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Vacations are a good thing.


Sorry for the unannounced Blog break…we went on a very much needed vacation. Visiting family, and traveling to Disneyland for the first time with the kids. In fact, they had no idea we were going, and didn’t find out until they got on the shuttle from the hotel. It really pays to have children that can’t read signs yet.  Vacations are always good, and it’s nice to be completely unplugged with the people you love the most.

We enjoyed sandy beaches:

Watched as the kids enjoyed their first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, while I was once again inspired that a pencil drawing of a mouse can transform the world:

Enjoyed yummy California fruit:

And lovely Farmer’s Markets:

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I’ll be back next week!

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Birthday Love.

So what does the husband of a gluten-intolerant gal do for his wife’s birthday? Makes her a gluten-free cake of course.

And yes…he makes sushi too. Really good sushi! It was my best cake yet! (Notice the ginger rose? He’s all fancy like that. I love him!)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. And for all the Mermaid love. There are more coming….but not for a bit. I’m days away from finishing the final art for the book, and so I’m still living in snow and Christmas trees. Rather odd for a hot July.

But just a reminder: This week, the shop is having a birthday sale. Today is the LAST day for the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Sale. So hurry on over!

Oh, and technical side note: If you are one of the many people who have been bugged that this blog was unsubscribable for a while, you can now subscribe and read this in your prefered Reader. Sorry for all the trouble.

Have a great weekend! And thanks again for all the love!



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Birthday SALE and some news!

Mermaids birthday3web


This is a special week here in the studio. Coupla things going on:

First, my stationary and prints were featured on our local news station. If you are visiting from KSL, Hello! Nice to have you visit!

It’s a great segment on the lost art of letter writing, and Sarah Jane Studios was featured as a great place to get stationery that makes you want to write to your loved ones more! Thanks so much Studio 5!Also featured were the lovely Sycamore Street Press, (who, coincidentally, is run by the wonderful Eva who was a freshman dorm mate of mine!) and another favorite of mine: Isabella’s umbrella. She is a fantastic illustrator and you can see more of her work here.

You can watch the segment below…my stuff is about 1/2 way through, but it’s a great feature so watch all!

And, also on the calendar this week:

A birthday. My birthday. I know…another year older. But frankly, I am excited. I really love birthdays…especially the breakfast in bed, favorite meal, and hand made cards it brings.

I even made myself a card. I am just in love with mermaids lately! I really can’t stop. This card is already in the shop here. Do you like it as a print too? Let me know…

SO: in honor of news worthy events,

We are having a SALE!

This week only, it’s another buy 2 get one FREE!!!

What you need to do:

  • Go and visit the ETSY shop here.
  • Order 2 items and place them in your ETSY cart
  • MENTION the 3rd item you would like for free in the “Message to seller” box.
  • Make sure that the 3rd free item is less than or equal to the least expensive item in your cart.
  • Place your order, and we’ll ship it to you with a sweet note saying “thanks, we love you, you’re great…” You get the idea.
  • SALE ends Friday July 16th.

OK! That’s a wrap up. I’m off to go finish the book. I am scheduled to finish this week! Wish me luck! It then goes to print and will be out next year. I simply can’t wait to show you more!

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Happy Site Friday

june craft

Hope you all have plans for a fun weekend!

I am having my first ever ‘sleep-over’ with Addie. Complete with movie and ice cream in bed, but only after we paint our nails and have a dance party. This is the life I live for.

Here are some places to go that will make you smile, if you aren’t already happy on this happy friday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Inside my sketchbook


My sketchbooks are incredible works of art. And I say that completely without ego. See, I can’t draw in a sketchbook without 2 minutes going by when all my kids are surrounding me wanting to either 1) comment 2) color in my drawings with the nearest crayon or 2) share the chair and draw with me on the same page. What this means is that I go through phases of drawing with my kids. Sometimes it proves to be simply a supervised drawing session for them. Even though they have their own sketchbooks, they prefer to just draw in mine. But that’s wonderful too, because I see in them budding artists. Addie already is quick to tell me I am off a bit on this or that. And I have to tell you…she is very quick to say that she is the best artist in the ENTIRE universe. Don’t you think so? I thought you’d agree.

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Free PDF Download

foudntain of youth quote There are really old people in my life who really aren’t old.

They love learning. They are constantly curious. They keep developing new skills. They love to read. They are still making new friends. They still love watching the sunset. They have to create.  They love to serve people.

I want to be one of those people. I am aging another year next week and I have been rather contemplative of my aging body. 31 is getting up there!

But this year, my motto is Create and Learn and Play more!

Feel free to download this here and print it out. Happy creating!

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Books You’ll Love: Sounds of Color

sounds of color 1

I found this book last week. And it changed me.

Sounds of Color, written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao a very different picture book than you’ve ever seen. It’s about a girl who goes blind, and is on a journey to find her home of light and color. She takes these subway trains from station to station and we get to see what she imagines her journey to look like. It’s breathtaking. Each page is filled with the possibilities of what could be, since she can’t see what is in front of her.  This book will capture your heart. Jimmy Liao, the author and illustrator, paints with his soul. He taught me this week as I discovered this book, that color and light bring so much joy and comfort to us each day, and he illustrates that with all he has.

sounds of color 5

I haven’t yet read this to my children. It’s long at 80 pages, although it’s mostly pictures and the text is very brief. But I have been so moved by it that I have to recommend it. It would be a wonderful way to help your children understand their gift of sight.

The book was originally written in Chinese and published in Taiwan. The english translation is beautiful, but I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be in it’s native language. According to the end credits of the book, SOUNDS OF COLOR has been adapted into a stage play as well as a motion picture.

Just listen to the text.

It begins:

“A year ago
I began to notice
that my sight was slipping away.
I sat at home alone
and felt the darkness settle around me.
But today I walked outside
into the thin gray rain
and made my way to the subway.
I have a journey to go on.
There are some things
I need to find.”

sounds of color 7

“I have forgotten how blue the sky can be. But in my mind I still watch the clouds change shape.”

sounds of color 2

“Sometimes the streets twist themselves into a maze.”

sounds of color 3

“I never know if this station is the same as it was yesterday. Did it change overnight? Grow into something new?”

sounds of color 4

“Now I listen for the sound of the colors I can’t see. I try to smell the shapes, taste the light and dark.”

sounds of color 6

“There must be someone who’ll sit beside me, sip tea, tell me her hopes for the future, and listen to mine.”

This week, I have been reminded of the incredible gift of sight. As an artist, it’s my favorite sensory experience. This sweet story will inspire you to see all that you can and look deeper into the gift of color and light.


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