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Free applique pattern, studio improvements & hello!

Well, this blogging once a week thing is proving to be much better with my new schedule as of late. As I’ve been required to dig a little deeper into projects (which is always really hard to do in short spurts of free time) I find myself consolidating all over the place. The house is getting rearranged, my studio space and craft room is getting a make over, and I’m even rearranging our big hall closet. Spring is in the air I guess (eek! I love this time of year!) and I’m getting more aware of how to get more organized and how to make for more focused art time.

Although I still intend to endorse this quote from A. A. Milne.

“One of the advantages of being disorderly, is that one is constantly making new discoveries.”

Amen to that.

One of the projects I’ve been up to is writing up this template and pattern for the Michael Miller Blog this weekend. So fun! Mostly it was an excuse for me to FINALLY write up this pattern for a quilt I designed for Quilt Market a bajillion months ago (ok, 9 months ago). Quilt Market was such a buzz, and I needed so much help to put a booth together in one week (I’m still trying to block those days and nights out  of my memory!) and Amy Smart quilted this up for me. She is amazing, as you know. All I did was draw up a pattern (scribbled, really) and she made it happen. I’ve been asked for the template ever since, and I finally got around to it!

So hop on over to the Michael Miller Blog and check it out!

The downloadable Template is HERE and the instructions are on the blog HERE.

I’ve been getting back into sewing a bit more too. Something about spring coming. I haven’t really been sewing anything since market, but mostly because me sewing machine keeps breaking down, and my sewing room has been a perpetual mess.

Bleh. Time for a makeover! Can’t wait to get started. So many ideas!

Me and my sister in law’s have been working on this quilt for my newest nephew, and I’m about ready to have it quilted up. It turned out so well. His parents are both scientists, so the rocket theme was perfect!

Oh! And speaking of spaces, I finally got a couch in the studio! Finally a place for the kids to crash and hang out, and for me to snuggle up and sketch. It’s made our space so much more cozy. But now I have to figure out what to put on the walls! Ideas?

And to finish with something I’ve sketched/doodled, I’ve resurrected a very, very old piece. This was one of the original pieces in my shop that I pulled up from forever ago it seems.  Addie just started ballet again, and dance has been on my mind. It’s always a bit weird to go through really old files, and see how much I’ve changed in 4 years. Anyways, this was done 4 years ago, but it’s fun to bring back.

Have a super-duper week. And don’t forget to swing by the Michael Miller blog!






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just to be in check with ya…

Hello there!

So, let’s talk about blogging a bit.

I’m not blogging as much lately. Have you noticed? This bothers me! But I’m also chin deep in projects that I just can’t talk about and I wish I could (wink, wink;) This is a tricky business! Wanting so much to be in the conversation, but not really able to share what I’m presently doing. Hmmmmmmm. I’m in the middle of figuring all this out. Any suggestions?

I’ve been learning a lot about myself this year. I’m learning that using my gifts is essential to my happiness, and I have such a supportive husband and family! It also means that I protect my family time with valiance. And since I’ve been involved in more projects that really take a ton of artistic focus, I’ve found that breaking away and chatting has been happening less and less! Maybe nobody here minds, but I’ve missed it!

So, I may or may not be blogging every other day like I used to. Who knows. I just had to come out here and say that it might just be less than normal so that I can be true to what I value most. Maybe not. Maybe it will pick up again. But I’ve been so happy posting many times in a week, and with my renewed focus to produce more art, I’m getting here less and less.

I value the conversations we have here so much!  That’s not going anywhere….I just have to be honest and say that I might just be hopping in once a week now. Do you mind?

I’d be lying if I said that raising a family, running a business and getting lost in illustration by night isn’t a hard juggling act. It’s a VERY satisfying one, and I have the most amazing husband on the planet (who’s just as creative and crazy, so he gets it!) But I will be honest in saying that there are plenty of things to keep in check, and I may be putitng all my efforts into one post a week, versus 3. But again. No rules…just filling you in.

I’m on facebook book with little updates all the time if you do feel like checking in more! I just love you guys! This whole community ROCKS!

I’m off to pack and head to the airport for a little R&R with my parents and siblings this weekend. Haven’t been home in almost 2 years. My how time flies.Yay for mini-weekend trips!

Love and kisses, and as always…thank you!!!!

PS: My inspiration boards are growing rapidly. All art by me, except the quote and the dress. Ahoy!



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So, a few items of business.

Do you have your printable valentines yet?? I’m cutting mine today! (You’d think I’d be more prepared with having my very own this year, but alas…I still love to procrastinate!) Good thing it’s ready to go at least. And Did I mention that these will only be available through valentines? Yep. Then…the end.


Tomorrow ONLY  20% off EVERYTHING in the shop

Yay! I love these little deals. 20% off with code: heart20   in both shops here and here.

And do you have a shop where you sell Sarah Jane fabric clothing items? I love watching the FLICKR group grow, but I’d love to feature more projects here on the blog too, so everyone can know where to get a hold of the goods. This one above is the new collection from Georgia Grace. Love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day and don’t forget to come by for the sale tomorrow!

We bought these books for the kids for Valentines Day (they are all very kissy) Love!

Have a wonderful lovely Valentines!



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Art lessons in the studio

So my kids are learning a lot of art lately, and it’s not from me.

I don’t usually work when the kids are around, but when I have to, it’s so fun to have them in with me. It’s really small (12 x 12 feet) but the children love to squeeze  their way in to do art with me as much as they can. Addie likes to paint with me while I’m working on the computer, and though we use the kitchen table when we are all art making, the studio seems to get used quite a bit.

But while I’m an artist, I don’t actually spend much time teaching the kids. They get to use the space as they want (ahem-Ella), and get inspired by what ever is in their head.

So I’ve wanted to post here for a while a favorite book of ours that the kids love to pull out when they are art making. (I posted this when I was guest blogging for Lucky Magazine and I forgot to mention here!)

This Charley Harper book gets used a lot…and not for flipping through on the coffee table. But while they paint.  It’s big, it’s heavy (lays on the table really nicely) and while I love that they are learning about such an amazing artist, I really love how it’s a visual art lesson on how to see nature in terms of shapes and color.  It’s a brilliant activity to have the kids browse through the book and copy his painting, or interpret them their own way.

So try it! You can even just pull up images online on your computer or ipad or whatever, and it will seriously keep your kids drawing forever, and really thinking about shape, color and line in all that they see around them.

It’s so fun to see kids be artists at home. Man…if I didn’t have kids at home, I think I’d want to be an art teacher. It’s so exciting to see them have so much confidence in their work. Something I am constantly learning from them every day.

I’m working on cozying up the studio. So I should have more pics to show you soon! I’m thinking about a couch…perfect for curling up and sketching. AND having a place to sit when the kids take over the art table:)

Oops! And EDIT:

(can’t have a post without some art!)

Rumor has it that a lot of you readers are kids, who like to see new art on my blog. Is that true? If so, tell me what this little bunny is doing in the comments below. I’d love to hear your ideas!



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Valentine Printables

Ok. So there are 11 days until Valentines Day. I’m lucky if I have presents for Christmas 11 days before. Valentines day always sneaks up on me, and I’m never prepared. I’m always stuck getting something left over in the grocery store isle, and so this year, I’ve decided to beat the battle.

Printables! I can’t even tell you how much fun I had making these.

So this whole package includes 8 pages of printed goodness: 2 styles of printable envelopes, tags (2×3 inches), and cards (size 4×4 inches) and 2 sheets of printable paper (hearts and gingham) that you can use for extra card making, wrapping, cut outs, etc.

So, just as an FYI….these two friends were the inspiration for me when I started my ETSY shop! Remember this precious image, and this one? Well, I kinda have been busy illustrating other stuff, and they have been bugging me BIG TIME to get out more. So, I hope you enjoy Wellesley & Winslow for your Valentines Festivities!

So, these are PDF printables, and because of the file size, they are ONLY available on the website, not the ETSY shop. On the website, you will get an AUTOMATIC email notice with the download instructions once you purchase.

And….I’m only going to be offering this through Valentines Day!! 11 days only!!

So, hurry and get them now. I’m not sure that I’ll be putting these back up.

So cute! Even my 6 year old boy got excited about these. No joke. This might just inspire me to have a little Valentine Tea Party this year. Ooooh! I can’t wait:)

CLICK HERE for the printables.

Have fun!!



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Sneaky Peeky

Hello! I feel like it’s been forever since I posted (ok…a week!) The trouble about blogging and working as I do,  is that most of what I do all day is stuff that I can’t talk about! It’s the nature of producing things that take  a long time to mature and get out the door. Books for instance take a ba-jillion years (well, it feels like it!) and that goes with fabric, products, etc.

But I want to give you a little sneak peek into what’s happening oh so soon….

Sneaky Peek #1:


First let’s talk PAPER!

Making Memories was in touch with me earlier last year about turning the Children at Play fabric line into a children’s paper line. Um…ya! That was an exciting YES!! But I didn’t want it to be just ANY paper line. This one has the same feeling as the fabric…playful, and creative. Paper Pinwheel kits, banner kits…even…(eeek!) Paper dolls with clothing that sports the fabric design…etc. Oh! And not to mention paper, paper, paper! (For wallpapering dollhouses of course:)

I won’t go too much into detail now (there is so much more to show you!) because it won’t be available for another month or so….but I just had to give you a heads up.

You can see more images here on the website if you want! But stay tuned for better photos and DIY’s when it becomes more available!


Sneaky Peek #2:


A new Non-fiction I’ve been working on with Harper Collins…a Fantastic book! So lucky to have been a part of it.

FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING is such a fantastic book, I had to force myself to illustrate it because all I wanted to do was underline every other line and really read it slowly. It’s the story of a Super-Mom (Karen Le Billon) who moved to her husband’s native Northern France with her 2 small girls, and emerses herself into the foreign culture of French eating habits. Why do children there eat everything? They stay at the table for long hours! They don’t snack?! They aren’t afraid to eat new foods and their children are expected to eat it all?  Etc, etc. Principles my husband and I have tried to adopt since we started parenting, we found to be well and alive in the French culture.  And Karen Le Billion outlines how she turned her 2 incredibly picky eaters into food connoisseurs over her year of delving and applying the unspoken rules of French eating. A Brilliant read, and will really make you think about how you feed your family!!! I can’t say enough…so i’ll share more when it comes out in April. But you can pre-order here and hop on over to Karen’s blog here.

So…I highly recommend this book if:

1) You have desires to have a better eating experiences with your children (i.e. no food wars, healthy eating & overall happy experience)

2) If you are fascinated with the idea that there are other cultures in the world where cooking, eating, grocery shopping, and feeding your children are central (and very pleasurable) parts of the day

3) Love the growing trends of “slow food” and “real food” but don’t know how to bring that down to a family level

4) Want to know more about the WHY behind the often stereotypical French habits with food &  why they make for very happy, healthy children.

FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING is available for pre-order here.

So, I know none of these will be available until around March-ish….but I had to give you a little peek into what’s coming! I have more to share on both accounts, so stay tuned!

Eek! It feels like Christmas in February (February??? Already?) Maybe I’m the only one who’s excited here…but I’m just tickled to have been part of some really awesome projects. More soon!

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