New Fall Shop Update!

Well, it’s high time for some fresh new art. I’ve been antsy to get you some fresh prints for your kid’s rooms, and I’m really excited about these!

This next collection is the beginning of what I hope will be a flourishing “Inspirational” art section in my shop. Coupled with colors from my fabric collection, these art prints are really getting me excited!

To be honest, this is the first art in a LONG while that I’ve been excited to put in my own children’s rooms!

Right now, there are 3 girl prints, and 3 boy prints that coordinate really nicely with the Children at Play fabric line. Creating that collection was a real awesome experience for me, because I was able to think so much about color. Color that I’ve been wanting to see in my own art prints for a VERY long time!

“Love you more”... a daily phrase in our house. You? It usually starts out as a simple “I love you!” And then an “I love you too!” and on to “I love you more!”

Then onto:

Love you more than the moon

More than the world

More than chocolate

More than climbing trees

More than tigers

More than the zoo

And so on.

It used to end with “I love you most!”

But when Addie was 3, she came up with a really clever solution:

Addie: “I love you Da-gee-ga”

Me: Did you just make that up? What does that mean?

Addie: “It means I love you the most I could ever love you.”

It has since become a family phrase, but it always starts with “I love you more!”


And of course, this Balloon Print. A definite favorite of the Children at Play prints. Who wouldn’t want to fly sky high like that?

This how to make a paper hat, is actually my original version that I wanted to put onto fabric. The idea didn’t translate over like I wanted to, so I’m super happy to make it a print. The first time I made a paper hat for my kids, I had to look it up online. Pretty sad. It had been too long since I made one as a child. This way, you’ll never forget!

This print, from the Chasing Planes fabric, is Ian’s favorite. I’ve always loved this phrase, but after doing some research on who it’s quoted from, I’m realizing that it might be an undocumented name? If any of you have info, let me know. Richard Dumb is claimed to have said this, but according to the www I can’t seem to find his existence, other than that he said this phrase and everyone loves it.

I’ve been shooting up a storm around here at the house. I’m about ready to launch a website (horray!!!) that will have a lot more of a comfy home feel, with lots of more pretty things to see. I won’t give away too many secrets, but it’s been so much fun to put together! Very much like building a house. For sure.

And the “BE” collection! Is in the shop now too. I have some lovely photos to share of these, but they’ll be up a little later. I couldn’t wait to get these in the shop…so many of you have been knocking on my door about these.

I have more to share about the motivation behind them, but for now, you can see them in the shop!

And the good news is,  you can purchase all of these in sets of 3 and 4, saving 20%

So, horray for new art! I hope you enjoy!




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  • April San Pedro

    Those are really beautiful… =)

  • Elise

    I love this new range of inspirational art. Perfect. I can see it now, rooms that are completely decked out in Sarah Jane prints and fabrics. I will certainly be ordering some of these prints to add a little more Sarah Jane to each of my children’s rooms (we always get such wonderful comments about your personalised family trees and Let’s Read prints). They are much loved pieces in our home.

    Congratulations on these delightful new additions.

  • Linda

    If you don’t already own it I hope you will buy this book: Work Hard Play Nice.
    So in step with your values and ART.

  • Simone

    Too cute too boot! My favourite would be the Elephant one, great colour choices!

  • katie

    Oh, I love the Create Joy print…and of course the Be prints…and the paper hat one…Love them all!

  • Lauren

    Love this new art! Can’t wait to put it in the nursery :) The day I saw the “Amsterdam” print is the day I started decorating my daughter’s (due in December)nursery. Her room will definitely be Sarah Jane-centric, and I love your fabrics and prints because it’s something she’ll be able to grow with. Thank you for all the beautiful things you make! :)

  • Jessica

    I would love to see some of youe new prints in embroidery too! I absolutely love the love you most print!

  • Gina f.

    Beautiful!! Love them all!

  • Shelly kennedy

    I love to hear where the inspiration comes from!
    I too have a ” love you more than” piece.. mine Inspired by weekly sunday eve long distance Phone calls from grandma & grandpa that seem to never end due to MORE… “more thans”…. !<3

  • Amy Smart

    Love all the new pieces, Sarah! I may need to get a couple now that my daughter’s room is going to be decked-out in Children at Play. ;)

  • Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life

    I think I may have to buy the “Love You More” print. Unbeknownst to me, my 11 and 7 year olds taught my 2 year old to respond with that whenever you say “I love you.” Boy did I burst out laughing when she popped out with that the first time.

  • nicole @ deliajude

    as usual…brilliant and beautiful.

  • Stacey

    So lovely x

  • Sarah Jane

    Thanks so much! I have loved getting these ready for my kid’s room too! Now to just to paint over the ugly brown walls:)

  • Selena

    Oh I absolutely love them all!

  • Penny

    GORGEOUS !! I wish you’d make a I Love You Most pic too ;) That’s what my youngest and I race to say to each other every night, like you and your kids it starts off w/ “I love you” to “I love you more” and then it’s a race to say “I love you most” … I blame it on Tangled :)
    I love the innocence of your childrens prints, they’re the types of prints that should be in a childs room, not zebra print and leopards ;)

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