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Sing the song you were born to sing

Ashely Anne Photography has been a favorite blog of mine for a while. She is the one that posted this great tutorial of how to stitch over the LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE print that I know so many of you have printed out and used. And I’ve been wanting to make more illustrated quotes now for a while, so when she asked me to illustrate a poster as a gift for those who donate money to the orphanage where her daughter is coming from in China, I jumped at the chance. You can read more about the project here. There are other prints for those who donate, all themed around the word “song.” Beautiful and inspiring.

I came up with this phrase a while ago, while I was looking back on the paths I’ve take as well as the paths that I want to take. So often, when making decisions, I tend to look at those I know and love to see what has taken them down their roads. But in the end, I always take my own. We all do. It can be scary, not knowing what your particular road will be. Even though we forge ahead year after year, there are still moments when we have to step back and make sure we are making this the path that we were truly meant for. And it really is an adventure, isn’t it?

And so there we go. Sing the song you were born to sing.

Thank you Ashley for bringing awareness to yet another great cause, and enjoy!

This print is 8 x 10. Print it out and pin it up…frame it….trace it and stitch it…whatever suits you! Enjoy!


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Once again: attempting the impossible.

Hello! And Happy Friday!
Wow…thanks for all your lovely responses to my internship post. I’m learning more and more how wonderful it is to be part of such a wonderful creative community. Not all communities are gracious and wonderful, and I’m just so happy to be associated with such genuine people! Thank you! I had a much bigger response than I can use, but I’m once again reminded that though I work from home by myself….we really are all so willing to help each other. Thank you!

I’ve just come back from a quick spin to NYC (which was a fantastic adventure that I’ll share next week) so I’ve been absent from here for a bit.

But before I do that…I’m asking you for some advice. Parenting advice.

So I think I have the Easter picture curse. Do you? Or is it just me? You probably don’t remember these pictures, but this is how every Easter measures up.

Don’t get me wrong: I adore these pics….so much! But sometimes I just wish I could capture that single picture where everyone is looking at the camera…everything is in focus, and the children look happy and relaxed. Just one!

Seriously. I think I took like 157 pictures. The lighting was beyond perfect. It was minutes before church (and we were actually dressed and ready early!) but I honestly couldn’t get all 3 to look at me let alone give me a natural smile. We were all laughing the whole way…because they really are meant for the stage and come up with the wittiest things to say and do with each other. But every year, we end up with the silly pics (which depicts real life for sure!)

I laugh, because the only shot where I got them all to look at the camera was when I told them to act like Kings and Queens  (which I realize was a silly request because I guess Kings and Queens don’t smile much. Oops!)

So, suggestions welcome for how to get a group of overly loving and dramatic children to hold still and look pleasant for the camera? I really think the answer is wearing your camera during waking hours all day everyday, so that when the moment comes, you are ready. Not very good at that one.

So, do share: are your good pics on accident? Or do you have tricks. I have a whole year to practice:)

Although, I do have to say…when they are on their own, they are magic. Heart-breaker, he is.




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***I’m interrupting this space for a quick announcement***

So around these parts, things are getting busy. Quilt Market is coming up, and I’ve got some projects I’m working on, and I’m looking for an intern!

Interested? Know anyone who would like to know the ins and outs of running a creative studio?

I’m currently looking for 1-2 helpers from now until the end of May who can:

1) Handle a paint brush, glue gun and love craft projects

2) Basic sewing/handle fabric

3) Knowledge of Photoshop and/or Illustrator would be preferable

4) Has their own car and be willing to run errands

5) Be willing to drive to Provo, Utah 3+ days a week

6) Likes to eat homemade bread

I’m looking for someone who can be available through the end of May, but it could possibly be extended based on need.

Please email me directly at sarah (at) sarahjanestudios (dot) com

Thanks so much! xoxo

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Happy Easter Sale and stuff

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! I’m super excited to be celebrating. It’s a favorite weekend for us, with lots of traditions that I love. Have a mentioned that my husband’s family is German and Russian? So we have some great food traditions that we get all worked up about. It’s the best.

So to celebrate, I’ve got a weekend sale to say thank you! ETSY and the WEBSHOP will have 20% off all weekend! Enjoy!

I’m going to be honest here and say that running a shop isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. In fact it’s one of the hardest. Even after 4 1/2 years, there are things I just can’t seem to smooth out. There are so many uncertainties and so much work that goes on behind the scenes. Maybe I’ll write more about that later, but this week I’ve found myself particularly curious about the balance of it all, feeling rather upside down really, and I just am really so grateful that I even have wonderful friends like you who support what I create. I am just so humbled sometimes when I realize that I get to offer people what I illustrate, and that it makes other  people happy. And thank you as well for all the sweet notes you have sent me, the emails, comments, etc. running a shop (even with my assistant Ann) can be a lonely road…full risk and decisions to make at every turn…so I just wanted to take a second and thank you so much for your constant support! It means so much!

And on some other random notes, I’ve been featured with some interviews out and about,  think you’d like these.

Today, Gussy Sews has a HOW TO LIVE CREATIVELY feature with insights by yours truly. Love her blog!

And I never did mention an interview I did with illustrator Julie Olson talking about illustration and my personal path to publication.

Oh! And I nearly forgot! FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING and author Karen Le Billon was on Good Morning America this week! What a treat!

OK! Have a great weekend!

Today is a fluke snow storm (yikes!) but I’m looking so much to smelling saffron in the kitchen from Easter Bread.

Love to you all!



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MAKE THINGS: Easter Surprise Balls

Last night I got together with some ladies in my neighborhood to make some Easter Surprise balls! This is the kind of thing that is perfect to do in a group. The idea has come from multiple sources, namely this one.

But instead of an empty ball, my friend Stephanie decided to use these darling tie-it-on-your-bum-and-look-like-the-Easter-Bunny-cottontails as the center of the Surprise Ball.  Stephanie made these darling cotton tails, and I can’t wait to see my kids with these:)

The idea is that inside every layer of crepe paper, is a new surprise. Place a toy or prize on the ball, and wrap with one long strand of crepe paper.  Keeping the prizes small and either compact or moldable is great!

We mostly used sheets of crepe paper, and cute them in strips. They handle better, and don’t rip as easily.

Then comes the filling!

Merillee made these darling stickers, and Alison brought felt wool bunnies (who by the way have amazing–no AMAZING–blogs. Yeow!)

Oh, and I skipped the firecracker:) Could be rather fun for the older ones!

I made these little paper bunnies, with a free download here.

It would be fun to make other shapes too…like a carrot, or a bunny shape. Have fun with it!

Finish is off with a sticker, and it’s ready for the Easter Basket!

Here’s the FREE DOWNLOAD if you want to make some little cut out friends. They are really not very useful except to just play with and decorate with. Simple, Simple!

And PS:

I’ve been hinting at showing you some fabric peeks, but alas, I made a mistake in telling you too soon. I’ll need to wait till we get closer to May….but I promise it’s coming! Sorry. Please don’t hate me:(

Also, the Children at Play paper line is releasing in May as well! Meh. More waiting…sorry! But I have more fun stuff to fill in the gaps, so no worries.

Back to the art table! xoxo

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