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A little shop update

This news is so important to me, I thought it merited a blog post!

I’ve been shifting around my pricing and shipping rates for my shop a lot this past summer, all with the intention to help us both out! I need to make money, and you need to save money! We’re all in this together.

I think I’ve settled on a good deal. And I hope this is something to your liking! Cards and small items will always be less than $5.95 in shipping, but you’ll never have to pay more than that.

(Please note…this is only for orders within the USA. We’re currently working on making all international orders as economical as possible, so bear with us!)

Happy Weekend, and happy October! I’m off to making more art…there’s always a brewing project around here, and this weather makes me wildly creative! You?

Signing off…



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On the doorstep.

I know I know….


It’s not even Christmas, but I need to take your time this morning and say…..


There I said it. I’m done now.

Well, maybe not. I really do want to say a little bit more, but honestly, I get a little shy. Isn’t that silly? It’s like stage fright. My fabric line was such a whirlwind release, and the art I create in the shop is usually the same. There was no time to be nervous.

But books are slow. Created fast and with crazy deadlines, but then you wait. And wait. And wait.

And the waiting has made me a little timid. Like, I want to say, “Are you still there? Do you still care? I made this book for you over a year ago….do you still want to read it?”

(Insert pigeon toes and flushed cheeks here)

Regardless, today it’s happening. All pre-ordered books are being delivered by white and brown trucks all over the country today. They will be (oh so gently laid) onto little doorsteps where a man in uniform will place brown cardboard boxes filled with art that I made in my basement studio, while listening to Christmas Choir music in July. A book with magic in the text that had gave me goosebumps the moment my editor read it to me over the phone for the first time. A book about Jesus and the light He brings to all the world. A book that still has my children begging to read it, even though it’s not even Halloween. A book that I’ve placed little secrets into that no one but myself and my children really know.


A book that was illustrated while moving twice, pregnant, going on partial bed rest, having a baby, buying a house, wading through financial difficulties and struggling through post partum, all while trusting in God to pull us through. It was quite literally a miracle in and of itself to be patiently wading through the “stuff” life brings, and then to illustrate the Christmas Story at night. I don’t think there could have been a better release for those emotions…I needed God, and I got to draw my emotions on paper.  This was my place to put in my feelings of my Savior, the miracle of His birth, and all the relationships that were formed around that miracle.

And now you get to be a part of that.


I actually didn’t pre-order any. Looking back maybe I should have! But I will have the honor of hand delivering copies to some very special people. And that will make for quite the perfect day.

I won’t post about this any more until the air is a little crisper and colder…but I just had to share a special moment. A life goal. A day that won’t ever come again.

I think I’ll go kiss a little lamb:)







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New Fall Shop Update!

Well, it’s high time for some fresh new art. I’ve been antsy to get you some fresh prints for your kid’s rooms, and I’m really excited about these!

This next collection is the beginning of what I hope will be a flourishing “Inspirational” art section in my shop. Coupled with colors from my fabric collection, these art prints are really getting me excited!

To be honest, this is the first art in a LONG while that I’ve been excited to put in my own children’s rooms!

Right now, there are 3 girl prints, and 3 boy prints that coordinate really nicely with the Children at Play fabric line. Creating that collection was a real awesome experience for me, because I was able to think so much about color. Color that I’ve been wanting to see in my own art prints for a VERY long time!

“Love you more”... a daily phrase in our house. You? It usually starts out as a simple “I love you!” And then an “I love you too!” and on to “I love you more!”

Then onto:

Love you more than the moon

More than the world

More than chocolate

More than climbing trees

More than tigers

More than the zoo

And so on.

It used to end with “I love you most!”

But when Addie was 3, she came up with a really clever solution:

Addie: “I love you Da-gee-ga”

Me: Did you just make that up? What does that mean?

Addie: “It means I love you the most I could ever love you.”

It has since become a family phrase, but it always starts with “I love you more!”


And of course, this Balloon Print. A definite favorite of the Children at Play prints. Who wouldn’t want to fly sky high like that?

This how to make a paper hat, is actually my original version that I wanted to put onto fabric. The idea didn’t translate over like I wanted to, so I’m super happy to make it a print. The first time I made a paper hat for my kids, I had to look it up online. Pretty sad. It had been too long since I made one as a child. This way, you’ll never forget!

This print, from the Chasing Planes fabric, is Ian’s favorite. I’ve always loved this phrase, but after doing some research on who it’s quoted from, I’m realizing that it might be an undocumented name? If any of you have info, let me know. Richard Dumb is claimed to have said this, but according to the www I can’t seem to find his existence, other than that he said this phrase and everyone loves it.

I’ve been shooting up a storm around here at the house. I’m about ready to launch a website (horray!!!) that will have a lot more of a comfy home feel, with lots of more pretty things to see. I won’t give away too many secrets, but it’s been so much fun to put together! Very much like building a house. For sure.

And the “BE” collection! Is in the shop now too. I have some lovely photos to share of these, but they’ll be up a little later. I couldn’t wait to get these in the shop…so many of you have been knocking on my door about these.

I have more to share about the motivation behind them, but for now, you can see them in the shop!

And the good news is,  you can purchase all of these in sets of 3 and 4, saving 20%

So, horray for new art! I hope you enjoy!




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Let’s here it for the BOY!

This week on Project Run and Play, the theme is BOYS!!! And you can go and vote for your favorite BOY outfits. I am a little biases, and I’m voting for these Children at Play patterns. Talk about amazing! Those flannel PJ’s I am SURE are going to be just as cute on my husband…I mean really? I want some too!

So go and vote soon! Loving it all you guys…I am getting inspired to make more fabric by just watching what you all make every day. Love you all!




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The Creative Connection

…Through the eyes of Instagram….

1. Signing my book along side “The Toymaker.” Both of us have Christmas Books coming out. If you haven’t seen her site, it’s a must!

2. I spoke on a panel with 3  new kindred spirits: Amy Turnsharp of Little Allouette, Andrea Badgely of Sacred Suds, Liv Lane of Choosing Beauty. Amazing women!

3. The first purchase of A Christmas Goodnight! Kim Christopherson and Kris Thurgood from the DIY DISH of course!

4. My first spotting of my book for sale!

5. Holly Becker from Decor8…lovely, lovey person.

6. So inspired by Christina Ferrare!

Wow. What a week. My first week traveling by myself, without my husband, with out my kids, turned out to be quiet the break I needed.

I was asked to speak at the Creative Connection event in St. Paul, and it was really a week of learning and introspection. I really like speaking. I love having the chance to talk about the things I’ve learned on this creative journey I’ve been on, because it actually makes me go and reflect to what I’ve learned. Without the motivation to speak and help others, sometimes I think it’s easy to breeze by and not recognize all the treasures of wisdom I’ve acquired. A great lesson of learning, for sure!

In attendance, were women from ALL spectrums of creative lifestyles. Designers, seamstresses, crafters, photographers, artists, bloggers, you name it. I think I had to say that I enjoyed the Keynote Speakers the best.

Holly Becker of Decor8, what a darling. She shared her personal story from her girlhood to how she got where she is today, with no shortage of trials, that’s for sure. And, her book is GORGEOUS! It sold out fast at TCC! She really is remarkable, and I love her even more now.

Cristina Farrere from Cristina Cooks on the Oprah Network: What a babe! She also shared her personal story from girlhood to where she is today. She too had the kind of hurdles that would shut any “normal” person down forever. But she has fire and faith and a lot of persistance. What a story!

Other keynote speakers, who have amazing products, talent and stories to share a long with it: Kelly Rae Roberts, Leigh Standley, Melody Ross, Susan Branch, Karen Walrond, Becky Higgins, Nora Abousteit, and Stacy Julien.

All these women have climbed their own mountains and faced their own hurdles to get where they are. And most of them created a business FROM the rubble. Even more inspiring!

Here’s an illustrated quote that Susan Branch shared at the end of her Keynote, which she shared on her blog:

I mostly took the chance to be introspective, meet other women who are crazy like me (the kind the ALSO don’t shower or do laundry for days when trying to meet deadlines) and it was so nice to be in the company of women who’s hearts beat with the same pulse. Who go through their challenges, rather than around, and use their creative gifts to answer life’s big questions. And they are all helping others a long the way.

It also reinspired me to try new paths, be more fearless with my own creativity and follow my dreams with more fire and haste. To be less swayed by outside opinions, and to create more truthfully.

I was also more determined to let creativity into my life more. Working, networking, and all the business aspects of what I do (not to mention mothering!) take up a lot of my energy.

I’ve made the pledge to be wake up each morning with Creative Living as my motive. I am sensing in my own self a season of change. A time of new realization and creative growth. And I’m really excited to discover it all!

Thank you to all the lovely new friends I made and the wonderful conversations I had that I will never forget. Why I didn’t get more pics of my newly formed friendships is beyone me! But Creative spirits connect. It just happens. Creative Connections. It’s a beautiful thing!




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Mousse and makings.

There is a lot going on in this corner of the world, and I may or may not get around to the blog much more this week.

First of all, our chickens laid their eggs!! And oh boy….let’s talk about fresh. Tonight we made an amazing Mouse au Chocolate from a french book I’m illustrating (more on that later) and with fresh eggs and chocolate I about died. I’m digging this set up.

But really, I’m dashing off to an amazing conference in lovely St. Paul at The Creative Connection. Will you be there? Will you come say hi? I’ll be signing early copies of my book (Ah!!!! this is going to be real!!) and I’m speaking on Friday, and would love to visit! There is also a book deadline, an interview and videography in my studio (dusting…dusting…) and some art that I’m finishing up for the shop! Whew. I need to sit down and have some more of that mousse.

Chocolate really is a wonderful invention.

Back to the studio!

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The other night, I looked out my window, and all the light around the house was orange. Sunsets. They make me so happy. But this was post-sunset. Dusk. My favorite.

When we were house hunting, we had our usual specifications we were looking for. Room count, square footage, schools, etc. But on the top of my list was light. Windows and sky. And trees. It’s like food for my soul. Finding a house where you could see the sky in any room of the house was as important as getting a house with a dishwasher. It took us a long time to find a house!

But we did. And today I was reminded just how much I love what happens in the “up” space of the world.

When my husband and I were dating, he mentioned to me that he had done an experiment where he spent a day walking around and always looked UP. Never looked down at his feet while he was walking, but always looked up. We must have been in college at the time, and so we were walking around a lot. But try it. When you are walking down your hallway even. Look up. It does something to your mood. And it doesn’t even have to be at a gorgeous sky. Although that helps. Looking upwards has always helped me from getting too serious about stuff. It really works!

September gets me excited. There’s magic in the air, and I love the fall season coming. But it also has me looking at to-do lists a lot more than I have been over the summer. Ahhh….summer. I’ve found it important to look up.

Well, except for when I am around little people. And then I look down. A lot. But when I look down, I see this:

And that has me feeling pretty up too.

Happy weekend!

{And thanks for all the “BE….” love! I hope to have them in the shop at the end of September as well as a bunch of other new fun things! I’ll post more soon…stay tuned!}

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School has started, which means my oldest two are in school full time. I won’t go into the dilemma about how I feel about all this (Ahhhh!!! My babies are out in the world!!!!), except to say that my house is finally getting clean, and I’m finally getting artsy again. Right now, I’m in the middle of illustrating a book, fabric, new products, new designs for the fall season, and and a few other hush-hush projects. Translation: Some fun things are happening creatively here, non of which I can really spill the beans on! But I do have new designs trickling in which will be in the shop in the next couple weeks…hopefully sooner.

These are the start of a set of “virtues” I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Don’t know how many there will be yet, but there’s more. Set a bit more retro than my older work, it’s fresh, clean and happy! They are more in line with the work that I’ve been creating personally, and so while they are a bit different than what’s in my shop right now, I think they will make a great addition! What do you think? Do you like?

I’ve been wanting to get new art in the shop for ages, and these are fun because they actually compliment my fabric very well…so if you are working on some bedding in your kids room…you finally have some colors to match!

{photo via Dairy of a Quilter}

More coming soon! I’m back to the drawing board…scribbling as fast as my little hands can! It’s been a good 6 months since I’ve really filled a sketch book. It feels good. Funny how I always get a little nervous though, posting new work. It feels good to be spontaneously creating again. I’m a happier person, which makes me a happier mama, and happier everybody.  Life is good:)

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