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Do you Bijou?

Ok! Save the date!

If you are going to be in Utah on April 8th & 9th, swing by the Bijou Market. I haven’t done a market it possibly 2 years, and I may not do another for a while….

We’re selling art and stationery (and frames to go with!) at a huge discount, so if you’ve been dying to get your hands on something, now’s the time.

Have a print you’re wanting to get? Mention it in the comments and we’ll be sure to have it available.

Happy Monday!



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Penpal from the Netherlands.

Thanks for all the Amsterdam and Paris love you guys! These are continuing to be so fun to illustrate.

Speaking of the Amsterdam and the Netherlands….

A few years back, I fell in love with something I just couldn’t have.

I thought maybe I only loved it because I couldn’t have it. But then, I found a e-friend who lived in the netherlands who was willing to send me a copy of it and….I loved it.

Ariadne at home is a popular magazine in the Netherlands….kind of like a Better homes and Gardens Magazine, or a Domino Magazine. All Dutch interiors. But they also have a Children’s magazine that is delightful: Ariadne at Home-Kinderen. (Don’t you love that word? Kinderen? I am telling you. I will learn Dutch someday.) But you can’t get it sent to the states!

So when Nicole of Follow the White Bunny (ETSY embroidery designer in the Netherlands) offered to send me a copy, I was so thrilled! And look what she sent me along with it! Some dutch fabrics and ribbon, and a fun illustrated card. There is just something about getting something from a penpal that makes opening it feel like Christmas Morning.

But the magazine is full of such fun ideas and colors for children. I love the creativity invested….it just has it’s own flair, and I love that it’s not tainted by American branding. They do their own thing, and I get so inspired by that.

Anyways, thanks Nicole! I have sent her some “american” goods, but they just don’t seem as wonderful, that’s for sure:)

How about you? Have you ever thought of having a penpal? Try it. It’s sure to please.


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Ah, Paris!


It’s here…..the long awaited Paris print that I promised was next in line for the Children Around the World Series. Oh ya, remember that? I finally finished it!

So many of you have been waiting on this one….I am so sorry for how long it’s taken me to get it done. Truth is, December came, and I was in the throws of making fabric deadlines. During art sessions, I’d work up drafts of this, and nothing satisfied me!

To be honest, I felt a lot of pressure….It’s Paris, come on! So many people have their own experiences with this city, as do I, and I just couldn’t seem to find it’s essence in a way that would get across as much as possible in as little as possible.

There’s the romance, the food, the sounds when you are walking through the park. There is the vintage and almost feminine charm. What about the colors? Those neutral blues of the rooftops against a pink Paris sky. Paris is sassy, but charming and old school all at the same time. I wanted Hot Air Balloons….mimes….children in the streets….accordian players….flowers….checkered table clothes….painted sidewalks…..How to say it all?

Well, I couldn’t say it all…nor did I want to. Instead, I focussed on a feeling that most people have while they are there….and I can’t really put it into words (thus my art) but it has something to do with a romantic feeling that you can do anything. You can go anywhere, love any way you want to and live by your senses.  You know that feeling when you are walking through Paris at dusk, and there is that gentle breeze through the streets that makes you just want to keep on walking forever? Notice every flower in the window? Every different kind of lamppost?

But somehow, in the details of this amazing city, you are compelled to pay more attention to what’s right in front of you…most often a best friend, a lover, a soul mate. It truly is the city of love. I am sure many of you can say that Paris made a lover out of you. It did for me! And my first time was before I even had a ring on my finger.

But with that romantic notion, comes the thought that Paris is a marvelous place, of course. But unlike most places in the world, Paris is also an idea. A really good idea. There is something that we’ve all captured for ourselves in the “idea” of Paris, and so…to capture the fact that for most of us, Paris a really special memory (or place we hope to have memories of some day) I’ve made this print on the cover of an Airmail Envelope…kinda like a postcard ….which is the way most of us know Paris. A snapshot, if you will.  For those of us who don’t live in France, I think we can all say with Audrey Hepburn: “Paris is always a good idea.”

And so here’s my tribute to Paris. Something sweet. Something wonderful. Something to remember.

In the shop here. A long with Tokyo, London & Amsterdam.

à plus tard!



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Two in one!

So, Amsterdam. I have only been there once, and it was a short trip. Just a couple of days. But I loved it. I love the Netherlands, and while I could have spent most of my time in the country, I really love the intimate feel of the city.

And like you, I mostly just love the bikes. Wow. I’ve never seen such art…bikes and trams and cars all working together (and nearly running over eachother!) But it’s gorgeous to watch and be in. I’ve never seen so many people cycling in one setting…it made me really wish that Americans could adopt that culture a bit better. It does help that Amsterdam is all below sea level and flat.  Too bad I live at the top of a really steep hill…but hey…i’d have much sexier calves, that’s for sure.

So, now we have four fantastic cities in the shop! You’ll notice that they are all a bit different…so if you are collecting these, please don’t expect them all to match. (Since when was the world matchy-matchy?) But do expect them to look superb all together.

Click here for the shop.

There is more coming. I plan on doing 12 cities around the world. You can read about it more here. Enjoy!

I’m really getting the travel itch, you?

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Sneak Peeks.

Want to peek in on some lovely things I’ve been working on?

Fabric!!!! I saw it for the first time this weekend, and I can’t wait to show you all of it. This not even close to half of it…there is so much! I hope this is getting you excited….stay tuned for more of a full release soon! It’s scheduled to be released at Spring Quilt Market with Michael Miller Fabrics….but more on that later:)

And also coming this spring:

More Embroidery Patterns!

I can’t claim to have stitched these (thanks to Julie and Erica)  although I’ve been stitching up a storm too!  But so many of you have been so awesome to stitch up my new patterns coming out soon so I could test them out and work out any glitches…and they are turning out to be so fun. Can’t wait to share more!

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Book review & Giveaway: Pick a Pup

I am so thrilled to be offering a Picture Book Giveaway today!

And a signed picture book at that. Yahoo!

Pick a Pup is brand new on the shelves from Simon & Schuster. A story about a little boy who is desperately trying to pick just the right dog. What kind do you choose? There are so many options! And in the end, the little boy finds just the right one…and how he does is just so charming.

My kids loved this book. A book with every kind of dog in it? A book about a little boy getting to choose any one? Bingo. And the illustrations are so fresh and whimsical. Retro even, which gives this book a real classic feel without being too stingy.

Jed Henry is a name you want to start paying attention to. This is actually his first illustrated picture book. And coming from someone who has illustrated a picture book (me!) that is pretty amazing. He’s done such a wonderful job. This spread is my favorite:

He just illustrated a book that came out over Christmas that you may have seen, illustrated for none other than Mike Huckabee. And he has a few others up his sleeve too.

Jed happens to live in my same town, which is a huge bonus because I got him to sign my very own copy that I am giving away. (Don’t worry, I bought myself a second one since my children actually started to cry when I told them I was going to give it to some one else). When my kids met Jed, they were so tickled. Have your kids ever had the chance to have one of their books signed by the author or illustrator? There is such a sense of magic when they do. My children get to see the process of book making because they are in the same room with me when I illustrate. But when Jed came over, and they got to meet the “owner” (as my 5 year old calls authors/illustrators) they get all excited. The next day after meeting Jed was full of drawing and writing books of their own at the kitchen table…having just been inspired by a real live illustrator coming to the house.

You want a signed copy? Just leave a comment below.

Here’s how you enter:

  • Leave a comment below
  • Make sure to enter in your email where it promts you so that I can send you a note when you win
  • Giveaway ends Sunday at 10pm EST
  • Winner will be sent this signed copy of Pick a Pup.

Good luck!

{COMMENTS CLOSED. Julie # 8 is our random winner! Congrats!)

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Fresh Start.

I am a new woman!!!!!

Ok, maybe a little dramatic. But, really? I feel like my old self again.

I have mentioned a few times that my old DSLR camera decided it was done. But its untimely death left me with no suitable alternative (we were gifted a point and shoot to get us through…but honetsly…I don’t even know how to use those any more!)

So…6 months later, my pennies added up to this.

And I can’t tell you how happy I am! I am not a professional photographer by any means. But somehow my camera was like my second pair of eyes. And I didn’t even realize it until my first one broke. The past 2 days I’ve been walking around the house documenting everything. I’m back in business folks.

But even better….what this means for the blog is that I finally can start posting more of the projects I’ve been working on! Horray! Cause I’ve been a busy woman and haven’t been able to show you what’s going on behind this screen.

I have big plans. Just you wait.

P.S. If you are wondering if this is going to turn into a “look how cute my baby is” blog,  don’t you worry.  It won’t. But come on folks…. Look how cute that baby is! :)

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Friday Thoughts.

Is it bad to repost old posts? I don’t care. There’s no blog police hanging around, right?

I just wanted to repost this, since it is a saying that keeps coming back to me.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you notice how uptight people can get over the little things? I have. And I have to say, it’s easy to let the little things get to you. Like when Ian poured an entire gallon of orange juice all over the kitchen counter, the open (clean) dishwasher and the floor this morning. But you know what? We just ended up laughing. It was a disastrous mess (especially because we have a very, very old kitchen with a lot of cracks and places for things to seep in where they shouldn’t) but you know? He was aiming for his cup so confidently. And it was rather sweet, really. It took me literally all day to clean (between getting ready for school, errands and normal life with kids) but who’s checking the clock. Ian is trying so hard to be a man, and it’s really staring to show:)

So, here’s a good thought for you this weekend. You can download it for free here.

And while I am on that, I’ve thought about illustrating more of my favorite sayings and putting them in the shop. Would you be interested in more?

Happy weekend!



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