things I wish I made.

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Ok. So have you been browsing over at the Children at Play Flickr Group?

Heavens to Betsy.

I just have to show you some of the complete wow-yummy-ness going on.

And this is just a taste…like a little sip of what’s over there.Actually, it’s just a taste of the girl stuff. There is just as much boy that I’m not showing you!

Need ideas for handmade girly Christmas presents? Click on over and get inspired.

{image here}

{image here}

{image here}

{image here}

So please, go on over and have a look. Then go and give these wonderfully creative people (who aren’t me by the way! I’ve been asked about items on my blog that I didn’t sew…so…to be clear…these are from you!) a grand pat on the back. And then ask how you can buy or make stuff from the info they offer on their site.

And if you have been working on something from Children at Play, please come over and join the group here.

And honestly, there is so much more eye candy on the flickr site….take a peek.

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo


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  • Lindsay Wilkes – The Cottage Mama

    SO totally adorable! I love what everyone is doing with your fabric. Such eye candy :)


  • tawnya

    Can I call you SJ? I felt an instant connectiong, as my daughter is SJ–rather, Sydney Jane!

    I’m new to your site, via my talented friend, who is creator of one of the adorable products pictured above!! Your things are absolutely amazing–I’m in love with your prints! Totally inspiring!

    I’ll be watching!


  • Kerry – Kid Giddy

    I thought my twin sister and I were the only ones that ever said “Heavens to Betsy”!!!?

    I am waiting for my fabric to come in – what ever I make with it will hopefully be done in time for Christmas for my girls! SO I’ll have to post it secretly or I’ll be in big BIG trouble! Cute stuff here (made with really cute fabric)! – kg