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Thanks for all the birthday wishes it was a fantastic weekend. Wasn’t Harry Potter so satisfying? I love thinking that in 20 years I can remember how cool it was to see the  final  film’s opening night on my birthday. I’m sentimental like that.

So, there’s lots I want to say…. and if you know me, you’ll know that if I have lots to say, it takes forever and get all jumbled. So, I’m resorting to bullet points! (This might be better for all of us.)


  • Fabric. Fabric. Fabric. I have mentioned on Facebook and twitter that Children at Play sold out of its first wave before it even shipped from the factories, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here. What that means is lots and lots of stores are getting it, but lots and lots of stores are still waiting. It also means that I’m getting email after email that certain stores even sold out of a lot of their stock within 24 hours of listing it this weekend! While that is really cool for me to hear, it’s also really aggravating since I know what it’s like when you are trying to get your hands on something, especially when deadlines are involved (like fun sewing dates with yourself:)


  • Since I have decided NOT to sell my own fabric (that’s a conversation we’ll have later…it has a lot to wanting to keep other wonderfully dedicated store owners in business) I stayed up until the very wee hours of the night (eh-hem…morning) last night slaving over a super-giganto list  of stores that have currently purchased Children at Play. You can search by state, but there are also two lists that allow you to search online: both web exclusive stores as well as brick and mortar stores that offer online shopping as well. But here’s where I’d love to hear from you: I’m rather new to the community of fabric, and I think that a lot of stores were a little shocked with how fast they’ve been selling it. If you find a store that carries the fabric, but hasn’t posted it online, feel free to encourage them to post it so that we all can get our hands on it! You can also encourage your local store to carry it as well!


  • I also need your help in the international community. The list that I made includes all the distributors that have been selling it, but not the actual stores. If you know of a particular store internationally that is carrying Children at Play, can you PLEASE let me know? I want so badly to help my friends over seas get their hands on it, and I wish that I could do more! But, if you call your favorite and local stores and inquire about it, it will help us all!


  • Also, if you aren’t already following me on twitter or facebook, do. I’ll be sure to post and re-post any info I have about which stores are carrying it, and when.


  • And speaking of things you’ve been waiting for: I have embroidery iron-on transfer patterns ready to ship! I’ll be showing them to you tomorrow. So come by!


  • Oh. And you’ll want to come by every day this week actually. I know. Overkill. But there’s lots of stuff I want to show you!


  • But I’ll give you a hint. It has a lot to do with the requests you all made during the survey I offered a while back. Stay tuned!


  • And that picture above does fit into this post. Lot’s of changes have been going on in the studio (you’ll be getting bits and pieces in the next several days) and lots of changes have been happening on a personal level too. I’m officially gluten & lactose intolerant. And I have been for a while now…I just never knew it. If you saw me at quilt market, I was swollen and puffy and well, I am not usually swollen and puffy looking. It was all from being sick, and everyone around here is happy to know the reason.  And one way I am still clean inside is because I have a marvelous baker husband who hasn’t minded switching ingredients. You’d never guess that this gorgeous tart was made from rice flour. Life can be beautiful even when living without.


Well, I don’t know if bullet points helped keep all this straight, but just remember this:



  • CONTACT ME if you know of international stores that will be carrying it.



  • COME BACK the next day to see more fun and wonderful things that I’ve been waiting years to show you!



  • WISH you were gluten intolerant so you could get tarts like this :) OK. Just kidding.


  • HARRY POTTER has officially made for a great 14 year experience.


Love to you all!





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  • Kristy – Hopeful Threads

    Congrats on the popularity of your fabric line! Can’t wait to get what I’ve ordered!!! :)

    And that tart, WOW!!! Looks amazing! Sounds like you’ve got a keeper there! ;)

  • elanorh

    I was gluten/dairy free while nursing my girls who both had infant allergies. My favorite go-to dessert from that time:
    Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding
    3 cups cooked rice (if using brown, use brown sugar)
    3 cups coconut milk
    1/2 cup sugar
    3 Tbsp. oil

    …Combine over medium heat, bring to a boil, simmer while stirring until mixture is thick. Remove from heat, add 1 tsp. vanilla, serve either hot or cold. Awesome with Jasmine rice. Good with homemade jam.

    Good luck – once you get the hang of the dietary changes, it will become quite manageable (until you have to explain it to someone else ;) ). We took road trips, etc. while on my restricted diet. Outback Steakhouse is really good about safe meals. Check out their website.

  • Monica Lee

    Wait! You have to eat gluten free too? What is it-artist, fabric designers who can’t eat wheat? Is it you or your babies? I can eat wheat either…for a couple years now. Piece of cake! Email with any tips you might need. I must have missed that on your blog. I WILL say that I am so completely thrilled that your line is selling well. I am a big fan of your darling art. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Traci

    Congrats! This success is so well deserved! I went onto Hawthorne immediately after I got the in stock notice and kept telling myself not to over-order, that I could always get more. And then when I looked that night, so much was gone! I hope they get lots more bolts out to stores soon–we are all eager!

  • Lara

    WOW! I am so not surprised it’s selling out! I’ve been checking everyday online for it to come in stock at FQshop.. I am desperate to get my hands on it! I hope I don’t miss out!

  • Terri Hitt

    I am also gluten intolerant…among many other things like many allergies and food sensitivities. Your husband is wonderful to make you things you can eat! Mine does the same and he even makes the yummiest gingerbread men for me. What I love is the way he takes time to roll the dough and cut out the tiny little men. I just know he loves me when I watch him make them! :)

  • Madame samm

    how exciting for you on many levels..not the gluten and lactose..I am registered nutritionist..there is a lot you can eat…and you will be healthier for it…just think how much more you can do when puffyness is not in the way…Your collection btw I knew it would be hugged with our hearts..congrats …x

  • Clair McLaughlin

    I don’t know if you already know about this lady, Shauna, but her blog is great!

  • CityCraft

    CityCraft in Dallas has it and we will be listing it online tomorrow.