process, and there is so much time involved. But I’m going to be sharing tours of ideas (more on this later) to help you get ideas for what you can do with this collection so you are ready when it is available!


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Coming soon

It’s here! It’s finally here. Spring Quilt Market. We’re packing and painting, sewing and stitching….and we’re heading out in a pink and navy ship (I wish!) on Monday. Ouch. Monday? Lots to do until then…but I’m really looking forward to telling you all about this collection. To be fair to all the stores who are privy to first peeks, I’m going to be sharing it ALL with you the week of market…next week.

And I’m like doing the potty dance in excitement…ready to spill the beans.

(photo courtesy of April Rosenthal)

This time last year, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into! I was ready to launch Children at Play, and being so super excited about it, we just dove into the Quilt Market scene head first, ready to see how the fabric world would take on. And we were so excited. Kenneth and I both love working on projects together, and with his set building love, and my love for designing spaces, we might be having just as much…if not more fun than last year!

It’s really crazy what so many people put into making a booth at market. It’s rather addictive for Kenneth and I, and maybe it’s because we just love being able to tell a story behind the designs. Making a space that feels like home, and inspires childhood fancies. But oh the hours invested:) Going to bed at midnight feels like an early nighter. Yikes!

But our spirits are good…and our kids are so amazing, and have loved being part of “Mommy’s fabric.” I live for their excitement! And they really are my best taste-testers. I try out my ideas on them, and see how they take! Perfect little guinea pigs.

Gosh I love what I do.

It’s a quest to find all the right thrifted pieces to reuse, and make new again for the show. It’s so fun! Maybe cause it’s like designing a space where you are forced to do it fast, and inexpensively….but with a very strong theme around it. That sounds like an awesome HGTV show…maybe I’ll pitch a trailer.

So much of telling a fabric story is setting the feel, and this booth has honestly been so fun to put together. Late nights and all!

And with having fabric 2 weeks to put on a show, it’s of course necessary to get help…and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve created with the help of so many super-amazing talented people!

So, this is your LAST TEASER!

Next time I’m on here, you’re going to be seeing the REAL thing. I can’t even wait to show!! I feel a little like Willie Wonka, waiting to open the door to what’s been in my head the past few months. I really hope you like it. It’s going to be so much fun to see what you all create!

So, I’m coming back with lots to share…and I need some time to gather it all up and tell a very wonderful story.

Are you as excited as I am?

See you next week!



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Magnetic Paper Dolls

We interupt the hustle and bustle of getting a fabric debut and quilt market set ready…..(because frankly, I’m a little slap happy, and need a good play break) and bring to you….

More paper dolls! We love paper dolls at our house. And it’s about high time that there were new ones for you!  I have never made magnetic paper dolls before (I know a lot of you do!) and now I’m hooked.

I printed them out onto magnetic printer paper, and voila! I guess you can also use magnetic craft paper and glue the doll down and cut out around the edges. This brings a whole new level to paper doll playing. Seriously. This is high tech.

I have a magnetic board for the kids where we post charts, and notes. But initially, the idea came to use a cookie sheet. Too bad I have the same cookie sheets since my bridal shower, and they are rather beat up and well loved. Not much magnetic stick left!

Magnetic dolls are so great, because they make it really fun and easy to “set” up. This collection has small little cups and treats that are fun to layer up and play with from a cookie sheet, or hanging magnetic board.

And here is a little doll and outfit FREE! The gingham blanket is so fun as a magnet:)

It’s been forever since I’ve grabbed some Children at Play fabric to sew with. It was so nice to grab some of this again. Drawstring bags are a no-fuss sew, and now we can keep them off the floor:)

Have fun playing! I’m off to whirl and twirl and prep for another quilt market show! I’ll be spilling the beans soon…but you know the drill. No peeking until it’s done:)






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A gift for you Mothers

This week, in honor of motherhood, I’m linking up with Lil’light of Mine to offer a giveaway and free gift to all you mothers!

I absolutely love being a mom. One of the reasons I love it so much, is because my mother LOVES being a mom. It’s her life’s work. The older I get, the more I realize how unique she is, in that she’s never treated motherhood like a secondary career, or the person she becomes when her work is done. She’s a mother 24/7 and will drop anything to listen or be with her children. She loves, loves, loves, her kids, and really spends her days working and worrying and caring for them. Today actually marks a big milestone for her, in that her baby is going on a church mission for 18 months, which is a really big event for a parent (and child) because they will leave home, and only communicate through email once a week their entire service.  Today is the day that her last child isn’t really a child any more. And I can only imagine how that feels.

Kids grow up. But Mothers stay Mothers. Just think about that for a moment.

Today I want to celebrate Mothers in just a small way, by first noticing what I’ve learned about my mom, and letting you comment with one thing that you’ll go to your grave with that you’ve learned from yours.

I could write a mini series on all that my Mom has taught me, but I won’t get all deep and mushy here. But one thing I’ve learned from her this year, is that she is the kind that makes little people feel important. She’s extremely happy when she is with little children, and she often is seen rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically with toddlers…completely at their level. But she is also gifted in bouying up the grownups that “feel” little, and maybe don’t have the social status that goes along with being recognized or valued. That is her gift. She notices the unnoticed, the small and the little..which are often the biggest people of all. She has the greater perspective that sees beyond and into what “is” and is one of those very “real” people. No fluff…just pure and real.

So, this week, I want to celebrate this amazing role of motherhood. The hardest thing I’ve ever done, and yet the best. Giving your all into this job takes a lot of heart, guts and courage.

I wanted to give something to you Mothers that would be special and meaningful to say thank you for the care you put into your work every day. I know, because 90% of you are moms! And I get to interact with so many of you, and it’s seriously such a treat! I am so lucky that I didn’t choose to work in a field with gruff, grumpy men. Truly! ha:)

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Answer this question: What is one gift you’ve carried down from your mom into your own mothering or lifestyle?


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hats off to you all!



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